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What movie should I do next? You tell me!


lauren king : Moana moana moana moana moana moana moa- *MOANAAAAAAAAAAA*

FoodIsBae : *No, this is Patrick!*

Happy Destination Productions : Mwana

Rocket Eagle : At one point it just sounds like they're just saying "wanna"

byJannik : I like the part when she says “Moana”

badberne : I played it twice now it sounds like wawonda

Lord Wallace : *uwanna*

Kolby Clark-pruitt : 0:15 to 0:18 use the slowest playback and listen😂

Fangirling109 : Take a shot every time she they say Moana

Zach N. : What was her name again? I forgot...

Briana's Channel : Who else thought the movie in 24 sec8nd

ella’s lonely corner : 1st second of watching this: Moana / 20 seconds into the video: mWaNa?


Spoodimin : Måna

playboi carti : you wanna ? What?

dipps Draws : My favourite part where the people said "moana"

Taehyung's Illegirl : 33 "moana"s in this video LMFAO correct me if I'm wrong but it was too fast for me I couldn't keep track istg

SkyBird Feathers : Best. Movie. Ever.

Lexie Lovett : This is my favorite cartoon Disney movie! 💖😍

Tarik Poljic : it says moana 34 times

AshSays YT : I loved it when they said.... What's her name ? Ahhh yes, I loved it when they said "whatchamacallit"

Mr blu Eagle : 25 seconds triggered. JfadjUrKgxvlgxotsstokgzpueaup41ot9szdpyf7fazifwifdog2dogwitxotdaitxekgxwkg

May _ : "Saying Moana, that what it's all about, right?"

Dancing pineapple : "who won"


F Szewczyk : No one: This guy:Moana in 24 seconds Trump:WRONG This guy:My bad its 25 seconds long 😂

Tea Time TV : What if I told you It's 25 seconds

BJZ Huneidi : It’s titled Moana in 24 seconds *WHY IS THE VIDEO 25 SECONDS*

single forever : And the pig reuined it all quirk quirk...😵😵😵

The Legendary SwagMan : M O A N A I S M Y C I T Y

Tűz Az Ismeretlen : So heres A Girl called Moana Who Lives In the MOANA country and He needs To escape From a Dark thing made from thanos that makes anything die. Then he teams up With Rock who also Speask Moanian And They then Talk To Blue ghosts and Boats and Moana saves the town Man, This movie is good

thxrshaxx : Others : *Moana* Me : *HAVANA* (as a camilizer)

Orange Cupcake : I really liked the part when they said "Moana."

Vanilla n' Strawberry : CLICKBAIT it’s 25 not 24 D:<

Jewel Spivey : That moment when you say your own name more then anyone else in the movie

toastthebread : Actual 25 seconds Edit: nevermind

StarryDreams : Thanks for summarising the movie for me. I literally didnt watch it

Waffles And Pepto-Bismol : The best part is when they say Moana _they said it 25 times_

ღVelvet The Random Artist ღ : It's sounded like "you wanna"

Corilo91 : Fun fact. In Italy they changed her name to Vaiana because we have a very famous porn actress named Moana. :|

Tushimi : I knew it! Her name was „Jeff“.

Toutac : 0:22 lmao this one made me crack up

Gabriel Gaming : I liked the part when everyone says ,,Moana".

zoemczoface : My favorite part was when they said Moana.

The clothes EXO/BTS wears : It starts to sound like 'more nah'. My trini lol😂😂

Goat Zod : I wonder why they call her MOANa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

DaddyThiccBoi 1 : I liked the part where they said Moana

Shiny : 0:11 Thanos killed him

olivia hope : When you say/hear a word so many times it doesn't even have a meaning anymore...