Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

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GeneralWarned : I demand this song to be played in my funeral.

Mr.Whatareyadoin : I'm a funny and I found this christian

DatBassThough : My Great Grandads funeral song. R.I.P old man :(

LadyDominion : Only Monty Python could get away with this

Sheep-wolf : I can't whistle... :(

JustCommentingYourComments : I need this as my alarm every morning.

Bodalla Gaming : This bit is brilliant. Not only does it subtly reference the movie title, but it also parodies a terrible time in history, and if I were living even back in that time and saw this happen as I was walking to Jerusalem, I would laugh my ass off and whistle along. I'm saying this, and I'm a Christian. haha

TheSpanishInquisition : End the singing everyone! Confess your sins! Or we shall poke you with our vicious cussions!

Twimc : my father said he wants this played at his funeral

Robert Colontonio : best crucifixion scene since Spartacus.

Flying Pineapple : Si t'es la grâce a Wankil Studio frappe dans tes mains !

GloriousRed : This song is just awesome and explains life

brian henry : this song is always worth a listen at least once a day 😁

Dragon sideer : i truly don't understand the people who dislike this. i'm a christian, and i found this movie hilarious

Rick Lammers : memories !! <3

cl4ymore123 : i want this to be played at my funeral.

Corentin Bernadoy : Bonjour, je voudrais un D-walker

Dat boi : I'm a Christian and not offended by this it really gives off a good message

Marelor Moon : And after the election in the USA everybody sings: Always look on the bright side of life

Mathis Adam : WANKIL <3

B.J. Roes : I feel better :)

Good Hana : I'm a Christian and this song made me happy. Were all the same yet individual

Hoxton (ISIS DESTROYER) : This is my Left 4 Dead death theme.

Okyop : madame ping?

Sean Barry : This was banned in ireland because we're all chistian and it made fun of chistians

Maria Luoma : Saved many a miserable day. I am a Christian, didnt offend me too much...

jobbos 123 : This is for the Juventus fans

Roman : I translate this song and smiled at my stupidity, thank you, and good mood from Russia )

limaniner34 : After getting rejected by my crush, this will play on the background.

Maurice Nijmeijer : i am awesome and i found this Christian

TheFireCommando : During the Falklands War, the crew of the sinking HMS Sheffield, freezing and wounded in the southern Atlantic, passed the time to their rescue by singing this song

YasinLP : joko gegen Klaas :)

Elias Balke : Trumps win brought me here

Felipe NS : iron maiden

LightningDragon : Welcome to Hell with a smill on all faces :,)

TheWeirdsound : Woke up, saw the election results, went straight to this song. It fits somehow.

Franz Gretschel : Heute Geschaut. Das ist das beste Lied.

marcelmo : Motto of my life 

Bo Kiro : most happy song ever?

ShadowSWilliam : I swear to god this is the one thing that cheers me up on a sad Friday.

Joe McL : For the 45% in Scotland. #IndyRef

Raal0x0 : Laink et terracid <3

poophorn : Play this at my funeral as they're carrying me out

Toshinori Yagi : "Life of Brian"... I love this movie... 

incroyablisime : When I'm sad I listen to this song and then I'm fine.

Don Lee : #Elections2016

gaurav borkar : i wonder if it can make suiciders rethink

victornorders : HAMMARBY

joefreeman856 : I watched this masterpiece for the first time on Easter. Maybe it was a message from God

Suleyman Magnificent : This makes my bad days better