Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
Arnold Schwarzenegger shows Mens Health whats in his fridge and what he eats lately

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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back". Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health Men's Health Official Site: Men's Health on Facebook: Men's Health on Twitter: Men's Health on Instagram: Men's Health on Pinterest: #JudgmentDay #Terminator


Cal Tek : I swear this guys been my idol since i watched commando in the 80s

Beaver Brain : "Not much almond milk at all, just a little bit" Fills half the blender.

chirag Sethi : Arnold: * *trying to break an egg* * Egg: * *not breaking* * Arnold: * *puts the whole egg* *

JongJonz : Hey, Arnold! How do you keep cool? *I leave the fridge open*

Brushingly : "Over there's the exit, and don't say I'll be back okay?" *Damn I Love this man!*

Melodic Nostalgic : I bet he has Grand Children saying - "I want to be as fit as my Grandpa".

Life is Good : Arnold: "Dont tell anyone" -youtube 6.3 millions views😂

Blue Phoenix Productions : I showed this to my cat, he's a lion now.

SHOTGUN20000 : Arnold was trolling this guy the whole vid lmao

irgendwieanders1 : Ich frag mich grade, ob er wohl noch deutsch kann... Also so viel deutsch, wie ein Österreicher eben sprechen kann...

Dmitry aka Health & Beauty guide : *Arnold refused to eat meat* 😰 *OK. America's next president - Lincoln* 👌

Brendan Abel : For a boomer, Arnold really mastered social media. this guy pops up everywhere doing cool shit

chuga chuga choo choo : if i left the fridge open that long i would get beat

Satan : arnold- “i stay away from meat and animal products” interviewer- “whats your favorite thing to cook” Arnold - “Steak.”

Felipe Diener Riveros : 2:11 wtf the man at beach, behind Arnold? he´s like a giant xd!

anthonyk : being this older guy he still looks very good for his age

ManDogVlog : Arnold looks amazing for 72. I just hope by this age I'm not crapping my pants when I sneeze.

Candice Dice : Makes no diff the muscle doesnt see wht you holding in your hands...😏😶

Oscar Montanez : Arnold: I backed down from meat and animal protein Also Arnold: my favorite thing to cook is steak I love you so much Arnold 😂

Mitesh Kumar : This is like the Vogue's 73 question but far less staged .

Methamphetameme : "Just a little bit of this almond milk, not much just a little bit" *Pours half the container out*

Andrew MAD : Странно. У Арни русский акцент. После красной жары так и осталось. ))))

Lucius Vorenus : Here we have the RAADLAAHH a combination of LEMONADE and BIIIEERR

KD Roc : Wait, what? Stay away from animal products but he likes to cook steak.

Jayen : The jokes are rotting, putrefying quite literally

Nirmal Ravi : Over there is the exit, and don't say "I'll be back" 😂😂😂

danelle grobler : Arnold: "I try and stay away from animal protein" Arnold 2 seconds later: "my favorite thing to cook is steak"

Eee Dog : Everybody forgot to add even a muscleman needs his 8-10hours sleep each day. Keep going with 3-4hours a day and you can get anxiety/depression or fall asleep while driving.

Zanshin64 : Danke für das Hochladen. Dir einen schönen Abend. Beste Grüße. 👍🥋🙋‍♂️🔔✌

Timo V : So no ones gonna talk about him eating Omelettes filled with garbage ?

CJ Koh : "They want to look like me...never gonna happen!" Lol

Parker's NBA Videos : Bodybuilder meal levels... Amateur = fried eggs Intermediate = fried egg whites Professional = raw eggs Arnold = raw eggs with egg shells

Some One : Im kinda getting sad my fitness rolemodel now lifts alone :I Thanks for the positive impact Arni, Ich bin ein stolzer fan .

Jan.Jerabek42 : This guy will survive me (26) !!! Live long and prosper Terminator.

Indiana DIY : Looks like there some other good stuff in that fridge but can't tell what all the stuff is.

Макс Замахов : Арнольд красиво и на мой взгляд, правильно состарился.Переведи кто это американцам.👍

mmodnao : ‘I try to avoid animal proteins’ 15 seconds later ‘My favorite thing to cook is steak’

richard escobar : They better respect GREATNESS. This man is a legend.

Be Lieve : "I stay away from animal proteins"

Matthew James : Look at the views! Arnie's one of the last superstars left . He's been in the zone for 4 decades 😂😂

M SCH : Arnie and Lou Ferrigno. Two bosses I grew up with!! Never forget Evil Kneivel!!! 🍻

John Kangarlu : This entire video was straddling the line between serious and meme and I couldn’t quite tell which it was trying to be. Love it

willkittwk : Think Arnold was ready to give that guy a backhand. Lol

Ender Wiggin : Amazing man with a great sense of humor, who doesn't take himself too seriously :-)

Jacob Jones : 7am work out lol please This is corporate America I work at 4am. I ain’t waking up at 1am.

1socalshocker : Lemonade and beer! Can this guy get any better? Haha

Neal Liu : Are we seriously not gonna talk about how he threw in a whole egg with shell into the blender

The Vegan Kiwi : Can’t wait to see him in the new movie documentary “Game Changers”

dmanc1 : Those Skynet model T-800's aren't aging well.