My crazy redneck neighbors morning rage continues

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Cas Plays The World : The kid in the back is my spirit animal

Patricia DelMercado : She must be great for property values....🙄.

4 gauge : This is what happens when you eat bowl full,after bowl full of lead paint chips with nuclear waste poured over the top.

Dilbert RightWinger : I think its made up lol

Morgan Lemons : Wtf???

Mark Farner : America is just one weird place

OnlySkye : 1 Question: Mullet?

the MAN channel : Why does every meth head andor crack head always have a $.79 polar pop from circle k in their hand??

Johnny Wishbone : You are going to have to just let your husband go over and take one for the team. Maybe he can make her happy and bring peace to the situation.

Makl : Eminem would not be happy 😂

Jman TruthSeeker : Crack may kill but it also makes for great YouTube videos!

CSXRockford : Joe dirts sister....

jstnxprsn : And people wonder where Springer gets his guests. LMFAO

autumn woods : is that her hair or is she warring a baseball cap hehe

Darth Wiffy : 2 in the chest, 1 in the head. Problem solved.

Eric Moorhead : Man crystal meth is a hell of a drug

Angie pangie : Did you film you provoking her?

Unisex ASMR : What a lunatic 😂

Maija Miller-Christian : Poor baby said why is she always kicking at us.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

altrogeruvah : I could watch this every day, this makes me so happy. This is like the greatest My Name Is Earl episode that never was.

Bryce Harrington : This is your brain on Eminem

SwampySack : that's what happens when u fail to terminate sarah o'connor

Knorkrax : *[gesticulates "Good morning, America!" in redneck]*

Jason G : Thats called meth, it makes you super aggressive.

Jess Hubler : been tripping/falling from the start

freak nasty and the team : i love how this woman and her child are talking to each other like theyre at a zoo exhibit

Marie Payan : She is so damn clumsy I feel like your kid could fight her and win

Laura Lee Roberts : You are harassing her and teaching your daughter how to make fun of people. Let your nieghbour have some peace.

Marie Payan : Oh my God your kid “why does she always kick at us”

ElectKoopa : she ever show her genitals to you?

Broth : And here we a regular specimen of the rednecked homosapiens marking its territory with an aggressive dance. Truly an amazing sight to behold.

SupernalOne : Pure ape behavior - eventually she'll get around to pooping in the yard and throwing her own dung at people

milne34 : Shouldn't be letting the little girl see this, but hey that's Amerikakaka....

Brian Stewart : Drunk, high, or both!

Samantha Ashford : When you neighbor gets drunk in the morning and wants to fight everyone and the air

Maggie Me : Joe dirt sister on crack lmao she crazy

DarthRaver86 86 : I think the moral of the story is dont smoke meth

Bryan Corts : im loving the part where she taps the foot on the property!!! hilarious!!!

Mediha Tursunović : 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 this made my day

Rob Bellis : If your kids are playing in her yard then you're the problem, keep your kids out of her yard and your problems will likely go away

MrZynergy10 : Don't meth with her.

jerry caughron : Billy is from the City of Bump, (A SMALL TOWN)...Population 12! She is considered high society there!

AndyJayDrummer : smokes meth , clearly

ajc bng : I can see why one might document her behavior. But why post it on YouTube? Clearly there is something wrong with her, whether chemical, mental or both. Be glad she is a neighbor and not a family member. Compassion might be a better behavior to model for your child.

Genna Genna Vandella : OML stay away from drugs ya'll :D

Frost : she reminds me of when you jump over the line in gym class then jump back 😂

Marcel Joel : She has one of those southern Mississippian mullets

princed47130 : YES, your neighbor is absolutely CRAZY, but I also think you're doing some of the taunting and being damn near as PETTY! And you're teaching your daughter to be petty. Really.

Lord Metaphors : Where do you stay, so we know not to ever move here? 🤔

Robert Hatcher : Crack crazy