Watch Netflix's FYRE Festival Documentary Trailer

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FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened premieres on Netflix on January 18th. TV Guide's official YouTube channel brings you behind-the-scenes access to your favorite shows and interviews with your favorite celebs! For more news, videos and photos click HERE: Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to the TV Guide channel: TV Guide on Facebook: TV Guide on Twitter: TV Guide on Google+:

Comments from Youtube

saffronmonsoon : I just watched the Hulu Fyre Festival documentary and this Netflix documentary is produced by Elliot Tebele, the founder of the media company that promoted Fyre Festival and is currently being sued for his role in the situation. Even the creation of these documentaries have drama!!

kjh lk : At the very least Ja Rule should pay back all of those people on the island that were never paid.

Ophelia Wah : Just watched this and if I must say, its the most mess up thing ever but funny in a very sad way. Why is Ja Rule as s not fined? He was a very big part of it. That was his "partner in crime" . SMDH

LL S : I just finished watching the documentary on Netflix and it was very interesting. I feel bad for the workers on the island and the guest who were promised a good time.

psye07 : Ja-cringe

SideNote : Watch "Internet Historian's" Fyre video while you wait for this one

Raymond Watt : I would say Billy McFarland is the new Jordan Belfort but the difference is that Belfort knew how to throw a party.

Jake Jones : Tanacon anyone?

Nightowl358 : I read everything I could about this story I found it fascinating. Will definitely be watching this.

JMC Film Co. : I need to watch this asap! Damn I don't have WiFi where I live guess my data is gonna go over its limit today haha! Sorry to my girlfriend in advance. Love you babe!

Dip333 : I once saw Blink for $20 and way back in the day on the $1 tour and Warp tour

Sarah Keshane : "And one piece of cheese brought this all down"

Mike Cirio : But it’s true though, if you really paid thousands of dollars just to see blink, you’re not that ripe in the head.

WesIsaLeo : 1:35 Damn that looks appetizing. How much was that about $250 or did the container cost extra?

Nic Helle : This was so entertaining.... but I feel so bad for the workers that didn’t get paid.

Fiji Kondo : Internet historians video is already 100x better than this

Khalid Faisal : No need just saw internet historian documentary

Elaine Gallegos : That is so true you can see Blink 182 for just $70 in the states

Charles Roberts : Vapid, empty, superficial, plastic, shallow, pretty vacant. Time and money better spent at burning man, decadent but at least creative and interesting.

Ju Ca : Pq o Ja Rule não foi cobrado no doc da Netflix?

The crafty Elephant : I watched this and it was good but it made me feel so stressed that just thinking about the festival makes me feel nervous and stressed

Lou Fher : Yeah.... Still wasn't as bad as Woodstock '99 Anyone remember that one?

Damon Salvatore : Perfection arrasou adorei

G Mail : Ja liar should have served time too

Jus Badd : Internet historian's is better.. lol

John Bounds : Better than any comedy in box office history. Those poor millennials, influencers and alpha tra$h society kids. Our collective heart weeps. Jah Rule? Blink182? That old saying comes to mind...something about all the money in the world can’t buy taste. Or decision making apparently.

DaydreamerSoul : Some rich kids got gulaged hahaha

Chu Ming Min Luftig : Coachella has left the chat

deceiver : The best fest I've ever been at

LJ Hansmyer : I feel like a lot of festivals do similar stuff... just without the social media influencers. If you look at the history of the guys behind it all, you see that they understand IG and social media marketing. They pushed it to the extreme and since they didn't know what they were doing, they couldn't deliver. Every time a new festival starts, there is a huge degree of over-hype and propaganda, and unless they are backed buy a large company, they're likely using early ticket sales (drummed up on hype) to fund the entire festival.

TheRantingBoy : Scorsese needs to make this.

WesIsaLeo : For those who were duped by this festival I have beach-front property in Nebraska up for sale. Those hip-hop models sunbathing nude get tiresome after awhile.

jambalaya : _tanacon inspired parteeeeh_

David Alexander : Rofl so instagram !,,,,

Silver : Thankfully the island didn’t tip over

Greasy Potato : I mean he wasn’t lying when he said “biggest event of the century”

T BZ : If you can’t handle sentences like “ ...literally...I was excited” this doc may drive you nuts.

Martin Siitia : Fyre is just a hot mess

onee : 1:14 When rich kids have to face "poorness".

Michelle Burkholder : I think someone is going to execute Billy when he gets out of prison. 6 years for $27 million?

N. deG : Normans Cay was not owned by Escobar....His main logistics/smuggler Carlos Lehder lived on the Island where he had the airstrip built.He also terrorized the neighbors constantly,threatening them with problems if the talked about what was going on.The wreckage of the plane in the water are the remains of the Curtiss Commando he used pilot to himself and smuggle from Col to Bah .Anybody who knows the Island would have known that it's logistically impossible to house 10k people there.

Fabio Lemme : Halfway through it I wasn't surprised anymore by things that Billy would do. But I did get horrified with this attendee that says that in order to keep people away from the tents around him and his friends, one of his pals made holes in the surrounding tents and peed on the mattresses. He pretty much admits doing so in the documentary among laughs. So much for solidarity in a crisis situation!

Dinozaurier : I've watched the documentary twice, but for some reason I kind of like Billy. He seems to me very sympathetic in despite of the bad things he did

Todd m : Hes no diff than elon, now he has to terminate all referal programs and fire 3000 employees just to make it to the month, there might even be super factories closing in the near future.

Ruby Morgan : What are some other good Netflix documentaries. I’m doing a binge and I’ve came across a drought

Yeah Right : 0.00- Macaulay Culkin

Shawn Standiford : I’d love to watch it, but who is Ja Rule?

J B : Hahahahahahahaha!!!

SuperAye : is that that american football analyst from the bbc at the end there?