My Pitch to Casey Neistat - From the CEO of Patreon

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Last week I flew to New York to pitch Casey Neistat. This is what I pitched. Video by Jack Conte

Comments from Youtube

FC Autos : It's rare to find a successful CEO having this type of passion and (needless to say) creativity. Looking forward to watching you succeed in life even more. *All our best to you & your wife*

The nerd collective : Jack, don't know if you wil ever see this comment. But thanks dude. Because of you I landed my first freelance shoot in years. By putting myself out there and taking chances.. Thanks dude from the bottom of my heart..

Jaret Campisi : I think its very simple. Have a patreon page for 368. Patrons can support casey and his show which will allow 368 to fly content creators out, work with them to perfect their craft etc. ALSO and I think even more important than that is CREATE A PATREON PAGE for each content creator that comes on the show and help them get it set up for what they do. That is how you truly help up and coming creators get paid on a consistent basis and turn their passion into their full time income. In this way everyone wins AND patreon is still the central hub for everything that is happening. Your welcome AND I love your videos and I've been making a living on patreon for almost a year and its amazing :)

where is danny black : It’s like watching a video and the behind the scenes vid at the same time... loving it

Colin and Samir : Are you kidding me with this video?? There is so much creativity packed into these 7 minutes, Holy Sh*t man.

Trevor Tucker : This video was *phenomenally* edited. I'm seriously blown away.

Brian Tobias : Jack, you're a super talented creator, I must say!

amadeusb4 : "Nothing is fleshed out yet" because 368 is hype. It's Neistat jumping the shark.

nicholas williams : This video had 0 content, way to go YouTube algorithm.

SDG Danny : This man's energy is *contagious!*

EXCEPT : Supporting creators across the world, I love it!

Adrien Olinger : That 368 track is legend!! Awesome video dude 😎👏

Barnabas Lawson : Wow 😲 that remix at the end was awesome 👏 Also great idea 💡 about the 368 scholarship program

JordanJee : Jack, you're living. You're the dude, your the one. Thanks Jack created Patreon, so I can optional donate to the YouTuber I like to support them! Hope Jack's project get well with Casey! 368 and Jack Rocks!

Viva Frei : Sound editing, metaphors, skill, talent, creativity, honesty, sincerity, humour. FFS, you’ve raised the bar.

Pat Hummel : Jack, you're hilarious and a creative badass! I love your work. Keep it up!

Pra Autoss : Jack! Awesome content as always 👍🏽 with a like & yea I saw the video proud of u do it big Jack!

Carlos Jimenez : omg i love the guy but the editing is killing me....get to it already.... and he wins for the most annoying sound effects

Madafaka Damesqlo : You are f*cking better than Casey! Good Luck!!!

ROCK N WOODWORKS : Your editing is killer dude! Watching now..

Zachary Booth Vlogs : Your editing is superb!!!

Tri Beard : I bet you and your wife voted for Hilary didn’t ya, MAGA

Nisco Racing : +JackConteExtras Can't wait to hear your wife sing again in my ears!

GreenDotComics : Humble Brag, the video

RamblinAround : I know you're a big CEO and everything, but you should be making videos more often. You do some amazing work!

Mohammed : Set up a creator of the month - patreon page and keep changing the creator monthly; Simple!

max moviez : can't wait seeing your subscriber rate explode, with this kind of content......amazing

I B : So his idea is to do what Patreon already does?? If someone has content that is worth anything then the fans will support as we've already seen.

Kombi Life : We too would be happy to contribute some of our Patreon earnings to help start a program like this to help new creators get rolling. Rock on Jack!

Curiosity Culture : Next level vlogging.

Riley Burke : The level of creativity that radiates out of you Jack is infectious. I want to see this dream realized and I look forward to watching you grow as a creator!

Tendencias Tech : You're the best - Spanish speaking creators like me are supporting your ideas. ¡GRACIAS!

obohP • : Your editing style reflects exactly just who you are. Spontaneous, Crazy, and full of energy. Love it.

ajax barber : The only problem with this idea is the platform itself, with more and more people making content on a platform that is already in some cases censored. This really isn’t the main problem though as you can’t expect to get paid for content that’s is well-out of the scope of what a sponsor is happy to associate themselves with, the more underlying issue here is potential expandability for the future as although YouTube is great it will eventually have a succeed - This is looking more likely with with the introduction of GDPR and other future developments in people privacy around what they view.

PartyKids : Your editing and story telling is sick bro! Bravo! 👏

Angelos.Universe : Never even heard of you till that video and holy shit, your story telling and creativity is out of this world 😯😱

A loyal Dog : If you make the outro into a song (somehow) I’ll listen to it unironically

Icefyre Dragon : Darn , this is really ingenious presentation ! Hope this colab will be successful , best of luck !!!

JourneyTotheTruthandTotalRandomness : Sounds like a huge money pit plus you're relying on YouTube as the vehicle kind of like how Candy crush and Farmville relied on Facebook. Big YouTubers are making more than 4k a month so they're out so now you're relying on potential upcoming youtubers. And if they go big they're going to want more than 4k a month.

TomGerrans : what a legend

SAIL : THAT was a very good arrangement and mix you've just produced for that song. I'm impressed Jack! All the Best.

Four Ninety Five : Your video montages remind me of Requiem For A Dream but with less drugs and dildos

Ben Weisbeck : I love his man's energy and love his editing style. Keep up the great work Jack!

Ryan Is Driving : regardless of what happens I hope you continue to create on this channel. really diggin your style.

chuck Berry : Looks more like a glory hole

Damian Hylton : Your video editing is really refreshing! Great stuff?

&Jay : You're one of the best storytellers I know and the sound design is amazing. So much respect you genius!

Carlos D San : 2:48 Just a glimpse of an alternative universe where Jack makes ASMR.

AST : Anyone else just pause for a good minute after the video ended? It was that good.