We Rebuilt THE OLD MAP in Fortnite Battle Royale

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I AM INSANITY : "Infinity war is the greatest crossover in history" Me: *Lazarbeam and Muselk in the same video*

AbbyGirl 8 : omfg it actually got 6m views. wow. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

BenC 13 : Like if you’re OG

MyBigRedHoodie : Asks for 6 million *gets 9 million views instead* *edit: now 10 million*

A couch Potato : 0:00 Lazerbeam: when you look at this image what do you see. Me:I see a place I wish was never screwed up by the meteor and rocket Like if you agree Edit: Thanks for all the likes guys

Jabba_ Kappa : I thought u meant “the OLD fortnite map” not “rebuild dusty divot” Like if u agree

Audi Thief : “Rebuilt the whole map” *proceeds to only rebuild dusty depot and factories and forgets about tilted towers and other affected areas like the prison*

Luka.M : 6:44 like if YouTube does raise you anyway😂

FlowerPeltPlayz : Asks for 6 Mil views but gets 10 Mil instead 😂

Buxton Fam : Lazer beam you should destroy tilted!

Technicend : Why did you mute Muselk? Mutelk...

Alex Roth : Who's here before 6 million views? 😂

TheOneWhoWaited _ : Shoulda built it all outa metal so it would look sorta like grass

1 l1k3 turtl3s 4nd Sh4rkz : Awww man, we failed him. He got 6 million views, BUT THE 6 IS UPSIDE DOWN!!! 😢

Mr Amazing7708 : There was no lucky landing

_ duksRreel_ : So many spaces after Muselk

Just An Edit : I predicted it, he's attempting to rebuild the old map

Getoutmyface : Instead of 6 million 9 million

Squishy Lana : MUSELK!

LuffMonk : Weird how it is playground in season 4???

TheYeezy750Pizza : It’d look better if u covered the divot in brick

L1TTL3 G4M3R : It's not my birthday, My dog is not dying, Can I simply have likes for not lying?

Kit Kats : LazarBeam > Muselk

Just a Name : I also covered the crater in playground mode and rebuilt Dusty Depot in another match :(

Buxton Fam : Lazer beam u should destroy tilted

Ciera Saechao : Yay you got more than 6 million

Cloqqed : You forgot to destroy Risky Reels

BenC 13 : R.I.P. OG map

Luke Sewell : It hit 10 mil views lmao


Jacob Gaming : 10:43 enjoy this

NBA.PARODY. , : And you got six mil

BM_JaredboiYT : Why is this fun to watch?

John Andreolas : MUSELK

KingFishKiller 6 : Road to 10 mil

Doritos man : You

Minifridge : Top 10 Anime Crossovers

Kyle Bharath : Laser beam......................I love ya!!!!!!

Malakai Miller : 😢😢😢😢rip dust this video made me cry

Ali-a Cringe MEME : Looks fun m8

The Serpent : when you said youtube should be raising our children. that is exactly what you are doing to me you are my favorite youtuber and somehow I look up to you. So thank you

Hope Habia : There should be an update where you can choose what season map you want to play on.... Like if you agree.

day ago • 3 years ago : Muslk is muted

Zurger Burger : You should have built the entire thing only connected at one point so when you destroy that one piece the entire thing goes including the factory’s on top, as the ending. 😄😄😄

Alphas Gaming : 6millll

The Golden Kid : More like ten million views

Krux : Name a more iconic duo than Australians and covering holes

Thomas Clarke : Actually it used to be dusty depot

Domingo Guerrero : Hahahah

Numelgon : me: looks at lazars inventory *sees bush* Y U NO BE BUSH