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Janrei Africa : "Welcome Mother Shuckers" Added to my Greetings list

Bobble Ross : Nobody: Absolutely No one: No existing thing ever: My Youtube recommended: corn

Cotyx : * Puts subtitles on * _"Porn_ is a North American cereal.."

Ruby M : Nobody: Nothing: An abyss: Absolutely nothing and no one: Corn guy: wHaTs uP mOtHeR sHuCkErS

one_boi : This should be an ad on YouTube

Bombmistic : Teacher: why are you smiling? Me: oh nothing My mind: 0:37

Scar Senpai : Come down today, try some corn *~we will sacrifice your new born~*

Mia smith : people in 1984: there will be flying cars in the future 2019: umm corn

Panic! Trash : (Subtitles) “And I’m here to introduce you to...” *porn!*

Anonymous Moose : People: what kind of videos do you watch on YouTube? Me: it’s complicated

Sky Rafaello Obusan : "Come down today to try some corn, or we will sacrifice your new born." -Mother Shucker

Wafflestar 3711 : No one: Literally no one: Kernel Cornelius Cornwall: C O M E D O W N T O D A Y A N D T R Y S O M E C O R N O R W E W I L L S A C R I F I C E Y O U R N E W B O R N!

Mystical Uni-Dragon : *This Is What You - DON’T - Wanna Come Across In A Corn Maze* #RIP Edit: Thankyou Likers Of My Comment. 💖

Dee Dee Animates : *Side affects of corn may include:* *choking I guess*

Opalcloud : *_You never know what wonderful gift awaits you in your recommended._*

Couch Potato : Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework? Me:...

Pupminnie Forever : My captions said "come and try some porn" **WHERES THE BLEACH WHEN YOU NEED IT**

Scloudzy : *"come down today and get some corn, or else we will sacrifice your new born"* *UNHOLY SCREECH*

Sh c o : youtube recommendations of May 2019:

Jason Guy : No one: Literally no one: YouTube Recommendations:Corn

Sgt. Craig : Category:education Me:My IQ is over 9000 by watching this now

Cat - In - A - Cup :3 : Am i blessed or cursed? *Top 10 questions that left scientists questioning their existance*

ben hargreeves : this video gave me so much joy that i literally sobbed my eyes out from how hard i was laughing. youtube recommendations, *_thank you._*

HIDE___FROM___ THE___DARKNESS___ : "Come down today and have some corn, or we will sacrifice YOUR NEW BORN AAHHH!"

All but one heart was fazed that day : I was all good until the last 3 seconds...💁😳😅 😍😁 lol. This was funny

Doni is Not a duck : 1963: There will be flying cars in the future 2019: COorN

River : *Corn is yellow* *Mustard is too* *Yay! I got one like!* *Wait, why is it blue-*

CheeryFlame4611 : These YouTube recommendations are sometimes good, but this needs to stop.

bry : come down today, try some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn *_aAaAA_*

Victoria Gioioso : Girls: “oh no!” Boys: “shut up and take my money!

DEADZONE :P : It's listed as **Education** Thanks YouTube Categories

Echo497 : come down today and try some corn or we will sacrifice your newborn *aHH-*

Another Stranger : I’m here to introduce you to p0RN Had my captions on and I’m so proud

permanent markerz : Come today, get some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn- Me: already DiD ThaT foR YoU

Avocado Animations : Nobody: Nobody at all: Not a soul: Captions: “porn is a North American serial plant”

Sarcastic Potatoes : *_come down today to try some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn. AHHH_*

frying pan : I shared this in a chat group with my best friends and now-- friends: *what's uP MotheR shUckErS*

Mochi The Doodle : Why is this on my recommended list Just. Why?

• K a i • : Dec: Jan: Feb: March: April: May: *_SMASHES BUTTON_* *_INCREDIBLE FLAVOUR_*

. : Me: has exams tomorrow Also me: ‘corn’ what a freaking revelation!!! Let’s watch

Kyle Pantoja : Me: watched how to somon a demon YouTube recommendations: Corn

Kingzy 53 : “Come down today and try some corn, _Or we will sacrifice your new _*_barn_* “ -Subtitles

Catstuffies Tran : Is no one else amused by the way he says "flavor"? Like, FLAY-VOR instead of FLAY-VER?

Siff n Suke n Stuff : I inflict many injuries on myself if I don't watch this daily

Basically Eli : *Don’t watch this with captions I warn you*

Jenny Kieu : The category it’s placed in is *_education_* I mean, the creator is kinda right.

MICRO PONY : This would be an amazing corn ad

One Smug Boi : Oh look they rebooted veggie tales!

Spedicey.teeth .child.eater : Me: ok YouTube what did u put in my recommended today YouTube: yes