We Rebuilt THE OLD MAP in Fortnite Battle Royale

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I AM INSANITY : "Infinity war is the greatest crossover in history" Me: *Lazarbeam and Muselk in the same video*

AbbyGirl 8 : omfg it actually got 6m views. wow. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

DynamicMonster : 2019 season 7 anyone Like if you are

chicken nuggets : Lazer: *this better get 6 mil views* Gets 11 mil views instead

Jactor : Were’s my OG squad Like or comment

JT Music : How to get likes??? Season 6?????

I BROKEMYOWNHEART : “Rebuilt the whole map” *proceeds to only rebuild dusty depot and factories and forgets about tilted towers and other affected areas like the prison*

Huff’le Puff : Well you said for 6 million views..... As of the 18/12/2018 you have over 11 million views Also can you do this in creative

Jaideep Singh : Now that creative mode is back we REBUILD the whole map😂

Ryan Helm : Lazarbeam: Dusty Depot Muselk: Dusty Divot Me: *Not Caring At All Because I'm Amazed By Work To Even Notice Your Mistake On Words*

Jacob Gaming : 10:43 enjoy this

Alex Roth : Who's here before 6 million views? 😂

XxLetsJustChillxX : I’m in season 7 2019!

Jimmy & Isaiah : “This better get 6 million views!” 4 million Views later: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nicholas Sarian : Don’t press read more 👌got em

Chavadas9 Kavv vv e : 2:51 sound clip from keep talking and no one explodes

Cloqqed : You forgot to destroy Risky Reels

JT Music : "Youtube should raise our kids" -lazarbeam 2018


funny vines : "this video better get 6 million views"😂 it's nearly gotten double that amount at 11 million!😱😂

Thomas Clarke : Actually it used to be dusty depot

Just An Edit : I predicted it, he's attempting to rebuild the old map

Shaka Ataria : Season 1=like Season 2=comment

LuffMonk : Weird how it is playground in season 4???

JG Studios : Did anyone else get a minecraft vibe?

fortnite god : This video deserves 100,000,000 likes

Minifridge : Top 10 Anime Crossovers

BenC 13 : R.I.P. OG map

Ryan Helm : LazarBeam & Muselk Can Plug Holes -PornHub- *Perfection*

Emerson Ward : It actually go 11mil

Brian Jr : 11,000,000 views

NBA.PARODY. , : And you got six mil

Sudha Naik : 6:07- Dead Cat Dust Me- *THANOOOOS!!!*

Joshua Fancher : Plug a hole... Too funny

Aj Mills : Are we not gonna point out that muslek is says dusty divot but its dusty depot

Nina Fialova : rip dusty divot

·XxRuthless QueenxX· : It's not my birthday, My dog is not dying, Can I simply have likes for not lying?

Major Danger : Fortnite

Da R3AP3R : Hem Hem, it has 11 million views CrIcKeY

TPT BlazeGun : Code Lazarbeam

JomarTheGamer : They should have both the Divot and the Depot. The Depot stays the same, then there should be a whole in the map where you can go under and go in the Divot! :D

Kyle Bharath : Laser beam......................I love ya!!!!!!

Rok Lenarčič : Do it again on creative

Crenshaw Sneed : Good shit

Jon Jones : He forgot JAIL

ares 9 : The aussys are teaming up two shinanigans god teaming

hey boy : When you look at this image what do u see ? O my god Loot Lake 😳😳

da wae lol fun dab : Brings so much memories to depot

RahmanNoodles ッ : Creative Mode: *exists* Lazarbeam: *[Not bothered to insert lenny face you do it]*

Trey Riggs rages at 2K : He actually got 11m lol