My crazy hillbilly neighbors morning rage continues

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Cas Plays The World : The kid in the back is my spirit animal

CoreOfTheStar : "why does she always kick at us?" that is the voice of a child who has seen it all

Iron & Oak Sawmill : I think it's more of a mental disorder, or a drinking and / or drug problem. Not really a redneck hillbilly thing.

InvalidUsername480 : That is one of the fiercest mullets I've ever seen. Ever.

Lexi Morgan : Omg its Joe Dirt!

Dml gg : She can Make America Great Again.

freak nasty and the team : i love how this woman and her child are talking to each other like theyre at a zoo exhibit

Vineeth Jyothsna : I think she is mentally unstable. It is no laughing matter. She needs help.

VALMER LYNN : The thing about meth people lol

Roman Ruiz : American pride at its finest.

SoulSista6579 : U really need to take this to a police. A couple in MA had the same problem and their neighbor killed one of them. Please be careful

Mark Farner : America is just one weird place

Ryan Je : she's probably upset that her welfare check is late.....she's running low on cigarettes and beer.

Dumitru Benes : she looks high on meth.

Lucy Fur666 : CLASSIC!!! She is kookoo 4 cocoa puffs/tweaking/pissed drunk/NUTS,etc!!! You guys are awesome, you handle the situation so well, I don't know if I could put up with all that crap without taking her down a peg or two!!! I feel for you I truly do!! Hopefully this plonker will end up getting thrown out of there due to her constant erratic behaviour and you will get some normality and peace!!! Hope she gets some help for her very obvious issue's and you can get on with life without having to put up with this!!

MOMG06 : Is she on drugs? Definitely has issues.

Shawna rocks her feathers with hoops williams : "Oh she trying to flex" that killed me!!! 😂😂😂😂 we would be getting cold drinks and snacks lol who needs T.V and internet with entertainment like this!? 😂😂😂

blue vida : Why does that crazy neighbor look like a female Joe Dirt 👀😂💀

jimmy baker : Were there any reports of an escapee from a mental institution in your city?? What she was doing, normal human beings don't do. Thank God she didn't have a weapon. (Pistol, shotgun or rifle)

Sandra Hunter : I think this a drugged out behavior.

Patti DelMercado : She must be great for property values....🙄.

Chris Bocook : She is a meth head. This exactly wht they do. Deal with these fukn ppl on a daily.

Sugar Shack : She's drunk, high or mental.

Gary Plummer : Look on the bright side, free entertainment; not that anyone would pay for it! :-)


Bryce Harrington : This is your brain on Eminem

Angela rose Harrington : She's on meth

Donny Danger : WTF this lady needs mental help!!!!

Rhonda Wickline : Pure example of someone with two much time on their hands. Be careful, she's crazy.

Felisha Mendez : A little kick in the ass won't hurt that will make her mind straight she won't come back

Tarras Seaboy : Have you considered trapping it with a classic box propped on a stick, tied to string? A can of Pabst beer would make great bait for that critter. If you catch it, maybe you could train it to do tricks.

Bonnie Simon : And start collecting moving boxes in 3, 2, 1...

carol ruby : Rita Glossner from "The Middle" lol

David Palomino : I don't think you need to have your daughter involved with it!! You've got your young daughter now thinking it's ok to make fun of people like her, not good judgment!!!

Danny Griner : Doesn't look like no redneck

MrZynergy10 : Don't meth with her.

sandidandy72 : I’m going to be Billie for Halloween! I already got my great big road soda cup, took the laces out of my shoes, (I’ve got to lose one on occasion) and I’ll cut the sleeves off of my shirt. I’ll have to get a mullet wig, sunglasses, and a smoke. Yup, best costume EVER!

r8d4tube : This may look funny now. You have kids, and your family is living next to a mentally unstable woman. Never know what she may do next time you come home from work. I hope for your safety this woman does not have a shot gun, or any type of guns.

Afro Trem : When she kicked the air and fell down i laughed hard, she actually tries to play it tough XD sheesh, what a hothead!!

Johnson Solomon : What is redneck? Just say your neighbour is mad

Knorkrax : *[gesticulates "Good morning, America!" in redneck]*

Force Multiplier : Tweaker. Call the cops on her.

shelly aguirre : Dude is she mental????

Todd T : Cant the cops help in this situation, how can you live with a neighbor like that, it has to come to a head at some point

Anonymously Anonymous _ : Makes me even more appreciative that I don't have neighbors.

Puddinman77 : "Why does she always kick at us?" Lmao!! I love every bit of that question

Flutter Bize : This unstable kook could have the potential to seriously harm or even kill someone. That's serious.

andy a : Thats what happens when cousins marry cousins, maybe moonshine for breakfast...

Mr. Rich : This is where the term "white trash" originates from.

torres34690 : You need to perform an exorcism I need a young priest and an old priest LOL😕😇