21 24 gear up

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UGotSerbed : I believe this was the exact moment I made the decision to forever love this show

Hipstershy : when 24 chimes in too is when I lose it....

TOMASAW : 21 is holding a 3rd glove while walking across the front lawn.

KW Entertainment : A friend and I did this while carpooling to work. The two coworkers in the backseat had no idea what was going on as I started doing 24's part and honking. After he got in the car and we finished the song, nobody said a word the entire way to work. It was worth it

BannanaOnFloor : when I go pick up my friends....

James Shride : Gustav Holst, the Planets. They are singing the Refrain from "Mars, the bringer of War"

baitingmaster : i have to stop playing fallout 4 for a couple min when this song comes on...i cant stop laughing because it reminds me of this moment

Hal Cohen : Gearing up for a Comicon group cosplay be like

Sunday Smiles : Every morning when I get up for work.

Rudevald : They have way too much fun with this.

Magic3Star : Funniest henchmen moment in general EVER! XD Epic nerd moment! XD

Alex Ragle : I have The Planet Mars on a mix CD because of this and it's so hard not to honk to it.

spacehopper7 : This is why Gustav Host sat down and wrote Mars ;-)

Drejul : BEST SCENE FROM THE ENTIRE SHOW Pretty sure I laughed so hard I cried the first time I saw this part.


Red Pill Insanity : 11 people with no sense of humor, taste, or human decency watched this video.

Mr. Liam : this is why i love 21 and 24.

ns7557 : This will never not be funny

Fluffy Dragonslayer : I was listening to holst's The Planets, since I had only ever heard Jupiter, and it started with mars and i was like. "wait. hold up. i've heard this before"

TheAtom : I loose my shit at 0:40

Fletcher Warren : this is how I get ready for work

Robotic Sky Beast : All I can do is thank you ❤️

Kim-il-Sung : i died when i saw this its the best thing ever i love the monarchs henchmen and the show in general XD im watching this video over and over

harlequinne : This is the ring tone for my best friend...we also both have henchman hoodies.

MastermindEpsilon : Oh shit son. Cool avatar

LapinBeau : 0:53 ... He's got three gloves.

Glenn Quagmire : Ignore the dislike. It's a certain wanker I know.

Tek2747 : When I get ready for work.

deanky : this is still one of the best scenes in this whole show

Crusader Cat : Me going to vote Trump

Mikey : Dun dun du-du-dun dun


Simon Fork : The 17 dislikes are from Dr. Venture's clones.

bob boberson : God I wish this were longer, it's hilarious.

Skettithesniper : i made this my ringtone. i will never change it.....

Curt Pellegrino : DADDY'S HOME

skut9 : Friendship goals

afrosheenix : 21 you da real mvp.

Suzanne Gillespie : This cracks me up every time! 

Kitkat 10v3 : This is my boyfriends alarm clock, and It blasts in my ears EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

Strategic Survivor : How it feels to play Rusted Warfare.

Matt Thompson : I really miss the dynamic 21 and 24 had. Their comic relief was my favorite part of the show. Granted, 21 got an amazing character arc out of it, and I don’t regret the fact that they had the guts to go through with it, but post third season VB feels lackluster to me, and it’s because I miss moments like this.

Anglomachian : What? This is how I get dressed in the morning. Doesn't everyone?


Dillon U. : Every time I watch this scene, I bust out Nile's "Ramses Bringer of War" in the background to make it even better

Leonard Castelleneta : so fricken funny

Efrain Salas : I'm so happy this show is coming back!

GameNinja-X : 0:16 anyone else sometimes do that when you open your closet or something?

Hans Goober777 : #BroGoals

A Guy name Lex : TFW you and your squad get ready for an event