Pokemon: The Horror Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

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Hajira S. : I'd pay to see a full version

ᑭOTᗩTO ᑭᒪEᗷ : Ok how did this actually kinda frighten me?

KKWARRIOR : I will never see Pokémon the same way ever again

Sympli Cute : Omg I want this to be a movieeeee!!!😩💙😩💙

Subscribe to Pewdiepie : Pokemon is a lot darker then I ever realised....

Bela Stefanko : not even joking i would pay to see that.

Sehana Hampton : Who else wishes that Ryan's trailers become ACTUAL movies? Edit: Dear Ryan, can you remake "How to Emo"?

Ryan Zarks : Digimon : bestfriends Pokemon : slavery

TomaTio : Why is NigaHiga not a producer now, im saying

Jonathan Uriostegui : All Ryan's movies/trailers: The Stalking Mangina Ninja Melk Agents of Secret Stuff Candy Crush Naruto Aquaman Violin Ted LUCY The Least Epic Trailer Ever Minecraft Space Jam 3: Anime Edition Things That Ruin Thanksgiving BATTLEGROUNDS Pokemon: The Horror Movie

Lacker Slacker : Just a few weeks later Warner Bros releases and actual trailer for a Pokemon movie. Coincidence? I think NOT!!

Gamer PH : Nurse Joy is the real DEVIL

Olivia Nash : Low key want to see this in theaters 😂

Dos Tacos : charizard vs pikachu just like in detective pikachu coincidence I think not

Princess Enderwomen : Okay. Well, first off, WHY DID I WATCH THIS AT NIGHT?!?!?!?

ardenBcho : Told you not to go play outside Pikachu... should have listened to mom

Kazuya Minegishi : Damn just make the flim already 🙏😭

thederp gaming : dear Ryan can you make a potato chip warrior who is avenging his city from a human

Raghinie Ravi : I don't think I've ever felt this scarred after watching one of Ryan's videos..... But am I gonna watch it again? HELL YEAH! ( *this video is so awesome I love it so much* )

Chomperboy456 : I will NEVER see Pokemon the same again and now if you will excuse me I have to curl up in a ball and cry for an hour straight

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : Dear Ryan, WHy can't this be a real movie?

Retro_Xx246 : Pikachu had a growth spurt

Raghinie Ravi : I’m pretty sure if somebody showed this video to my 5-year old self, I would have cried my eyes out and just sit in the corner looking traumatised

SpectreOP X 100 : DONT Watch this Video if you want to play pokemon ever again

Mint the Mint : *pulls out a weapon* *GIVE ME THE FULL VERSION!!!!!!!*

ROARKYAT 451 : Wait... So if trainers are torturing them. And team rocket is trying to steal them. And Giovanni collects them so he must give them luxury space. So is team rocket the good guys here?

Joel Junco : This movie scares me in a bad way and had to kill a mom is dark man and the trainer is creepy and at the end of the trailer there was bloosld that says gonna catch them all in a scary voice

Neru : Yup. Still gotta catch em all.

Dayna Griego : Dear Ryan can you do a horror trailer of Fortnite?!

Spectral : Thats the most scariest horror trailer ever

ThreeFreeTrees : Dear Ryan, can you make this into an actual movie?

Arney Nguyen : I fking love ryan and his team

mobile gameing : Thank you for ruining the entire movie for me I was going to watch it with my friends

RedPenguin : Please actually make this it’s brilliant

PEKTONGSENG MADNESS : Oh I got a goosebumb


James Ranney : Detective Pikachu is looking gooooood

Levan Saludo : You should do a birdbox fake trailer

Iya Onday : Oh my God this actually scared me.

Dayan- #LgK : For Real Dopest Ever

Peytonopatae : Holy frick that was amazing- I know it's weird but this video gave me goosebumps..

Prabesh Tv : Hey can you make video on my hero academia

Skill freak : Dear Rayan ... Can you make a trailer of CENTRAL OF INTELLIGENCE

RedPenguin : Lol

African Dad : Detective pikachu copied this

European Union : I want this movie out immediately

Dark sadve : I would legit ly watch this in the movie theater

Envelo Envelope : The funny thing is, this is actually coming to life. I went to see a movie, and in the trailers part before the movie, I saw a trailer about a movie with Pikachu and a Pokemon Trainer called Detective Pikachu. It's worrying, but it was absolutely hilarious to reference back to this.

popolopox pop : DONT U DARE THROW THAT BALL ON PIKAC..... OH..OH..never mind u can catch it its ugly

KRATE PRODUCTIONS : How come both Pikachu are voiced by a guy named Ryan