This Sahara Railway Is One of the Most Extreme in the World | Short Film Showcase

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National Geographic : Trains on the Mauritania Railway are up to 3 kilometers in length, making them among the largest and heaviest in the world. What are your thoughts on this impressive railway?

Wolpertinger : This video is just breathtaking! Surprisingly beautiful images that illustrate such a rough environment and the strength of the people living there.

DC Smoke : this was incredible to watch baked

Gorgui N'diaye : this is the train of the biggest company in Mauritania called "Snim", it is located in Nouadhibou the economic Capital of Mauritania and my father works in there since 1977 and he'll retire this year. it's very beautiful watching and seeing my fellow citizen just heart toching

Albin : I just love the background music!! ( Hear it with a headphone)

Sir Brellin : Who needs the polar express when you have the desert express

Azliana Lyana : 3 kilometres long train? Wow! It's amazing how the main cars manage to pull the whole load. This is a very well made video by the way. Almost feels like watching a movie with a very unsettling undertone. I'm just.. amazed by the train, still. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

robocop : Mad max fury road real life.

Vishwadeep Sonawane : 10/10 for the videography and sound.

jalloh boboh : I have traveled several times upon this train. The last time, about 22 years ago, some friends and I got upon this train, heading for the northern part of Mauritania. Our plan was to reach Morroco, then cross the mediteranean sea, by any means posible, to Europe. I believe traveling upon this train, at the top of the wagons, you will enjoy the most beautiful and unique landscapes you have ever seen. Its like travelling upon the surface of another planet. Specially after smoking some weeds.

Trackman2007 : This footage is pure art! Absolutely fantastic! Ambience reminds something like star wars and provokes thoughts about Universe, which is great!

whatislife : 2:56 While everyone is so still, this guy dropped his stick and picked it up LOL

Flamingo Frames : This film glorifies how the life of a nomad or the native to Mauritania is connected to Mauritanice Railway.It also tells us about the world's longest train(over 3Km long) carrying tones of iron ore from the heart of Sahara towards the urban cities. The camera angles used in the film are so pure and unique. With the intensive use of extreme long shots in the film, it brings out the real picture of Mauritanice Railway. The camera moments are so fluid to diversify the picture. Use of deep and soft sound takes you through the vibe of the film. It also predicts the slow and snoring sound of the desert. Hats off to the team of the film and best wishes from Flamingo Frames Pune, Maharashtra, India(411033).

Dr. Saqib : That’s your Mars right there!

rosh 9 : The Malick who sells fish is my friend... He says it's tough to survive out there in the Sahara... So folks.. Always give respect to whatever job you do... Peace

Mateusz Czwakiel : Amazing film! I absolutely loved the cinematography! More content like this depicting life around different parts of the world would be great.

T.E. Lawrence : The cleanliness of the other place like it

Rishabh Kumar : I love how cinematically this video is done with almost no words. The visuals and the sounds were totally captivating.

Martin Macak : could you guys give tips on filmogrpahy to hollywood thanks

Groni : What happened to the audio? Sounds horrible compressed

Thexsoar the Bearded : Nobody does slow zooms into emotionless people's faces like NatGeo.

StsFiveOneLima : Some idiots disliked this??

Slap Kinge : I visited Mauritania, they are one of the best people on the planet and the most simple and the screen is a country with a wonderful mythological landscape and a very cheap country. French, Spanish and German tourists are there in abundance in this pristine, untouched nature

Fedor T : What's wrog with the sound? It sounds like it was compressed to mp3 multiply times, again and again.

DayZ Silent Dead : Just Awesome. Salute to these peoples living very hard life. Grettings and Love From Pakistan

gumelini1 : I would watch an entire hour and a half documentary on this,that is how hooked i am after watching this

Vince Marquez : I didnt want this to end I just wanted to keep watching it

iBlueDust : It's, emotional. The music.

Bradley Akulov : Mauritania it is one of thirteen countries in the world which punishes atheism by death. On 27 April 2018, The National Assembly passed a law that makes the death penalty mandatory for anyone convicted of “blasphemous speech” and acts deemed "sacrilegious". Source: Wikipedia Just a reminder for those who drift into the idea that this is a beautiful place compared to the Western world whose values and customs are to be loathed. Where there is no freedom of thought, there is no freedom to prosper, never mind the arid terrain, that hasn't stopped anyone.

shadowzack : Is this a preview for the next mad max movie?

Claudio Silva : Youtube needs more stuff like this!

sieve5 : Nice A E S T H E T I C

hzubovi1 : What's Up with the sound? It sounds very compressed? Excellent Video by the way!

Albin : Best video on YouTube

zapfanzapfan : Very nice footage, could be the opening shots of Dune or Star Trek 3. The spice must flow :-)

William Miles La Mont : Nat Geo is raising the bar on YouTube! What a moving documentary. The evocative music matched the visuals, and the overall minimalist vibe was perfect for this subject.

eren mori : no-excitement?--no-blood-kills-race-xcars-sleepy-folks-on-dru-i-mean-on-doctor-prescripts!

pokedude104 : the cinematography in this video is superb

Billy Smith : I’ve been on that run. Bring tons of water and dirty clothes. Dry, hot and dusty.

Nitin Kumar : believe it or not but this type of documentary are just irresistible and you are some how forced to watch every second.

shawn walker : This guy knows how to place a camera. Just wow. Amazing

Ravine Seder : I didn't know that trains sound their horns and apply their brakes in the middle of a flat desert for no apparent reason.

The Parakeets : This video was an eye-opener.

Saru Pandey : camerawork and edit is classy

Michael Baker : Outstanding! Love it!

Sinigang Sarap : Who owns the railway?

Theo Suharto : Mah boi Malick got them nice headphones ayee !

RED CODES : They are one of the highlights A1 band song EVERYTIME..

temporary_name : I checked and it was built by the French. Half of their exports are thanks to the French. Maybe the next time they get colonized (surely by corporations this time) they will have millions of solar panels melting sand into building materials and digging a channel deep into Sahara at the same time.

pmexplore : This video is not designed for mobile consumption.