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anthony simpson : *corn corn corn?*

That Gamer Boy : why am i hera

Ishaan Sreelal : Corrin video?

Hi Hello : That’s it, chief.

Shadow Lord890 : Do carrot next

Obi-wan Kenobi : This is what the real YouTube rewind 2018 is

CurlyFries : *category: education*

Drank Duck : Was this another school project?

The Raver Otaku : Wtf at the end bruhv

Strobelite 2D : 0:41 booiiii

Your Aid In Suffering : Hey slimecicle in Your Tokyo drift fortnite video you said they would add planes to fortnite and you were right.

Daniel Worth : 1. This is classified as an educational video 2. WHO GAVE HIM A GREEN SCREEN?! 3. I can not say that in any way I saw that coming

Raqius : Category education

BABA GANOUSH : The autogenerated subtitles are amazing.

BABA GANOUSH : Category: *Education*

Antonio Evangelista : *This video was sponsored by corn*

Spoiled Milk : Ouch I guess this was a weird form of smash hype

Keiran Ferrier : Excuse me, but how much drugs did you take until you were high enough to write this, and think, yeah this is a good idea.

fish mat : corn that is all

cooper playz : When u have a new sponsor

Felipe neves : This video sure was the cream of the crop

Rebel Scum : is this SCP-1846?

High Ground : Those last ten seconds are just *puts up ok sign* mmmm.

StarLightIndustries : Why does the description say education?

Krau : Does this make us all the children of the corn?

PangoPixel : Category: *Education*

An Egg With Issues : What the heck

Big Mac : You will get lost in its in credible F L A V O U R

Warlover 45 : 0:05 your banned from my christian Minecraft server

ManWoman : These sponsored videos are getting out of hand

Lucas Walter : I love how the category is education.

STAR FORTHEWIN : The category is education Wow so educational

Whiny Paluza : Category: education Seriously look in the description it is

Cookiemonster 5590 : Lol, captions

MilkMan : what sparked this?

kyoto : The notification for this video crashed my computer in the middle of my overwatch placement game

Ivan Bishop : *Red Dead Redemption 3 Confirmed*

AlanTheAlmighty : And that's a subscription.

Koobster : The category is education so we can can finally watch some quality content on the school chromebooks

Koobster : *Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T*

It's Thinzy : Your content gets better every passing day.

Jomar Lopez : What was the point of this video. What’s the point of all of his videos

Spooky Spice : 10/10 👌

dantheman1119 : This is art

Corny : This is a religion, i am the god.

MEMES NEVER DIE , MEMES ARE LEGENDS : Category Education sponsored by porn

AsianMemeBoi : Corn Category: *education*

Ali Tahir : This video still gets me the comedic timing and all is a masterpiece

The unnormals : I ironically I still see your shadows in my room

Sticky the Squid : Wow, I didn't know that Slimecicle was SCP-1846. What a twist!