Choir! Choir! Choir! sings Katy Perry - Roar

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billie bart : Really love to join you guys, sadly i live on the other side of the world lol

G4 Peace : I was at a Macklemore concert during the kavanaugh hearings. Ben talked about the stress going on now and asked us to all scream. I screamed so hard iti didn't even hurt my vocal chords. It was a roar from the pit of my stomach. A young lady turned around and we finished screaming in each others face. It was cathartic.

Muhtadin Fachri : I wish I still have a chance to join even I'm in indonesia

Adriana Caputo : Brazil,please!

Born Catherine : Some of the comments on here are just disgusting. I can't believe this is the way adults behave with one another. Sad.

Kat Lunn : I have always been a huge fan, and this just made me love you more! I hope more public figures will take the stand you did. This was a very loving and moving show of solidarity to Dr Ford. I hope she sees this and knows that she has support!

roxannelucky : Love this! On Novenber 6, across America, we R O A R!

École du yoga du rire : I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! this is exactly what is needed... THANK YOU!

Atef Elarem : Not only do you have the eye of the tiger .. but you have the tiger itself

David Johnson : Dr Ford was a setup. Choir is not about politics. Shame on you for making music political.

Paul Baker : ✊🏻❤️🔥❤️✊🏻

G4 Peace : Thank you for this. This has been a hard couple of weeks opening that box, remembering, feeling and healing. ART SAVES ME

Bon Appétit : OMG ❤️

Oh shit what : I have no idea what y'all talking about since I don't live in the states and tbh the news from there are never good so I'm not even going to search about the issue. I'm just here enjoying CCC cover like I always do.

tonkacola : Constantly amazed and impressed by the arrangements!

musica Gvybz : 😎 Really really good! I love Choir Choir every People sing sing

Julio Cesar Assis Cordeiro : 👏👏👏👏👏

tonkacola : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Sharing with my friends👊🏽

Rifky Afrian : AWESOME😍😍😍

M Lobo : Best C!C!C! ending ever

Lucas Ezequiel : Canten oasis Saludos desde argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷

Aunt Vesuvi : 💜

WhereMyChicken : Don't make music political. Unsubscribed.

HTM : Colorblind- Counting Crows Runaway Train- Soul Asylum

aero64cz : Next time some christmas songs pls :D

Caroline Howard : Thank u again guys got ur music and chant: thank u for the support too!!!

David Oliva off 2040 : Wow ❤

Book of shadows contributor Brian : I kisses a girl

YouSoundButtHurt : Pointy glasses wearing cat ladies defending Dr. Fraud. LMAO

Dante Lambio : Love the music, sad you insert POLITICS. 36 year vague memory to destroy a family man's life. I was inspired by HIS testimony and she is not pursuing charges, wonder why??? She made over 1 MILLION dollars in GoFundMe... Great MUSIC, leave politics OUT!!!! Unsubbing from bias channel, too bad you can't just sing.

Solar Plexus : Judge Kavanaugh's testimony to the US Senate was both heart-breaking and inspiring to watch. What preceded was abominable. I need to let off some steam. And I'll do it by unsubbing and maybe have a drink, sigh.