Meet Anaconda on the Rio da Prata - the best snorkelling in Bonito

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leowoosh : Very cool vid! It's an Eunectes murinus. Also known as Sucuri or Green Anaconda. Pythons only ocurr naturally in Africa, Asia and Australia.

ShustOne : That's a very beautiful snake.

minni sota : noooooooooooope

Ballistic : That's not a python that's a anaconda

Skeez Sanchez : nope nope nope nope NOPE

Randal Kenyon : Hi John, this video is amazing. I work for Defy Media, a video licensing company, and we would like to make a serious offer for your footage. Please email my team at acquisitions (AT) defymedia (DOT) com for details. Thanks!

Robert Lentink : no no no no