The Conservation of "Iron Workers by Reginald Marsh Narrated

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ConRon : You say you keep them short because some is not interesting. Believe me, we all want these to be hours long if possible. Every detail is incredibly interesting.

Luna Red : I love how as a conservator you always have to think ahead when you do something. Like, "I'm doing this so in the future it'll be easier for another conservator."

Overdose 777 : You are amazing! I love your channel, I love your Instagram page, I adore your work and the way you treat every painting❤️ I can feel the soul that you put into every work of art that you restore and that’s really something special❤️ Thank you for letting us see a part of this.

Devon Kryptonite : This video is unintentional ASMR.

lucksy bb : This is so deeply relaxing to watch. Thank you

Jolette Nieto : Quit making these videos so short , they are EXTREMELY interesting and we want to see MORE ALL OF IT if possible

Anaïs~JK : You have no idea how much I love watching you bring these paintings back to life. Your process and philosophy is absolutely enthralling.

Hexa Gonal : This is like Bob Ross but for CONSERVING amazing art.

John Logan : $40...incredible. Wonder what it's worth now?

DaichiXEdward : Ya'll are a couple of dirty swabs lol

Waynimations : I hope this channel explodes because you do beautiful work

CatsForTheCatGod : I could watch these for hours

Andrea P : Because of your work, I am looking into and have become fascinated with the idea of becoming an art restorer/conservator and/or museum technician . So thank you for that! I have often thought about emailing you to ask you this, but you are Probably pretty busy so I will just ask here. What degrees do you have/wish you had that are important for your career? What is the official title for your career? What did you major in? I’m looking into college stuff and I haven’t been able to find information about a (for lack of a better word) “modern” art restoration/conservator. Thank you for what you do!

a random girl : Having a bit of a weird day, the fact that I wound up at fine art restoration is odd, but strangely calming? As in it is so satisfying to watch him work, but really not usually my cup of tea? Nobody will read this comment anyway, hi.

Aliya Russell : do you think in your professional opinion, the mona lisa should be restored?

GOAT BUTT : Like asmr

Meringue : These videos are so poignant. Visualising how time takes its toll on things and seeing the love and care that you pour into the restorations of these works is powerful. I love being taken through the process and the before and afters are incredibley striking

Klaudia Maria Lewicka : I adore your videos! You are an artist, just like those people who painted these artworks you conserve. It's a pleasure to watch you working. Please keep up with this amazing content. Kind regards!

Saba Tarannum : I was waiting for the narrated version!! Thank you!!

Dan B : Would you take an appentice?

Sandra Elena : if you ever did a live stream i would watch it start to finish

Alberto Barrientos : amazing as always, keep uploading please.

gorutomoca moca : At 9:36 is my favorite part of all the process. That sweet, short, "I am proud of my work" smile is the best. :-) ♥

Aidan Såge : am i the only one who thinks his voice is shockingly similar to steve carrells

Kristen Noelle : This is the most fascinating and wonderful're an artist in your own right!

Nicole G : I have a question, do you ever take cases where big chunks of paint are missing? In most of these I’ve seen, you’ve had to repaint small areas as big a what looks to be the size of a lime. But when it comes to something bigger, do you restore them? I’m wondering because at what point is too big to where you’re pretty much recreating it

That Hoser Canadian : Keep in mind I know nothing about art, however I do know a bit about guns so this is how I imagined this went down (Government Funded Party) Art Collector and Preserver: Mmm, yes. I recently acquired this fantastic piece by Reginald Marsh DOD Employee: Oh really? I love his work. Art Collector: Yes, however I need to figure out a good way to preserve it... DOD Employee: Hey! I have a great idea! We soak our beautiful guns like the M1 Garand in Lin Seed Oil! Use that on your painting! Art Collector: Great Scotts! That sounds like a brilliant idea. And now after writing this I realized this joke is completely stupid but I've spend too much time writing this, so enjoy my cancer.

Flutterbree : How do we know what is and isn't harmful to a painting after restoration? Have these methods been tested by 100 years of wear and tear? I'm not saying that sarcastically, I'm genuinely curious to find out more info.

MrLol07 : Love the voice over, never change this format, works like magic

Dembai : Is there any way you could do a long video showing just the cleaning, with express 'do not do this at home, I'm not telling you the chemicals for a reason, if you have a work of art you think is dirty contact your local restorer'? ...because I really would love to watch the whole process, even without any talking. Because even though this clearly takes a huge amount of time, the time would soothe my soul. I love your videos, and I understand there will always be a concern that someone is going to ruin a painting. But showing the process (even though you never show how the solvents are made) would be awesome. Make it into ten or twenty minute clips and monitize them all. You'll make money hand over fist. I will bring in all the weirdos who like to watch things being cleaned. Please for the love of beautiful paintings! Full length conservation videos!

chru cas : Wonderful, amazing, ingeniuos well done showing fine craftsmanship.

Garbanzo123 : How’s that thermoplastic adhesive reversed? I mean is it even possible? It gets soaked into te canvas i don’t see how you completely reverse that.

privateviewing : These types of videos are therapeutic

Mark Twain : Your job is very interesting! Where can I learn about it and what the major is?

Kara3516 : My favorite parts: cleaning the grime, and apply the varnish And also I like to see people cleaning dirt dust from buildings,car, etc with powerful water jet or something Does anybody have same this weird liking as mine? 🤚🏻

Haven Maven : Your explanation of the whole process is absolutely necessary, and appreciated. Thanks for giving us a window into the world of conservation!

Anthony Spadoni : How expensive are some of these paintings that you deal with?

Wild Heart. : Wow, I did not mean to sit here and watch this entire video but you just captivated me.

alexwellis : This is where I come after hearing stories about bogus art "conservation" efforts (i.e. woman who painted over Jesus, ancient wall mural in China gaudily painted over, etc.). This restores my faith in humanity's respect for art.

madeleine h : i just want to know how much this costs..... especially with the larger paintings

Miranda Martin : Can you please show how you make the detergent stuff

Emma Goudie : Heaven! Thank you so much for this narrated version. Very informative and very enjoyable. Your work is wonderful. More please! <3

v3ndril : Very interesting. How do you document the work that you do, to assist the next person to restore it? Do you need to let them know 'this quadrant was touched up, and a hole filled in etc'? Or just leave it all for them to find out?

majomkenyerfa : Hi i'm not really up to art or restoration at all, but i really find your work interesting. This might be a clumsy question, but I would like to know. When you loosen up the surface grime and take off the varnish and oil, it doesn't damage the original dye/paint/color on the canvas? By this i mean, some kind of bad "soak up" effect, that pulls color(s) out.

TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE : You do amazing work. It is very calming to watch. Please make a hour video and go more in-depth like the different chemicals used, ect. You're videos might inspire somebody to get into this field and that is more important that the job it self. You could end up shaping somebody's life.

everl0ng : Would you restore the Last Supper in Milan

Berika • : Is this a reupload? I feel like watched this video almost a year ago 🤔🤔🤔

Lotek Nomad : Absolutely fascinating. I found myself wondering how the artists would feel to know that to this day such value is found in their work, and such care taken to maintain it for future generations. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Chloe Print-Lambert : Honestly they are absolutely interesting and I would love to see a super long unedited video!

Lilly : I could watch these videos all day