Nirvana 9/26/91 Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Chad Wild Clay : The internet was so slow back in 1991, this video finally finished uploading in 2016.

Horny Dragon : What a mind-blowing performance ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

HilltopperTA : I wonder if these people realized they were witnessing one of the most influential bands of all time, in their prime.

Gravitationalist : You can tell this was from a long time ago because there is only one person recording the show. Today, you would have to look past a gazillion tiny screens.

planesrift : i miss the 90s

TheoBrixtonTheKid : I can't wait to see them in concert!

Juan Vazquez : nothing but a garage band, these guys won't make it anywhere

Drew Bennett : just saw them live last weekend

Deon Singh : Why's it so blurry. Get a new phone next time. At least you recorded in landscape

Magno : hope they come to my city on their upcoming tour!

HCaelb : Holy shit! This band is going places, can anyone tell me if they are coming to California anytime soon?

Nils Ferry : Terrific performance and a great recording. That's a Grade A bootleg.

95TurboSol : I was 4 when he was playing this show lol

Kenpachi Zaraki : Upvote if you are still 13 in 2016!

DJAmtrak2 : This video makes me weep for my teen years. You libtard sheltered nothings will never know what we sheltered libtards went through in the early 90s.

Jessie Lezama : Better than that VMA trash ...

Dixie Cup : That lead singer is mind blowing

Deepak Kannan : they told me that he died. They said he killed himself. but here he is in 2016. did they lie all along ?

doug harvey : Wish I was alive for this

dame fortuna : So, uh, you got anymore of them '91 Nirvanas?

508,888,756 views : LE REDDIT ARMY IS HEAR


Raza Qaseem : omg, their drummer looks just like the lead singer of Foo Fighters

junkmail : Nirvana fans.. the most cancerous fan base the internet has.

Hxwky : Sick! Anyone know when they are touring?

jose : Damn good quality what phone are you using?

mancaerm : Imagine being there and not knowing that this will be history

Mike Pulito : I'm pissed at my parents for not bringing me to this concert. I was 6 months old damnit. I would have loved it

hockyjocky4 : Young Dave Grohl

Just a Youtuber : So they copied nirvana or nirvana copied them?

any name : courtney love had kurt cobain killed...

crc 9068 : I came here expecting something relatively interesting. I left after I realized it's the exact same song I've been listening to for years.

bradsmr1 : Thanks for uploading dude.. this is awesome.

NoOffense : When's their next album

Brian R. : I enjoyed watching mostly drunk people jump up and down and fall over themselves XD

ShuhDonk : Where is the recording of the whole concert, would like to see that.

Riley Rose : the shit I would do for these guys to still be around

name : first leautenent of the 3rd regiment of the United States of Redditica army reporting duty sir!

Sexual Potahoe : Man I wish I could've been around for the grunge era....Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins etc....fuuuuuuuuck

Dante Estel : Lil Wayne

Kevin Weller : I've heard this song before! Is this the actual band that played it? sounds kinda sloppy.

Sean Moran : Nirvana has never been my cup of tea, so to speak, but god damnit do I respect them.

Recepuff53 : kurt cobain blew me away......... along with himmself

Fairy fuck : foo fighters suck

heisenberg : So much hate, but how many bands from 91' are still relevant today? They had such a huge impact on music today (2016) that today's youth will never understand. I don't know why this was posted on 8/18/16 or why it's trending, but thank you.

Slug Jones : Love the song, nirvana, the video and all that, but I still dont get the fun in shoving strangers around in a crowd. I think most people try to avoid that if possible.

Wolf123 : I like nirvana but what is so special about this?

BaLLHands87 : why did courtney love kill kurt cobain?

LINKZ : Can't wait for their new album. Also this dude needs a new phone or something qualitys a bit low

c0zened : im glad kurt cobain died