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CallMeCarson : thanks will buy

CurlyFries : *category: education*

BABA GANOUSH : The autogenerated subtitles are amazing.

kiv. : a n o m a l y d e t e c t e d

One Smug Boi : Oh look they rebooted veggie tales!

24 Frames Of Nick : This was corny

Alpha-Pathetic Tm : Rain makes corn Corn makes whiskey Whiskey makes my baby *I'm feelin a little friskyyy-*

- Kryptic29 - : Come down today, and try some corn! :D Or we will _sacrifice your newborn_ *_WHOO_*

Chickens are Awesome : Weird flex but ok

Eddie Deezen : Thank god I found this

Macro : Can your fans hearby be referred to as “Children of the Corn?”

Drank Duck : Was this another school project?

10 subscribers with no videos : them corny corn corns.

Its_Jake_ Michael : Category: education

Lincoln Kanign : category: education Is this what they're teaching kids nowadays?

The Bird Gang : Strange, I didn't think slimecicle would become a furry. He has the fursuit and everything, and I just don't know what to feel

Arthur, Protector of Waifus. : 0:41 I chanted that at my school and somehow I didn’t get detention.

Warden : How much for all of these bad boys?

Marzipan Wars : *i can feel my brain cells dying*

y2nite Ramiro : I love how the category is education "COME DOWN TODAY AND TRY SOME CORN OR WE WILL SACRIFICE YOUR NEW BORN. AHH"

The Bird Gang : Who gave this man a green screen

Dawnfall : corn

Shtgun Leafy : YouTube’s recommended system is trolling me at this point

Can I get 1000 subs with videos? : Couldn't agree more with the category

Matthew Stephen : *Item #:* SCP-C0RN *Object Class:* Euclid *Special Containment Procedures:* SCP-C0RN is to constantly be kept within its corn field via an electric fence. *Description:* SCP-C0RN is a caucasian, brown-haired man wearing a suit maded of corn. Subject is always in possession of one (1) can of corn, reguardless of whether or not the can is taken away. When approached by SCP-C0RN, the best course of action is to simply eat the corn offered by him. Refusal to do so will result in an immediate induction of labor, reguardless of gender or status of pregnancy. Once the childbirth is finished, SCP-C0RN will [*REDACTED*].

RedRiot : this is good but have you heard of horse

Monstrosity of Memes : 0:36 that took a very dark turn *i like it*

Ozome : It would be hilarious if this was a school project

Minimalist Memes : *c o r n*

shawn steele : This is a master piece a true magnum opus!

cscoop : thanks will buy

Harry XD : I love how the category is education

Reesespuffs Animations : Are you the infamous shepard of the shuck?

Fluffy Onions : XD this is so good

Pumpkinlemonade Zero : So what kind of bet did you lose this time?

Justin Y's Stand : 0:22 I saw this on *cornhub* before

Carter Watts : My child disappeared and was replaced with a can of creamed corn. _thank you_

ladyofthe 80s : ha jokes on you I don’t have a newborn

Wuffer : I'll sacrifice my soul for the corn he's got.

Chassity Wright : I love my recommend

Why? Because. : *mother-shuckers*

AsianMemeBoi : Corn Category: *education*

Cody P. : As a boy from Iowa... Yes.

Stormiest Guy : Category: *Education*

Arctic Fire : I cornnot take it anymore

Who made This’s : You just wanted to make this video to get use out of the costume lol

Caleb Raineri : I especially love the ad I got for seed corn...

Shadow Lord890 : Do carrot next

Hannes Lundin : Guess you’re from Cornwall but your parents from Cornex

L M : I am worried for you 😟