We Rebuilt THE OLD MAP in Fortnite Battle Royale
I would love to do this

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MyBigRedHoodie : Asks for 6 million *gets 9 million views instead* *edit: now 10 million*

Mr Useless : He said 6m views and he gets 14m views Like if from 2019

Cool Dude : This is how many tears will be shed for factories and dusty in 2019 👇

Trey McPartland : Imagine doing this with 500 max wood brick and metal Edit: omg thanx for all the likes 😮

Rebel Shadow : lazar: "this better get 6m views" *sees 14m views on the videeo* now,I'm no mathematician but.... I'd say that's more than 6m

AbbyGirl 8 : omfg it actually got 6m views. wow. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Farhan Karim : "This better get 6 million views." Congratulations you got over 14 million at the time im posting this

Chad Wild Clay : Lazerbeam:this better get 6 million views Gets 14 million

Nicola Jones : Muselk: dusty divot is back!! Me: yep back like it never! Oh WAIT

Michelle Herb : You should go back to season two and get the map like if think so to

Niall Devine : 3:58 LazarBeam: this better get 6 million views. *14 million views later*

Bimbo Gaming and MORE! : when u realize u forgot to fix the prison

JedJPlayz : "we might get six mill views" you got 14 mill 😂😂 btw who misses dusty depot and who watching 2019

Sniper Swy : The greatest accomplishment man kind has done

TS Nite : Im wathcing this in season 8 and thinking..... FORTNITE IS WEIRD!

Jessicilia Gacha : Lazar: Dusty Depo is back! Muselk: Dusty Divot is back! Ok i get it if you accidentally say it wrong 1 time but he never said dusty DEPO only divot

Tina McLymont : Lazarbeam 2018 : this video needs at least 6 million views June 2019: 14.5 million

Zaradesht Cr7 : Muselk: DUSTY DIVOT IS BACK me: its Dusty depot

GoldBow : 2019 season 7 anyone Like if you are

bearmonkey lion : If they were restoring the whole map then they would include moisty mire.

hola xd : So.. in season 9 with all the freacking technology they didn't rebuilt dusty depot :'(?

wille boy : You forgot about the haunted town near junk junction.

Candy Heart101XD : 3:58 Me: mmmm Me:*checks views* 14m view . Me: mission accomplished

-Ruthless Queen- : It's not my birthday, My dog is not dying, Can I simply have likes for not lying?

Sushiblade_YT : He protecc He attacc But most importantly...he bring the old map bacc

Cookielover2 2 : 8:13 he said dusty divot was back he ment dusty depot

Sean Kaler : This is why I love laserbeam he brings back the good memories

L Stone : 8:12 dusty divots back EDITOR!!!

ItsJamieDodgr : Lannan: "We Rebuilt THE OLD MAP In Fortnite Battle Royale" Risky Reels: *E X I S T S*

Wyatt Noack : Lannan: this better get 6 mil views Me: congrats you have over twice what you asked for😎

DogeGamezBOI Studio : Do it again because these days you now have 4 HOUR TIME LIMIT :D

sarah carson : Lazarbeam I put your supporter creator code in the item shop and u are the best YouTuber in the world 💖

Mateo Jaramillo : Only OG’s remember the colors of the factories 👇🏻

Tangyplayz : whos watching this in 2019 like if you are edit: a lot of people was watching this is 2019

Mother of Chunguses : "Dusty Divot is rebuilt" -Muselk 2018

Rag3 Third Shot : Calls it dusty divot like 50 times🤣🤣🤣🤣

Gamer Eyad : LazarBeam : This better get six million views. Few months later 12 Million views your welcome lazar

NotScampi YT : Lazarbeam "this better get 6 mil views" 2019 "13 mil views"

Lego Ultimate1 : I remember those locations, they were crap until Season 4 made it better!

Conner Smith : 6k Jamacians thought the dislike button was Dis-i-like button

Infinity Clan : Be honest everyone skipped to the final product. Also 2019 anyone??

Jake_TUG : 0:05 I'm sorry Lannan but that's the bloody season 2 map You can tell by the shade of the grass Why am I commenting this its been 10 months?

Jaideep Singh : Now that creative mode is back we REBUILD the whole map😂

Mohammad Alali 3A Marienhoffskolen : me:IM IN THE FUTER THIS IS JUST TRUE IN 2019 U R A GOD

boy guy : Sorry lannan you did not get 6 million views Only 13 mil views 😂

Darkie : I didn't realize the factories were gone until halfway through season 4.

bob bent : lazarbeam do a 1 v 1 with mfresh

I BROKEMYOWNHEART : “Rebuilt the whole map” *proceeds to only rebuild dusty depot and factories and forgets about tilted towers and other affected areas like the prison*

Grant Walton : “...Dusty Depot is making a return, and that hole is getting plugged” (Me) I thought risky reels was season 4?