Massive Great White Shark While Diving Wreck in the Florida Keys!
Guy see great white shark on scuba adventure and gets excited

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Massive Great White Shark While Diving Wreck in the Florida Keys! Subscribe To GlobalFishingReports Visit our website We were diving with Captain Hook's Marina and Dive Center in Marathon Florida on May 16, 2018 around 9:00 am. This was my first deep dive below 60 feet and as we started down the mooring line I was focusing on making slow deep breaths because I did not want to use my air too quickly. As we got to about 70 feet on the down line my scuba buddy above me tapped me on my shoulder and pointed at a huge shark. I initially could not believe what I saw. My thought was that I must already be narked because that looks even bigger than a bull shark. A second look and I realized that it was a great white shark and tried to enjoy the moment. I was hoping to see some amberjacks and was going to be thrilled if I saw them around the wreck. Only about 30 seconds into the decent and there is a great white shark at our feet with a cobia on the back and also surrounded by amberjack and permit or african pompano. I am not positive if the school of fish closest to the shark were permit or african pompano. During the dive I thought they were african pomano because they were so shinny. During the initial pass the shark was closest to dive instructor Chad Sawyer who got a great view of the shark, I was just above him on the line. Once it passed we quickly descended to the deck of the thunderbolt. It is a bit safer to have a great white shark above you, so the bubbles will scare the shark if it comes close. Once we hit the deck of the thunderbolt I thought, this is definitely an exception to the no camera rule and pulled out my gopro quickly and that is where the video of the great white shark begins. Luckily the shark passed by again. You can see how excited I was and how the other divers were watching in amazement of this magnificent creature. The shark was only slightly curious of us divers and showed no signs of aggression at any point. Dive instructor Chad Sawyer had worked in San Diego identifying great white sharks for 6 months so he was a good person to have on the dive that day. Chad estimated the shark to be 15 feet in length and a possibly pregnant female. None of the divers noticed a tag on the shark. Divers included Instructor: Chad Sawyer, Yellow and black suite: Karen South, My buddy: Valerie Sparks, Rima Dmitriew and Camera: Cody Wabiszewski Captain Skeeter and Captain Michael were operating the boat. Click to see website:


Bjorn Barnett : PADI first rule when you see a shark is signal shark *hand on top frontal lobe like a fin* decent to bottom if able and breathe to conserve air supply and keep an eye on the shark.... not exhaust air supply by screaming great freakin white shark!! Hahahaha, none the less that’s freaking awesome brother! She must have been curious of you all

Bennystropical swimmig wolf : Nicely done, Beautiful dive! •*¨*🐬

Matt Hay : What a tool you are

Lucy Hutchon : Heya, this is amazing! Your reaction is priceless!! I'm a researcher for Newsflare a viral video company, we'd love the chance to work with you and this clip, please email me at thanks!

Jesse Morrell : I swim with sharks every day on the streets!

Anthony Palumbo : What an amazing video. That's a big White Shark. Looks to be about a 10-12 footer. So majestic. Let me dive with you Cody.

Clip Nuesome : Sharks have been ruling the seas for decades. fun Fact: These sharks can only be found in two places on the planet. The Northern AND Southern hemispheres.

Rak Hit : I'd have bubbles coming out of two different places.

Vitomir Maricic : uw stuff are welcome. Cool.

DavidbivɒⱭ : Thought that maybe this diver was going to blow a lung!

Ready To Go : Dude, chill out and shut up! You’re lucky your behavior didn’t make it curious and draw it in

Vitomir Maricic : diving topics kick ass. Cool.

valdezorbust : Dude Shut Up! If I was one of the people on that dive I would have been a little irritated with that guy's goonish behavior. He wasn't a DM was he? I wouldn't have tipped if he was.

Jeffs Wonderland : I seen tbis shark at the thunderbolt.... i wish I had a camera ... amazing

Vitomir Maricic : freediving things are welcome. Cool.

Timothy In 3 2 1 : Did he actually say, " we almost got eaten?"

Steve W : A bit too murky conditions for me. Give me finger coral diving off of Key Largo on a nice flat day. I like to be able to see what's around me from a considerable distance.

Robert E. Waring : FTS

Panama Melega : It Is not a Cobia holding onto the shark it is a Ramora Lol.

Scott Johnson : Meh, did a shark dive in Marathon back before they outlawed them. Apparently feeding Nurse Sharks make the Bull Sharks more aggressive. I know it sounds nutty, but that's politics....

Fred Smith : probably shouldn't have been yelling so much :) kinda owe it to your diving mates not to draw the shark's attention. cool vid though!

Naren Gunasekera : That's a good example of how not to behave underwater or above water, when in nature and in proximity with wildlife.