Two cats won't give up on trying to enter a Japanese Art Museum

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Samuel Forster : It would be nice if they could get a tour.

sahiel5 : they dont care for museum they want to see they nice man in blue last one: "AAAAAG so close,what have u dont women ??!!

Feynman Was A Genius : Lol brilliant, and lovely people too they were very patient. Cats really dont like not being allowed in somewhere!

joanna noel : Let 'em in!!!!!

latish-rae wagoner : Cats want to see art too 😢😢😢😢😭😭😿🙀🙀😿🙀😿🙀😿🙀🖼

Robin Redbreast : Let them in... just once. Maybe they would see what they want to see and then move on.

Rico Poscoq : These cats are so DETERMINED!

owlxxxie Sugar : Why cat in japan is so cute also have a fluffy fur meanwhile in indonesia they all almost look the same and dirty too? 😂😂😂

Alien Teriyaki : Nice Try Salem .

PERESMOTRI com : Love this floating floor in the beginning

joshin : That guard is so sweet to them! Adorable

Jb Agustin : Haha

T-gay : Meow meow I'm a cow

twomad 360 : neko-chan pls go

Never Miss Axes : yo sub if you can guys :D

LinuxBox : By petting them and showing them attention they will always come back. Spritz then with water and they'll learrn really quick NOT to come back. No harm, no foul

Neceros : Poor kitty


Sharity S : just let them in! sheesh!

Noneofyour Business : 1:05 cat dodge

ZiemniakPospolity : NOBODY IS ILLEGAL!!!

delnomad : Probably it is all about the fish

SubHek : Pay an intern to let them in. Instant PR

ciyoduhkriter : #catlivesmatter

marko tejebo : ...Never give up...

ZattyIzzyani/ Zattybrine : うわー、猫はXDをあきらめることはありません

TheVJProduction : THIS FOO IS GOING TO GET FIRED! refusing to let those cats in because theyre cats and refuse to show their apartment id badge. hes going to be nick named Doorman Daiko.

Retsub Anires : Japanese people always have this genuine smile. :)