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Isa : No one: Youtube Recommendations: WHAT'S UP MOTHERSHUCKERS

Doni is Not a duck : 1963: There will be flying cars in the future 2019: COorN

Marcileia Dutra e Silva #HUE1M : Top 10 anime endings And top 10 anime quotes "Welcome mother shuckers"

Janrei Africa : "Welcome Mother Shuckers" Added to my Greetings list

Leo Krahn : *turns subtitles on* Porn is a North American serial plan The more you know

Lanah Stoddard : Come down today, and try some corn Or we will sacrifice your newborn *AAH*

Frosty the ArcticFox : Category: Education *This has to be the best learning video I’ve ever seen in my life*

TheNerdUniverse : Come down today And try some corn Œř wē wīłľ ßæćřífïçė ýøűř ñëwböŕņ

XxCookie GachaxX : *C O R N* YouTube recommendations... You have not Failed me

《 chicken nugget 》 : I shared this in a chat group with my best friends and now-- friends: *what's uP MotheR shUckErS*

dayylanix : Nobody: WildSpartanz: *uploads cursed corn video* Everyone: *hey this looks familiar*

kathryn sleezer : I love corn, and this just intensified my love for corn

one_boi : This should be an ad on YouTube

Ethonodon : "Side effects of corn may include... choking... I guess..." That's gonna be my senior quote

KittiesPlayz WithWolves : I love how the background is a stock image.

Roller : only youtube would recommend this to me. THANK YOU

Royal cyka blyat : WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard at a video wtf

Banan Joker : Teacher: what are you laughing at?? Me: Nothing Also me: *Unholy screech from a man in a corn costume*

MC : I'm sorry, but the automatic subtitles killed me.... XD 0:15

Keirstyn Kat : Me: Just a normal day on YouTube, lets see what I want to watch YouTube: Corn Me: what? YouTube: *Corn* Me: ... YouTube: *CORN*

Crystal Gem : “Come down today and try some corn or we will sacrifice your new barn” *satanically screams* *edit: thanks for so many likes, and yeah i know it says new born mother shuckers*

One Smug Boi : Oh look they rebooted veggie tales!

Kaitlyn Stol : category : education equal to vsauce or bill nye

Sarahlong6893 6873 6893 : Me: YouTube recommendations page: corn Me: I’m proud of this community

Luna ._ : I rly hope this was for a project for some sort of business class... like REALLY hope 😂


Ruby M : Nobody: Nothing: An abyss: Absolutely nothing and no one: Corn guy: wHaTs uP mOtHeR sHuCkErS

Lobsterkid18 : Crows: *Am about to ruin this whole mans corn farm.*

P1LOT 1 : *Come down today and try some corn or we will sacrifice your newborn.* -*Colonel Cornelius Cornwall* 2019

• K a i • : Dec: Jan: Feb: March: April: May: *_SMASHES BUTTON_* *_INCREDIBLE FLAVOUR_*

Shiba Studios : cOmE dOwN tOdAy AnD tRy SoMe CoRn Or We WiLl SaCrIfIcE yOuR nEwBoRn AHHHHH

Couch Potato : Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework? Me:...

Diego Brando : Me: *Watches a video about Corn* Youtube: Corn Me: What did you bring upon on my unwavering images land

Red Riptide Productions : Side effects may include: Choking I guesss

Mas0n 8508 : *watches video* *looks at description* “category: education” AAHHHHH

Granger Brooks : Nobody: YouTube's algorithm: *Corn*

Annie Renner : Welcome to episode four of "wtf is in my recommended, and why is it there"

Some Random Thang : 0:09 if you turn on closed captioning that a rapper name

The Three Friends : Plants vs zombies 3 is looking better than ever!

Chase Films : That end had me dead😂 lmbo

Kendall Slusher : This video gave me the feels, very inspirational

Skapooka 2 : Top 10 characters who can defeat thanos without infinity gauntlet

Noodle : Why did I just discover this now

FuriousGamer : Come down today and try some corn, or we will sacrifice your new born *_AAAHHHH_*

誌寝Light_Chan : This video makes my love for corn Intensifies *Eating Corn Intensified* *CoRnN MmMm*

Kathy & Isa : No one: Absolutely no one: Me: during a super important test

Scloudzy : *"come down today and get some corn, or else we will sacrifice your new born"* *UNHOLY SCREECH*

ThE ToXiC OnE : Category: EDUCATION

Wolfie_ K : ... this was in my recommendations .. Watched it four times straight