Watch Netflix's FYRE Festival Documentary Trailer

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John Bounds : Better than any comedy in box office history. Those poor millennials, influencers and alpha tra$h society kids. Our collective heart weeps. Jah Rule? Blink182? That old saying comes to mind...something about all the money in the world can’t buy taste. Or decision making apparently.

SideNote : Watch "Internet Historian's" Fyre video while you wait for this one

saffronmonsoon : I just watched the Hulu Fyre Festival documentary and this Netflix documentary is produced by Elliot Tebele, the founder of the media company that promoted Fyre Festival and is currently being sued for his role in the situation. Even the creation of these documentaries have drama!!

Nightowl358 : I read everything I could about this story I found it fascinating. Will definitely be watching this.

Korey Green : I just watched this on Hulu🤔

Mike Cirio : But it’s true though, if you really paid thousands of dollars just to see blink, you’re not that ripe in the head.

Leone Abbacchio : FAIL!

Damon Salvatore : Perfection arrasou adorei

Matthew J. Killion : If only we could just take ALL Millennial and imprison them on an island somewhere.

Dip333 : I once saw Blink for $20 and way back in the day on the $1 tour and Warp tour

Fiji Kondo : Internet historians video is already 100x better than this

Charles Roberts : Vapid, empty, superficial, plastic, shallow, pretty vacant. Time and money better spent at burning man, decadent but at least creative and interesting.

J B : Hahahahahahahaha!!!