Watch Timothee Chalamet Totally Fail at 'A Star Is Born' Sing-Along

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tim : damn he had that charity right on the tip of his tongue that's how you know when a celeb actually gives to the charity and supports it for real and not just for clout

rain : "Moet will give a 1000 dollar to the charity of your choice." Rolls off his tongue, "LGBTQ Community Centre in New York" 💛

Radioactive Snake : He said that charity with no hesitation whatsoever.

Frankalein : I love how his faces changed when he got told about the charity - “are you serious?” What a good human he is :) ❤️

alleyes07 : This was such an awkward segment. Like ET, girl get it together. He clearly doesn’t know the song that well and he’s being polite about it. Accept it and keep it moving.

Bri Terry : Just checking in making sure he's the same Timmy... he is. (:

Abby L : his hair looks so good like that

Hannah Pearson : We love an ally

Dylan : He’s so supportive towards the gay community I love the guy I love the actor he’s so genuine and talented like what else do we want from this world.

M.L. Soll : Such a genuine personality damn. Charming dude for real

Melissa Ngai : How can one be so excited like a nervous puppy and yet so quick and prepared to speak and name a charity? How can he be so flustered and fast and then get serious and eloquent in half a second? What a wonderful puppy.

ScarlettP : 0:07 Timothee pointing out his mom is beyond adorable, what a sweetheart he is

Ąsąd : Timothee is so awkward and i love him haha

Lacthu Hoang : saoirse!!

Yolee Louis : A star is boin

Amalthea11 : Aaw my nervous baby 😘

leandro cedrick : My King Timmy got robbed and snobbeg again... shame on you Golden Globes!


Angelina Frank : "Emma Watson its here"... sure she is!

Jasmyne S : 0:24 Me in every social situation

Elio Loves Oliver : He's a genuinely sweet, caring young man. He deserved all the success he receives.

sasha smokk : He is so cute,positive,beautiful inside and out and actually has a great personality! And who the fuck cares if he doesn't know the lyrics,like seriously wtf??!

Jeffrey Munoz : *2:13** I love Timothee Chalamet*

Jolie Espinoza : Beautiful boy..what a Great movie. He needs an oscar. Steve carrell too

FlickerFlame : Only 12 years older. We can make it work.

doug avila : Who care...he's so adorable. He's like your cute kid bro. But TALENTED!!!

Vaishnav rash : LGBTQ

kasha harris : He is so pure

Moa Ranmo : LOOK at how fast my mans picked the lgbtq-center in new york as his charity of choice omg i love this boy

marcus mccauley : 1ST LIKE AND COMMENT


Leon E. O'Brien : God bless you Timmy... That was kind of him to do that 💜

marcus mccauley : Nice vid btw

Eddie - : I've been a fan of his since 2016 i was kinda sacred he's going to change after he became so famous in such a short time. I'm glad he's still the same❤️

carolina : he never changes, it's actually so comforting to see a celebrity like this. he is so humble and you can see on his face when the guy told him about the charity how genuine he is. god i love him so much.

Christina Friesen : This young man has a bright future in front of him. He is exceptionally great at his craft and I honestly see him being one of the greats down the road in his career.

Susy Rodriguez : He is so sweet !!

Bill Buffett : He is bisexual 😏

rain : Beautiful Boy out on Amazon Prime in USA.

V.C. : Just when I thought timmy couldn't get any prettier!

Muhammad Hammad : Are you saying what i think you are saying

Alyssa Madeleine : In love with this man

Niveauvoll : He is just so gorgeous.

Andres Tellez : Who in earth doesn’t know even de rhythm of Shallow?????

Anna Phelan : Why is he so goddamn precious

Daniel : he's really kind, sweet and funny

Melvin Samudio : A young Daniel D Lewis


Yankı Chalamet : lmaoo he doesn’t have to know the song leave him alone

Sally Vee : That was so indicative of his character. Truly a lovely person who happens to be one of the best young actors today. I hope his Guncle Managers/Agents keep finding him awesome roles for us to enjoy.