We Rebuilt THE OLD MAP in Fortnite Battle Royale

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I AM INSANITY : "Infinity war is the greatest crossover in history" Me: *Lazarbeam and Muselk in the same video*

AbbyGirl 8 : omfg it actually got 6m views. wow. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

MyBigRedHoodie : Asks for 6 million *gets 9 million views instead*

Mr. Creeper : Uh you have 8.1mil views Edit 1 8.9 mil views EDIT 2 9MIL VIEWS

Tomikins : 8:25 “we rebuilt dusty divot” says muselk you mean dusty depot😂😂😂

Mr Amazing7708 : There was no lucky landing

Audi Thief : “Rebuilt the whole map” *proceeds to only rebuild dusty depot and factories and forgets about tilted towers and other affected areas like the prison*

UltimateJJGamin : They better add Dusty Depot back in season 6

Notchyboy : Did any of you notice that muselk is muted

Frosty Penguin : No hate here but what about the building in tilted

Mo Salah Fan : 8:12 like when you realise

Alex Roth : Who's here before 6 million views? 😂

Tommy Impersonates MJ : Doctor: You have 1 hour left to live, spend it wisely Lazarbeam: Muselk let’s bring back dusty depot

TheOneWhoWaited _ : Shoulda built it all outa metal so it would look sorta like grass

Crazybeast1242 ' : Instead of 6 million 9 million

ᴄʜʀɪsᴋᴏᴜᴋ : im confused? how could you hear him if you have muted him???

Real NiteS : You forgot to destroy Risky Reels

Mohamed Abdulah : It got 8 million views lol you guys called it 😹

Tom Gibson : Me no speaka da English

Gohan Reichardt : "We rebuilt the dust divot" no need to thanks

😻KITTY💋 : (2:29-2:44) Muselk 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂

L1TTL3 G4M3R : It's not my birthday, My dog is not dying, Can I simply have likes for not lying?

BruhSquid : You Also Need To Rebuild The Obstacles You Destroyed For Materials!

DeerBoy Gamer : 9.3 M fews

Legendary Yeeet : He sounds like scout from TF2

Rocky Raccoon : Congrats you got 8 million views

NBA.PARODY. , : And you got six mil

master peace : Lazar beam you said 100% 6 million views but you got 7 million XD

PEace4hippychick : It got 9000000 views

NoneOf YourBuisness : Cool. Now try moisty mire.

Sasha Is Weird : Description: muscle k

Just An Edit : I predicted it, he's attempting to rebuild the old map

Mr Amazing7708 : The map you showed at the beginning is of season 2 not 3

Nicole Cozos : I love your videos they’re so funny

bellaaa boo : asked for 6mill and got 8mill

PEace4hippychick : So sad and love 😂😂😂

ares 9 : The aussys are teaming up two shinanigans god teaming

Leonardo Munoz : You forgot the red depot

Asriel Zombies 115 : Fortnite Community: Tilted is going to be hit! Epic Games: Hold my beer.

Shadowcloak : *10:24**... **11:53*

Juleif Durhuus : Hos beter lazerbim or moselk

Minifridge : Top 10 Anime Crossovers

Arman Azimi : At the end it was the old victory royale sign

Mohit Malhotra : Forgot broken house, the one near the left middle of the cratter

Alphas Gaming : 6millll

Ahmad Ali : Missed the courts

jamiedodgr69 : Lannan: "We Rebuilt THE OLD MAP In Fortnite Battle Royale" Risky Reels: *E X I S T S*

Omar Qatmash : Risky reels

Madison Villarreal : Your ausome

KingCreeperBoss 08 : If it was season 3 fortnite you made, why didn't u ask joogie and toastedshoes to get rid of lucky landing