Sailing in Cuba and losing the GoPro

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It was our fist time taking a sailboat out in the ocean. I used the chesty mount for the first time and didn't have it set up very well. I got a lot of my knees in the shots. Ended up losing the GoPro on the ocean floor. It took us over an hour to find it. Please like and subscribe. Music: Artist: Sentient Pulse Song: Cloudburst Social links: @sentientpulse

Comments from Youtube

Niklas Groß : I tried avoiding the knees by constantly adjusting the gopro angle to wether the boat was straight or at an angle.

The Slate Channel : hey thanks, the sinking go pro was actually pretty cool

Veronica Tinsley : This music! 💃

Jason Robinson : well, great underwater view at least! What is your process for color correcting underwater footage??