Pool Construction Timelapse

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TheZivix : i spent 8.5 minutes of my life watching time go by..........

BikeStuff : OK youtube, i clicked the video you have been recommending me for the last 5 days. Happy now?

Space duck : The first one to make a 3D pool printer will become rich

Weave Snatcher 9000 Also, Beebo : Mad respect to construction workers who build in 100 degree weather and heavy rain.

skelki Galatasaray : Probably paid fking 200k for this

ραяαѕутє : Amazing how they made the pool in about 8 minutes! Really impressive!

Grisoustyle : That fence ruins everything

Josephine Owusu : who else saw the sky moving 😍😍😍

mike- rayner-videos : awesome video.. i loved it <3

Sushi Soosh : R.I.P tree 🌲🙁 5:49

Andrew Glinski : And now I know why they cost so much...

Pillow Maker : Why did you put a fence around it? Scared the waters gonna escape?

CrispySauce : Would only take me like 10 minutes to build in minecraft. Haha noooooooooooooobs😂

missioncodez : The pool outline kinda looks like a hatless Popeye without his corn cob pipe.

Showbiz Wisconsin : Way to wreck your backyard. :(


FortniteShow : Smart guy probably got the money back from building that from the video

Joey Hernandez : This music reminds me of the Fitnessgram Pacer Test....

Dutchie : This video has been following me for 3 days through YouTube, so I figured I click it. Not disappointed

Bazi Brazy : Bruh,watching a timelaspe video that's over 3 minutes is hellaaaaa long lmao

Seif Tk : This swimming pool can harm your device Do you really want to download this swimming pool? Yes.No Download in Progress Swimming pool is downloading 67% Download Complete Enjoy Your Swimming Pool 😏

GameOrDeath : This would be a tad bit better if you would have put annotations of the parts we see explaining whats going on here and there. So hows the pool?

Gesseleisback YT : How to make a pool in 3 east steps! 1. Dig a hole 2. Grab the hose 3. Fill the hole with water And your done! Enjoy your new pool!

bin bin : No grass was harmed in the making of this video

CoolTechStuff : Why tf would they put the water in the pool before putting the pavers in to get dirt in the water? Lol I would never want them to make me a pool

Luke Keffer : The trees in the back are dancing to the music

MsCarnetta : Got to admit that's some good work

Brooks Barrett : This is what our world has come to...5.2 million people want to watch a pool being built

Quintinity : Woah, that pool is cool! I wish I had a pool!

Lucky slime Production : Ultimate version of the flash

Andrew Glinski : The most amazing part was how those guys got out of the way of that speedy excavator all the time.

nigel nyabwa : Anyone else notice the thumbnail is just a simulation

xHiDdEn : And it only takes one minute to build a pool in Minecraft..........

Oscar Hotchkiss : I noticed that when the case excavator was in idle the boom and bucket slowly dropped down

Andrew Phillips : 2018 anyone??😜

Rpyaltie Vallejos : I thought it was clickbait but they were really fast to do this in 8 minutes and people say superheroes are fake these people are related to the flash or sonic the hedgehog

Tecnical jisan : awesome.. 😍😍😍😍.. swningfull..i.from..Bangladesh

firefrostcat62 : 5:00 it looks like the pool is full.

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : All to impress some plastic Russian online-order bride who'll stick around for a couple of years before divorcing and demanding all your money in 'settlement'. LEAVE YOUR BACKYARD AS IT IS DUDE!

Saiko Yonebayashi : Invite me on a pool party and I'd never go home.

India Fenwick : I’m just surprised about how the neighbours didn’t come out to see what was happening at all?!!??!?!? Edit~ BISSHH WHAAA

Vincent Nacon : It going good through out the whole process until right at the end of the video... they put up a fencing around the pool. Way to ruin it.

もにゅたん : The Sims 5

Stevie Hubbard : Need some hard workers like this

_JHS_94 : Im supposed to be studying


ItzRetroPlays : This person went all out on this backyard

Akira Moné Dickerson : I first saw this on Instagram :3..

ABDUL JOUHAR : Its Like Playing #MineCraft Game.!

Keyboard art and comedy : They r so fast