Jay-Z Chops It Up With David Letterman About His Marriage w/ Beyonce

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Raaj Ampolu : The synergy between Jay Z and Letterman is the best

كوروش كبير : Jay can easily be a comedian

Pattie S : their sense of absurdity humor is just lol

William Luckey : Jay-z is sharp!

Roman Reigns : HILARIOUS.

niccc fury : Jay & David will actually make a good team they got good chemistry

Paul Schrecengost : I could watch these two fools for hour's.They have a vibe that is funny as hell .

Carrington Copes : The G.O.A.T

twilightxzbit : Dude was high as a mf

Brooklyntini : Good interview, shit quality

Luigi Mejia : Love it when these two get together

lovelygeminibren : He has that straight face dry sense of humor which makes it so funny lol

Dr. Atum Ethereal Muzeus Maurice Zanders : This Is The Funniest 👏🏽😂😂❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😂😂

tanya benson : Laughing....too funny

Sena Stewart : Thank netflix.

Vaughn Alexander : Jay looks wary of Letterman

Keegan Rowe : Jayz looks and acts like a guy that has no clue what is going on... Clone... Robot..

William Viney : Jay z is acting and looking like a clone

JP_615 : Yo the chemistry between these two is amazing every segment together is Gold

Janiyah B : Jay is hilarious 🤣 💀

bmxcycles : i can smell the herb on em from here hahah

Mike Goldberg : illuminati puppeteering

Thomas Thompson : Does he really say Blueprint 2 and Blueprint 2? Ya missing one?

bulletprooffaces : Mr. Letterman

Phantom Messenger : Great soh from both😂

Bryan Rawls : Clones. arent they something.

Enrique A Ruesga : This foo lettermen would have the most stupid conversations wasting time...while these people still laugh....smh...i tell ya thes New Yorkers....smh..

Ryan Cameron : This is hilarious have open mind ppl bo Burnham Paul Mooney grow up

Rainy Daiz : 💎

Bobby Thomas : Is Jay Z playing stupid or is this how he always answers questions.

G Foster : JayZ is a smart brother. He knows what he is up against the elitist sarcastic humor. He is going to control the interview as he always does. He makes Dave realize how stupid his questions are...as JayZ ask him the same stupid stuff. He is a master at interviewing the interviewer.  Jay is not going to let him get in his head or in his business. He keeps his answers short 1 or 3 words. He plays their game well......

Godwin Koranteng : Legend 😂😂✌🏼

Gregory Isom : I read a few posted opinions and the way I see this convo. between 2 rich men who share the same certain underworld status Spiering their infused status and power before regular mortals who are just being entertained...These 2 elites on any giving day are surrounded by other power friends like Warren Buffett, the Rockefellers just to name a few on a whole otherworldly level of power, money & bold conversation, Just like David Letterman-Jay Z is that brother on high level and having conversations like this is probably normal to their world but to you and I we see other lights like cloning, puppet, and all other absurdity in plain view!

Carnage : GAY-Z LEGEND-DMX !!

Aizen Blanc : J is under a spell

Michael De Jesus : Either Jay z has become a brilliant comedian or his clone is a bit simple!

Dan Maler : 2009

ada james : 👏👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣

Tina Henry : I don't know Jay-z 😕😕

A-City Punchline King : One of the greatest rappers of all time and look what Hollywood turned him into.... A damn idiot

positronicdude : Is JZ slightly retarded? Serious Q

Goldust : The fuck was that supposed to be? He didn't answer any questions about himself only about basketball, you can be a funny guest throwing in a joke or witty remark here and there but he just sat there the whole time and answered every question sarcastically. He clearly felt David was a threat to his ego and was going to poke fun at him so he just turned this interview into a useless fart.