Jeff Ross SAVAGE Moments

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Comedy University : Jeff Ross is a comedian, writer, producer, and director, also known as the “Roastmaster General. You can see his new special with Dave Attell called "Bumping Mics" on Netflix. Check out Jeff's Website to see tour dates and more:- Jeff's Twitter:-

Andrew Slatsky : Politically correct people should be forced to listen to him 24/7 until they become normal and can take a joke

ascending deity : Two 5’s make a 10 in my book 😂

Ian Maguire : "jeff, how do you know he's jewish?" "i looked at him"

Jernelle Rosales : "You're like a stripper that hates you work here." 😂😂😂😂

Hrishikesh Maheshwaram : 0:49 is that Ammar from Yes Theory?

Corn Bread : 5:32 You can tell the neo nazi was considering beating the fuck out of him in that moment and quickly realized it probably wasn’t the best idea.

Keith Bell : Afro, corn rows, and bald. This guy is multidimensional.

hareega : “What do you for a living?” “Nothing important” “Well you’re certainly dressed for it!” “Thank youuuuu”

Matt Sharpe : “You’re like Cardi B-MINUS” 😂😂😂

GravityLee : Only guy that could hang w this dude was Greg Geraldo

HappyC Is Me : I've always wondered how many times he's got Punched in the face in his life time.

Kansa City Shuffle : Telling Lisa Lampanelli she had more black men in her than a Spanish slave galleon should have been here

Papi Blanco : His Hebrew name is Yukhh lol DEAD

Austin Ayers : 5:34 that prisoner thought about killing him

MrThorain : The look on that Nazis face when Ross told hm he should do 6 million years for every jew killed in the holocost was priceless. He did a double take 🤣🤣 Ross was lucky he wasnt raped and murdered before he left.

Chavez Poindexter : "You told me to wake you up when you hit ROCK BOTTOM" My sides are hurting

ThisNameIsCurrentlyUnderConstruction : Jeff Ross looks like a cancer patient with no loss of appetite.

Lucas Moore : 0:37 omg that’s ammar from Yes Theory a very popular YouTube channel. Edit: omfg that Thomas too. They are partners in the channel

Meme lasagne : Jeff's face looks like if everyone that he roasted punched him in the face

Daniel Cropp : Roastmaster General, reporting for duty. Lost it at "Cardi B Minus!" And "Forever 31".

sami justine : This guy is me in another dimension

Kishi20101986 : That stupid nazi definitely wanted to kill em!

blackflag 321 : This guy is a real comedian LOL STRAIGHT SAVAGE 😅😅

Asif Rahman : “Those shorts are shorter than the amount of time you spent in high school”

Wanna Bet? : “You’d think a hound dog would have a better sense of smell!” 🥴

melsoloh : Genuinely hilarious and a razor sharp wit. Thanks for the video 👍🏻

Jeff Neuser : That holocaust joke with that inmate.. that's bravery right there lol

Will Walsh : 0:37 yoooo it’s Ammar from yes theory

pisciarihead : His roast in Glasgow supporting Chris Rock was legendary. He immediately shouted "Security" when the first guy, a guy called Mohammad came on stage. The whole arena was howling!

Fuтuяе Sтяаиge : *Cardi B minus*

Sheldon Miller : best joke is "larry king- his hebrew name is Yechhh"

Jake Daniels : That sweater! It's Freddy Jewger!

Eric Homewood : "How do you know he's Jewish?" "I looked at him"

King Sosa : “This is not a roast this is a drive by” 🔥😂😂

Mario & Luigi : Your like a strpper that hates money. I'm not roasting you......because your not famous. Ohhhhh sooo savage!!

ryiin : Who the hell pays a hooker with a personal cheque. It's like paying for a hooker with a personal cheque. Lmao

Galaad Biganda : Jimmy kimmel looks like a white dehydrated version of neymar jr

Jonathaniel Cha : that amy whinehouse one got me dead

khae74 : He looks like an alien from planet earth

Parikshit Barua : The first clip, there's Omar from YesTheory

Corey Pattison : Damn it Jeff stop eating a box of cookies every time you make the world laugh!!!

Filmon Tumezghi : 7:10 this is the face that made ellen gay😂😂😂😂😂 can’t stop laughing

It's a plene : Amarr yes theory

TomWookieeD : How did Jeff Ross go from a creepy college professor look at 8:17 to an out of costume looking drag queen at 8:19 ? life goes by so quick.

Roberto Ramos Hernandez : Jeff should have hi own show ,dude is quick with the diss and ad comedy ,genius

Jeff Bell : Holy shit that guy Jeff Ross talked to that looked like Michael jackson... really looked like Michael Jackson lol probably best impersonator I've ever seen. Kudos to him. Michael will always be king.

Louis Hoffman : Cardi B minus😂😂😂😂epic burn, Jeff is the best!

Dimaz : I wanna see a roast battle between Jeff Ross vs. Bill Burr 😁😁

Cheese Phuk : Two fives make a 10 lmao