Pool Construction Timelapse

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Christian Cecil : why tf did they put a gate around the pool that is in there yard like someone is gonna magically steal the UNGROUND POOL???? Thank you for hearting my comment❤️💜

Quintinity : Woah, that pool is cool! I wish I had a pool!

Primitive Creative Ideas : I think the owner of this channel still sleeping lolzz

Jake Pederson : Wow I gotta hire those workers they got this done in less than 10 minutes

SinkableMC : legend has it a tornado hit thier house one day later

Dutchie : This video has been following me for 3 days through YouTube, so I figured I click it. Not disappointed

Dessire BromieOmie Dolan : At first I thought it was a Sim speed build 😂

That Random Channel : Who else just feel that timelapses are kinda satisfying

mike- rayner-videos : awesome video.. i loved it <3

Well Played : I was gonna get pissed if they didn't at least but 'fake' grass in.

Olivia Collins : Did anyone else get kinda sad when they removed the really pretty tree around 5:48

The lonely Otaku : Comments are getting so many likes on this video because people are scrolling through them while watching this.

Isaiah LeDoux : How the HECK did the machines get in the yard?!??

CAT LOVER : I was just seeing the clouds moving

もにゅたん : The Sims 5

Mike - Roblox and More! : T H E R A W E G G T E S T

TV Black : This is the best part about drawing, building, molding, etc... To see "nothing" being turned into something amazing

Oscar Hotchkiss : I noticed that when the case excavator was in idle the boom and bucket slowly dropped down

Rampanger321 Gamer : Now I know how in-ground pools are built

Chaotic Cookie : I still can't believe that they finished it in 8 minutes and forty seconds!

Shimon Abid : Is the construction waterproof?

urhoT : The United States has giant backyards that we never use, and in other countries they have small backyards that they use.

It'sShannons Life : who thinks the pool looks like a bird😂I do

bin bin : No grass were harmed in the making of this video

jiggle wiggle : No dirt in the pool. amazing

Robo Toast : the music doe

John Doe : Enjoy cleaning the pile of shit pool all the time, and then enjoy watching nobody use it when the kids grow up. Do yourself a favour and fill it with soil and plant grass!

Josephine Owusu : who else saw the sky moving 😍😍😍

pardita the husky : Wish you a merry christmas 😊

Da Hai Zhu : I can't decide if it's the profile of Alfred Hitchcock's head or Slimer from Ghost Busters (original)

Michael de widt : I didn't see our pool when its constructing

Stardome101 : I actually really liked their garden before but I enjoy these speed builds yuss

Robire Tube : what dimension have this swimming pool ?

Taffiloli : I love when the pool noodles fly everywhere in the pool😂😂

Grim Reaper : Satisfying.

MB Boss : Ua fra e nu mostr...

GameOrDeath : This would be a tad bit better if you would have put annotations of the parts we see explaining whats going on here and there. So hows the pool?

Sam Foster : Did their neighbors really not do anything in Their backyard for that long

nico3641 : all you need now is Phoebe Cates

DayBot's Brother : Looks at thumbnail, huh looks like a video game, clicks on video Omg it's in real life lol

Robert PlayZ PC : How much money did you pump in it?

FishyYT : People think it's fake grass, but it isn't, it's a layer of dirt with actual grass on top

Dougie : Really interesting right up until the fucked up ending. 😡

CEC WI : Way to wreck your backyard. :(

Step Off : 8:38 Pools closed due to aids.

armine1217 : music made me stay here...who is playing ?

Andrew. Mannix : Let's go islanders!

MSZero : At first, I thought it said 'Poor Construction Timelapse' instead of 'Pool Construction Timelapse'

Seif GT : This swimming pool can harm your device Do you really want to download this swimming pool? Yes.No Download in Progress Swimming pool is downloading 67% Download Complete Enjoy Your Swimming Pool 😏

Dαƒηε : Seeing the clouds in the background is satisfying :D (at 1.5x speed)