This Sahara Railway Is One of the Most Extreme in the World | Short Film Showcase

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National Geographic : Trains on the Mauritania Railway are up to 3 kilometers in length, making them among the largest and heaviest in the world. What are your thoughts on this impressive railway?

Azliana Lyana : 3 kilometres long train? Wow! It's amazing how the main cars manage to pull the whole load. This is a very well made video by the way. Almost feels like watching a movie with a very unsettling undertone. I'm just.. amazed by the train, still. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

Thexsoar the Bearded : Nobody does slow zooms into emotionless people's faces like NatGeo.

gumelini1 : I would watch an entire hour and a half documentary on this,that is how hooked i am after watching this

MisS sAnDhU : perfect video. all linguists can watch without any language problem 😄👍😄 as no language in anchoring of video!

pmexplore : This video is not designed for mobile consumption.

Wolpertinger : This video is just breathtaking! Surprisingly beautiful images that illustrate such a rough environment and the strength of the people living there.

DCsmoke : this was incredible to watch baked

AlbinfromKerala : I just love the background music!! ( Hear it with a headphone)

Andy McKee : I tip my hat to Macgregor the film maker for this utterly stunning and thoughtful piece. The style of using titles instead of a commentator is infinitely more preferable. Thank you for making this I salute you!

AdemolaVictorTv : Must be a dusty ride

Mateusz Czwakiel : Amazing film! I absolutely loved the cinematography! More content like this depicting life around different parts of the world would be great.

steveo1kinevo : Fascinating, really enjoyed watching this.

Claudio Silva : Youtube needs more stuff like this!

Blessed Veteran87 : I would like to meet our fellow God's creation some day. It be a breath takin experience. As we get older it's about life. I would like to know there story. Have A Blessed Day

Marc’s Fx : An eye opener.....

AlbinfromKerala : Best video on YouTube

Trackman2007 : This footage is pure art! Absolutely fantastic! Ambience reminds something like star wars and provokes thoughts about Universe, which is great!

anung gaming : amazing

Jianglei Yuan : I have trekked between Chinguetti and Ouadane in early 2017 with Ahmad,the same guide in the film.He was so kind and nice,as well as professional.I could not forget this 5-day long trip with him.After this trekking I climbed on the train and stayed overnight there.It's an experience that I will never forget.Thank you Mauritania.

Brucey : *Love Trains!!*

Shahed Zakhil : I just want to be free from this world and be there in these peaceful deserts among these peaceful people no tension no politics no more fake people just peace and peace

Gorgui N'diaye : this is the train of the biggest company in Mauritania called "Snim", it is located in Nouadhibou the economic Capital of Mauritania and my father works in there since 1977 and he'll retire this year. it's very beautiful watching and seeing my fellow citizen just heart toching

Hessel Folkertsma : Love the visuals but the audio is horrible. I’m hearing so much digital compression on the wind, I don’t understand the choice for that kind of sound when the rest really sounds find.

Hasan Tareck : what a treat for my eyes and soul, people like Malick are true heros; what we do is sit in our comfy homes and complain lol

sieve5 : Nice A E S T H E T I C

WarlordRising : Some of the most stunning cinematography I've seen outside of Baraka and the Qatsi trilogy. Deserves all the awards.

Pass Kall : This is one of the coolest things ive seen come from Nat Geo in 20-30 years

Trucker Josh VLOGS : Well that's 13 minutes of my life I'll never get back...

Minhaz Nion : fabulous

Zeeshan Muhammad : Incredible cinematography

Fedor T : What's wrog with the sound? It sounds like it was compressed to mp3 multiply times, again and again.

StsFiveOneLima : Some idiots disliked this??

Kari Eber : 3 kilometers is roughly 1.8 miles off the top of my head, and if I’m correct that’s not the longest in the world as we have trains that exceed 2.5 miles long here in the USA

Sir Brellin : Who needs the polar express when you have the desert express

Balraj Singh : Look it's Tatooine

Gathering No Moss : Beautifully harsh and stark, but it makes you wonder what the purpose of humans on earth is, especially in such conditions. Every day is a struggle just so you won't succumb to your environment. Even the smallest aspect or survival takes extraordinary effort. That anyone survives there is remarkable. Their bodies must have adapted over millennia the way those of the desert animals have.

Funkywallot : The Music track really set the whole tone of this docu. It wouldent be interesting at all without it. A really grim life these people lead.

Groni : What happened to the audio? Sounds horrible compressed

Zenith : Desert looks like part of Mars not earth, amazing documentary.

James Ilko : Any one else having terrible audio compression issues with this video?

Steve Etzkorn : Great cinematography. Very well made short film. Love the long distance static shots. Hope it wins some awards.

Debashish Jena : Proud of saharans!!

jackie floyd : Amazing! The desolation is almost beautiful; excellent cinematography I really knew nothing about Mauritania but it's a fascinating country.

Deez Nuts : I've watched this video like 3 times now! We need more please

Ken Munoz : Very refreshing to see a beautiful film on YouTube.

DayZ Silent Dead : Just Awesome. Salute to these peoples living very hard life. Grettings and Love From Pakistan

hzubovi1 : What's Up with the sound? It sounds very compressed? Excellent Video by the way!

Nitendra Tiwari : And there people in stats complains when a store does not sell Fiji water

Martin Macak : could you guys give tips on filmogrpahy to hollywood thanks