Pool Construction Timelapse

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BikeStuff : OK youtube, i clicked the video you have been recommending me for the last 5 days. Happy now?

TheZivix : i spent 8.5 minutes of my life watching time go by..........

booksies booksies : Play this at 1.5x.

ραяαѕутє : Amazing how they made the pool in about 8 minutes! Really impressive!

demure— : i forgot pools had to be built

skelki Galatasaray : Probably paid fking 200k for this

FortniteShow : Smart guy probably got the money back from building that from the video

A Cricket Named Joe : My whole entire life I have wandered how a pool was made. Now, thanks to Tom Smith, I have removed that burden, which I been carrying my whole life. Out of the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Quintinity : Woah, that pool is cool! I wish I had a pool!

Pillow Maker : Why did you put a fence around it? Scared the waters gonna escape?

Joey Hernandez : This music reminds me of the Fitnessgram Pacer Test....

Glitch Dolphin : Play video at 0.000012945 times speed to get a real time perspective.

Rpyaltie Vallejos : I thought it was clickbait but they were really fast to do this in 8 minutes and people say superheroes are fake these people are related to the flash or sonic the hedgehog

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : All to impress some plastic Russian online-order bride who'll stick around for a couple of years before divorcing and demanding all your money in 'settlement'. LEAVE YOUR BACKYARD AS IT IS DUDE!

Sam mezni : I’d be that person to use a shovel instead of a crane to make the hole.

Brooks Barrett : This is what our world has come to...5.2 million people want to watch a pool being built

Breezy Buster : 6:45 the wagon in their neighbor's backyard has a mind of its own.

Jake Pederson : Wow I gotta hire those workers they got this done in less than 10 minutes

Rpyaltie Vallejos : You killed the grass and dirt their families disliked it haha you wont be able to destroy more grass in patch 7.3 noobs

Tecktonick Gaming : The whole Time I was watching that video, I was fantasizing it being built in My back yard. 😁

Bazi Brazy : Bruh,watching a timelaspe video that's over 3 minutes is hellaaaaa long lmao

Random Mario Bros : 1 like =1 prayer for the grass

Krispy Kookie : I still can't believe that they finished it in 8 minutes and forty seconds!

Justin Y. : I guess 5,644,162 people want to watch an 8:40 min video of a pool being constructed

Tom Berenguel : And shotcrete was not possible because...? I know it is a time lapse, but did miss the rebar going into the pool walls? Where is the rebar for the transition from the pool walls to the pool floor? Where is this located (city, state)?

Saiko Yonebayashi : Invite me on a pool party and I'd never go home.

PurplePancakes 11 : The fence at the very end ruined it

Devan Riebau : I was gonna get pissed if they didn't at least but 'fake' grass in.

xHiDdEnMOBILE : And it only takes one minute to build a pool in Minecraft..........

Ali Eran Ayberkin : Interesting that nobody entered or left the house behind the fence

Delete this pls I dunno how : They’re like little,magical fairy’s!

Food addicted : You can clearly see the curvature in the video!

Dutchie : This video has been following me for 3 days through YouTube, so I figured I click it. Not disappointed

RoadTo5kSubs : Happy for this guy, but i lost 8.5 minutes of my life... :(

RoadTo5kSubs : And they moved after a month...

MsCarnetta : Got to admit that's some good work

Olivia Lyon : humans can do such awesome things!

Sam Foster : Did their neighbors really not do anything in Their backyard for that long

Partypig Shane : Need some hard workers like this

Jason Blake : With that music it felt like Starsky and Hutch went in2 the pool business ,,stop it at 3:24 ,I think that's Huggy Bear laying concrete

Sarah Sandlin : How much did that cost :O

grace thurston : The music made this video 1000x better

Tecnical jisan : awesome.. 😍😍😍😍.. swningfull..i.from..Bangladesh

Bangtan TextStories : This is cool and all, but first of all it probably took one to two weeks, and there is a channel that literally ONLY uses sticks, clay, makes their own fire and puts rocks in it to make them burning hot, and puts it in a hole they dug, and puts water in it, which boils the water then later makes a KILN and makes BRICKS with NATURES tools, they do this in all but 2-3 days!!!! This is LAME compared to that!

Chasserex : Building a Pool looks easy when its timelapsed.

WildCard Timelapse y Cortos : Y yo que me quejo que no construyo rápido en minecraft

jiggle wiggle : No dirt in the pool. amazing

joan jose ortiz andavazo : le quedó bien bonita la piscina 😍😘😘💰💰

petra ensi : Hey, cool! Your neighbors must have had a great time!

IChoseAGoodName : I honestly think the pool would look better without that fence towering over the yard. I find that the pool area would look better if it were more open, than more of a confined area. But otherwise, great work to you and your workers!