Singing on The Beach

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My mom using an Ipod for the first time closes her eyes and belts out Boyz II Men "I'll Make Love to You" on the Beach unaware of how loud she was singing. Everyone on the beach notices and decides to point and laugh and when my mom opens her eyes she is pretty embarrassed *Video Edit* Some questions I thought I should address -Persianpimp730 which is Me(Arya Aminrazavi) filmed this and owns all the rights to this video. -My mother agreed to let me put this video on Youtube (after she saw it on there) -This video was filmed in Virginia Beach and was not an act. All of this is 100% real and she really had no idea! This video has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC,The Ellen Show,NPR,Radar Magazine, TruTV and many other programs around the world. Please contact Persianpimp730 if your interested in using this video! Check out my other Videos and Subscribe!


Aylla Sousa : LOL hilarious!

Cletus Kasady : lol Thank you world's dumbest.

Indigo Baby : Lol cute

riclagriclag : Talent the beach rocks

Ajalen Howard : She is good for her age

Mally1225 : I still love this video

Bill Lodi : Love this video. I would have sat right next to her with my buddies and a big smile on my face until she opened her eyes. Awesome vid!!! Good sport too!!!

themangodess : @123jacksdaman No.

123jacksdaman : Watch my mum singing type in my mum singing 123jacksdaman

Danny Maness : Loved the boy and man in ihe background! Like, "What up wit dat?

bmo : Boyz II Fail.

ESBEAUTII : She's almost yodeling lmao

suporjustin : do i sense american idle?!!

kyralee : kinky

MadeOfCrazyWood : i did that ones, but i sang "I Just Had Sex"

MG Rome : This Lady Was In Her Own World lol

emstarkitty : That is such an embarrassing song to be singing really loud!

Alphareflex1 : @coldmirror WOW ein Kommi von COLDMIRROR O.O xD

Micah Marie : wonder if she has seen this video yet

Benhur Yohannes : hahahaha- she looks like a cool mom

Based Frequency : lol random black guy :P

Mikenna Cash : lol

kaitlyn neth : It waz lol

Tell-A-Graham : Hahahahah i feel so bad for her

Adam19822000 : haha I saw this on tv

ALBERTO CRUZ Laurentino : Maravilhoso!!!!!! Parabéns... Liberdade de expressão!!

X49MRE : the son is like ahahahahahah

dc2boii11 : lol was she really singing or was it a setup?

Jennifer Lay : This makes me smile. I wish I had the courage to do this. Your mom is amazing. Hug her and tell her you love her!

Kong Yang : thats a really good song shes singing!

Angela A : LMAO! I just saw this on TruTV Dumbest Vacationers (I think that was the name of the show) It made me laugh so I HAD to watch it again

TOYTOY562 : lmao i love this lady!

Tyneishia Kates : lmfao!! 2 funny. u can always find sumthiin at the strip in VA beach!!

Clark Lawson : @persianpimp730 wowowowowowwowooww i live there

Breyon Smith : ur a bad singer girl please dont sing again

Lucy Bee : lol this is well funny

William Thompson : great video;;please check out my video;;lol;

Lucas Schram : Your mom is an annoying bitch

Devin Bell : OMG!!!! hiliourous!!!! Lmaorotfl!!!!!!

Sirarpi P : omg this was the funniest thing ever!!!! LOL, the whole beach was watching!

Bunny Berigan : Hahaha! Love her

Charlotte Stride : omg holzee,ur so rude wats wrong with u!

dianyzzia : LOL

Oscar The Frenchie : hahahhahaha

Nikolaika77 : haha

BBBYpsi : why was no one trying to push her back in the ocean. sounded like the whale from finding nemo

Canya STFU : @Germ roflroflrof omg thats cold... OoOh lawddy it took me a min to figure out she was singing boys to men (il Make Love to You) hahahahahah ....leave her alone she minding her own bidnizzz .. sing it mom lol them black people in the back r dying...

joeyjettt : Encore, encore!!!!!!!

jac joh : Hahaha that's jokes.