21 24 gear up

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Venture Bros Henchmen and Gustov Holst


Hipstershy : when 24 chimes in too is when I lose it....

UGotSerbed : I believe this was the exact moment I made the decision to forever love this show

TOMASAW : 21 is holding a 3rd glove while walking across the front lawn.

James Shride : Gustav Holst, the Planets. They are singing the Refrain from "Mars, the bringer of War"

Drejul : BEST SCENE FROM THE ENTIRE SHOW Pretty sure I laughed so hard I cried the first time I saw this part.

baitingmaster : i have to stop playing fallout 4 for a couple min when this song comes on...i cant stop laughing because it reminds me of this moment

Hal Cohen : Gearing up for a Comicon group cosplay be like

BannanaOnFloor : when I go pick up my friends....

Sunday Smiles : Every morning when I get up for work.

Rudevald : They have way too much fun with this.


Magic3Star : Funniest henchmen moment in general EVER! XD Epic nerd moment! XD

Alex Ragle : I have The Planet Mars on a mix CD because of this and it's so hard not to honk to it.

ns7557 : This will never not be funny

spacehopper7 : This is why Gustav Host sat down and wrote Mars ;-)

Fluffy Dragonslayer : I was listening to holst's The Planets, since I had only ever heard Jupiter, and it started with mars and i was like. "wait. hold up. i've heard this before"

Mr. Liam : this is why i love 21 and 24.

Suzanne Gillespie : This cracks me up every time! 

Fletcher Warren : this is how I get ready for work

Robotic Sky Beast : All I can do is thank you ❤️

Tropical fox : I never noticed that Gary has green eyes wtf

faiz abbas : Who’s here from girlfriend reviews

Kim-il-Sung : i died when i saw this its the best thing ever i love the monarchs henchmen and the show in general XD im watching this video over and over

harlequinne : This is the ring tone for my best friend...we also both have henchman hoodies.

LapinBeau : 0:53 ... He's got three gloves.

Sygon : The original song is called 'The Mars' by Gustav Holst.

SilentTornado : MARS BEST HERO!!!!!!!!!

skut9 : Friendship goals

bob boberson : God I wish this were longer, it's hilarious.

Red Pill Insanity : 11 people with no sense of humor, taste, or human decency watched this video.

Miridia : Hi Dota players

Dennis Klaes : i am loving it, mars bringer of war, it must have been this 2 awesome henchman. pure epicness sorry german venture bros here

afrosheenix : 21 you da real mvp.

Simon Fork : The 17 dislikes are from Dr. Venture's clones.

MastermindEpsilon : Oh shit son. Cool avatar

C. Jump : Easily one of my favorite scenes in the entire show.

KillPenguins AKA xtzyshuadog : 257k views? let's get it to *1 MILLION, MINIONS!*

Skettithesniper : i made this my ringtone. i will never change it.....

deanky : this is still one of the best scenes in this whole show


A Guy name Lex : TFW you and your squad get ready for an event

SuperFastGuy7 : Getting the squad together like

Dillon U. : Every time I watch this scene, I bust out Nile's "Ramses Bringer of War" in the background to make it even better

Coire Jones : Whenever this mars the bringer of war starts I absolutely lose my shit, every car ride and plane lifting off needs to begin with Mars the Bringer of war, it turns the retinue into the most epic of endeavors!

Tek2747 : When I get ready for work.

Zizi Mugen : I was kind of entertained at the beginning of the music sequence. It was a small lol. But then when 24 joined in from his car, I lost it!

Chichopuente : Imma start doing this everyday

Austin Thomas : Me and my friends picking each other up lol

Tim The Warlord : This is so good