My crazy hillbilly neighbors morning rage continues

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Cas Plays The World : The kid in the back is my spirit animal

CoreOfTheStar : "why does she always kick at us?" that is the voice of a child who has seen it all

Iron & Oak Sawmill : I think it's more of a mental disorder, or a drinking and / or drug problem. Not really a redneck hillbilly thing.

LSB 2014 : *here we have a female redneck in her natural habitat*

Anya : This so entertaining, your kid is totally prepared for this world

VALMER LYNN : The thing about meth people lol

Mark Farner : America is just one weird place

Roman Ruiz : American pride at its finest.

Vineeth Jyothsna : I think she is mentally unstable. It is no laughing matter. She needs help.

Mimi Mimi : 👢🐖🐄🐎🐔👢🐖🐎🐄🐔👢🐖🐄Joe Dirts sister tries out new yoga moves, high on key board cleaner! Lol yeeeeeee haaaaaaaw

jimmy baker : Were there any reports of an escapee from a mental institution in your city?? What she was doing, normal human beings don't do. Thank God she didn't have a weapon. (Pistol, shotgun or rifle)

freak nasty and the team : i love how this woman and her child are talking to each other like theyre at a zoo exhibit

Dml gg : She can Make America Great Again.

Shawnieville Rivers : And I thought I live around nutty ass women😆

Lexi Morgan : Omg its Joe Dirt!

Addie D : “Welcome back to running wild with Bear Grills today we see the wild lady roaming around her natural habit defending herself with lots of horrible Kungfu”

Patti DelMercado : She must be great for property values....🙄.

carol ruby : Rita Glossner from "The Middle" lol

Donny Danger : WTF this lady needs mental help!!!!

Gary Plummer : Look on the bright side, free entertainment; not that anyone would pay for it! :-)

Ryan Je : she's probably upset that her welfare check is late.....she's running low on cigarettes and beer.

Bryce Harrington : This is your brain on Eminem

Jeff Macey : I know a way to resolve the problem why don't you and your neighbor both get jobs then you'll have something else to do.

Johnson Solomon : What is redneck? Just say your neighbour is mad

Defclue : We love Billie

Dumitru Benes : she looks high on meth.

Tarras Seaboy : Have you considered trapping it with a classic box propped on a stick, tied to string? A can of Pabst beer would make great bait for that critter. If you catch it, maybe you could train it to do tricks.

Shawna rocks her feathers with hoops williams : "Oh she trying to flex" that killed me!!! 😂😂😂😂 we would be getting cold drinks and snacks lol who needs T.V and internet with entertainment like this!? 😂😂😂

gcourtem : Should be institutionalized.

Imani LaFrenier-Bennett : The hell was she spanking? I think I felt a breeze from her swinging at the air

Edgar Ricardo Cortez Herrera : I think she is trying to Keep tour attention, 'cos she want be your friend

MrZynergy10 : Don't meth with her.

pankaj verma : i want this drug in my life. i m so boring

Kalina Tankova : Gog I love that lady.

Araib Irshad : Man America is weird

Hudson Navarro : She low key looks like Janice from friends

Knorkrax : *[gesticulates "Good morning, America!" in redneck]*

tweezerjam34 : Classy broad

Blud Duck : I think Billy is so funny and I was really hoping you would go outside LOL I believe it would be hard to explain this behavior to a child so that they would understand.

Magic LPS : The kid in the back is literally everything

Snapped : She waddling

charcoal59 : Call animal control

MaibiItsAlice : Psh come on. She loves you guys 😂😂 this is my new favorite thing to watch. ... I have no life 🤷🏻‍♀️

lovey hernandez : Yeahhhh I dont think she is mentally sane...

Ashlyn Clifford : this is so funny

Victoria Rose : I have watched all of your videos, I find this very funny to be honest, please make more of these videos about her they make me laugh and make me happy they are so funny😂😂

DD556 762 : That's methed up.


Brad Heilman : Obviously a democrat.

Jess Connelly : If only you could pick your neighbors 😎😎😎😎😎