Jay-Z Chops It Up With David Letterman About His Marriage w/ Beyonce

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Roman Reigns : HILARIOUS.

Pattie S : their sense of absurdity humor is just lol

Brooklyntini : Good interview, shit quality

Vaughn Alexander : Jay looks wary of Letterman

كوروش كبير : Jay can easily be a comedian

twilightxzbit : Dude was high as a mf

Sena Stewart : Thank netflix.

Will Mccauley : They are the best combo ever every time they meet

Paul Hyland : Great soh from both😂

Ryan Cameron : This is hilarious have open mind ppl bo Burnham Paul Mooney grow up

Iceland Johnson : the audience is so dumb

William Viney : Jay z is acting and looking like a clone

Thomas Thompson : Does he really say Blueprint 2 and Blueprint 2? Ya missing one?

Raaj Ampolu : The synergy between Jay Z and Letterman is the best

Tina Henry : I don't know Jay-z 😕😕

Surfdude12 1 : Sarcasm defense. Telltale sign his ego feeling threatened