Saving Threatened Species | Racing Extinction (360 Video)

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Get up close to the most extraordinary creatures on the planet... before they disappear. Whale sharks, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, mantas and lions are all threatened with extinction. Watch, then join our global movement to save them. Visit for more information. Join a conservation biologist on an interactive mission to learn how animals critical to the world’s ecosystem thrive and survive in the wild. For a more immersive experience download and watch on the Discovery VR app – now available on Google Daydream! Visit to get started Subscribe to Discovery VR: App Store: Google Play: Daydream: Gear VR: Oculus Rift: HTC Vive: Join Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter:

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Mr.Sandhu : i love this channel

Yossef Sánchez : Woah! Amaazing video!

Kenneth Reyes : Amazing! Astonishing!

Manchester 360 : Wow amazing it almost looks real 👍👍

احب. الدردشه تعال. : ١٠٠/١٠٠

Shashi Kumar : Sir your video very good i love your video


wild lover :

Oni wrth : Hay quá

DeAngeloYouKnow : wheres the trivia game?

KITABU SHINGH : Nice video

Tyler Southerland : I didn't see the giraffe at first and turned around and it scares the crap out of me

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Brainstorming Plus : Great...

aragon2235 : Cool video