US Soldiers in Iraq - The Ding Dong Song

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This is an awesome music video made by the mortars in HHC 1-21 IN BN out of Baghdad, Iraq...this is a catchy song you will have stuck in your head for days. Love this video...Also, just to clear up some confusion, "IN" means infantry. So for all of the haters calling us "pogs," eat a bag of dicks. By the way, if anybody wants to use this video for any reason, please include the credits. That's all I ask. Thanks for your support and kind words!

Comments from Youtube

ALT Spitfire : I'm genuinely glad my tax money goes towards this. It made my day XD

SmoothCriminalAaron : ISIS has beheading videos, we have....this.

Daniel - Broseidon Incarnate : They danced...for America.

Mason Cathers : I love how our soldiers always have make funny stuff like this

Devon Miller : Lol what if a bunch of Iraqis were trying to invade the base and just walked in on this

Jasrup Singh : Whoever disliked this video should go step on a Lego

Incognito_Blazer : just imagine being a sniper and seeing this Sniper: Ok, just gotta take out the tar-... wut o_o *backs away slowly*

ZombieToad : did anyone else notice the cigarettes said smoking can reveal hidden laser traps?

Shtoops _ : It's nice that they're able to hold on to their humanity. I can't imagine how I would stay grounded if I had to fight in a war. Props yo.

Tó Trigo : Imagine a taliban sniper looking for american soldiers and finds them doing this...

Cooper Kasich : ...Meanwhile in Afghanistan 

UNSC ASSASSAIN : i love this somg it is funny in some ways but good to see the US troops having fun

nihilismful : This is actually the most heartwarming thing I have seen in a while

NotoriousRedandYellow : its 2016 now and im still watching this video

Alexander Volkov : well that's enough internet for today

Amarythe Frostfire : All hail our nation's brave soldiers! X3 Seriously though, I am so glad they can have fun too. It must help their sanity. :)

Dannyal : Man, I hope none of these guys died :(

Kimotsi : Next time someone says war in iraq is tough ill show him this video!

Brad Hintz : It's nice to know where the taxes are going.

Daniel M : Meanwhile in Iraq.

Xzavior Sioc : Ya know. reading through these comments I find A LOT of people talking about really serious stuff. This is supposed to be something funny!

MANxUx05 : So this is where our taxes are going... WORTH IT

Hudson O-11 : I wonder how many civilians saw them dancing on the rooftop

Le GOLD Spy : This is Why USA loves war

Sheogorath : All this blood-shed and war, and the soldiers still have time to sit back and do a silly little video. That's something I can respect.

Anthony R : Thank you guys for serving our country, This video always makes me laugh. God Bless America!.

Tyler Blasko : soldiers after bin laded died

Jude Pelaez : Totally worth our tax money.

Issie : This was the first video I watched on YouTube, the memories...

RaccoonMoustache : So this is the famous US training, I see

Jon Silverberg : I still watch this all the time!  Thank you so much for sharing, as one service member to another, thanks for serving and showing all of us how you blow off steam!

Blinman : Wtf are we funding for the military to do? xD

ThanatosArt : This video..could end any war. YUS

awesomesauce4141 : Come on, even soldiers have their weird sides. Thanks for protecting our country and giving us a laugh.

wales2k : This is me when I play Battlefield 4.

21k : 0:49 Simon Cowell?

PAXperMortem : If you're American, you indirectly payed for this.

EVTG_Neko : i love this. Hey, atleast they had some fun. The army isnt just about war

Banshee Gaming : D'aaaw that's so cute ! they still found a way to enjoy their stay in the military. Love them so much ! :D *no homo*

OriginalWhitexp : smoking can reveal laser traps

James Rogers : this is a world-class find

XArmyMP : Boredom can bring the weird out of you

Ani Visser : thank you for this, I've been feeling really down lately, but this made my day!

Harry Reid : Man this video brings back some good memories!

insertrandomcleverusername : meanwhile in Iraq.....

germandrummer13 : occupying a country was never so much fun.

Sound. Waves : I h8 to say it but....... Pretty sure some of 'em have died Plus don't h8,appreci8

Grant Garcia : so happy to see that this is what my taxes go towards. love it and keep up the good work gentlemen.

Enzo castaño : "Welcome to US ARMY"