Sunrise's David Koch stuns panel with Usain Bolt slavery 'joke' | Sunrise Australia | Oct 16 2018

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SUNRISE co-host and Port Adelaide chairman David Koch has refused to apologise for making a reference to slavery on air this morning. Koch left his co-stars visibly stunned on Sunrise when referred to slavery during a news item about Usain Bolt. Koch was on a panel alongside co-host Sam Armytage, newsreader Natalie Barr and sports reporter Mark Beretta as Baretta read out a story a European football club’s interest in snatching Bolt before he signs with the Central Coast Mariners. Read More: Source - Sunrise - Channel 7 Australia ____________________________________________________________ Follow us on twitter! 2018 News Bite Global © Help us grow! Join the cause. You’d Like to Sponsor News Bite Global ? Send your queries to


Unidentified Aerial Phenomena : wait since when is usain bolt playing foot ball wtf thats amazing

James Thomas : He didn't even commit to the joke

cyclingjase : The facial expression of the presenter on the left of screen... 👌

Stephen Brown : Time to go Mr Koch, if any other presenter said that your channel 7 team would be baying for blood.

Nx Doyle : The funniest part of this is that it wasn't a barely formed thought that just slipped out of Koch's lard-marbled brain. He didn't think of it and then catch himself saying it. From the moment he asked Beretta if the Mariners would be paid "money", it was clear that Koch was trying to come up with a "paying to own a black man" joke. That means he had quite a long time, not just to come up with a funny line, but to realise that no matter _however funny_ that line might be, there was no fucking way he could say it. The problem here is not that Koch is a racist. You can't say one way or the other, based on this stupid moment. The problem is that he had _all that time_ from poorly attempted set-up to eventual aborted payoff to abort...and he didn't. It means three things, that Koch thinks he's really funny, that he can say whatever the fuck he wants and that he is a fucking hack.

james medland : you always get that one workmate who thinks he's funny:)

Herbert Wingfield : "Look at that little monkey run!" Howard Cosell during a 1972 televised ABC broadcast on July 29, 1972: Mike Adamle, running back for the Kansas City Chiefs...

Tom : Where are these gremlins climbing out from claiming Kochie is left wing? I've never heard such nonsense in my life.


Dumpstertron : We Wuz KANGZ and sheeeit!!!

Chandler Bing : Even in this quality the light bounces off his head and blinds me

Michael : WOOOOPS! Public apology incoming. LOL

Hugo Stiglitz : Anyone else hate the way Kosch puts on the croaky wise old man voice? Like it makes him more credible. What a fuckwit.

Kk Kafwimbi : Pretty much sums up Australia

Metrallata : 0:11 Draven does it all! with style!

Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis : NBG, why aren't you covering the Pauline Hanson "It's okay to be white" vote back-flip?

ChumpyChicken2 : Nice one cockhead!

Steven Feldman : oh no OH NO

Lucas Kane : God damn hilarious, he just realised mid sentence

Rolz Roks : Funny how if it had been a conservative who did exactly that it wouldve been splashed all over the media outlets the world over..

jorel4477 : Slavery isn’t over. Slavery still exists today in many countries.

Nick B : Awe koshy caught out being a racist

Mcdicks : lol look at the other three's faces when he says it

Manuel Martinez : Oh, Australia. . .

Hugo Stiglitz : All the other cuckold things totally shat themselves when he said slave. Now thats funny.

Jaime Hernandez : oh that wasn't that ba... oh there it is!

tania V : I watch this programme nearly every morning.. none of the panel are funny except for Sam Mac the weather man.. Kochi has never been able to ad lib & he just proven it. He tells really bad "dad jokes" People need to remember the hosts of this programme are "Presenters" & not real reporters, no matter what their credentials say. Anything idiotic that comes out of their mouths, is all them, because EVERYTHING else is written for them. I watch for the morning news & do my chores when they all start to dribble on....

David Browne : Is this the same moron who just received an award? It is always the same. They award their virtue signalling clowns all of the time.

Lucy 3 : Would have been an acceptable joke, tho inappropriate, 5 yrs ago.... in Australia we used to laugh instead of cry. Oh and slavery still goes on by the way. How abt we look into that basket of wickedness?

Bruce Boyden : Has this fool been sacked? Being a magnanimous PC, virtue signaling SJW he should just go ad fall on his soy sword.

Ginza : I'm really sick and tired of overly politically correct people. I wish they'd get a life.

Lerequin De-mort : Jeezus

three six and nine : Why has koc h still got a job

carncats07 : Why are people calling Kochie are leftist. I've always found his views quite conservative and he is very dismissive of activist youth.

jo bloggs : we are all racist weather you know it or not. everyone prefers his own race its normal and OK. but being violent or rude to anyone should not be accepted. just go about your business and do no harm to any other living thing. thats all any of us need to do to live in harmony.

Kawa Kawa : Dindu nufin .. yeh, whatever.

dazz woof : There is nothing wrong with being a little racist , it’s good for the soul

Mandz : I didn’t even understand what he said ?? Who said slavery was ....?

BLACK DOGE : what a disgrace. I can't believe port adelaide haven't sacked him yet

İlhan Şendil : Nice joke. Dark and simple. Why are you mad?

Chris Gold : Hiel Hitler

Mark Anthony : So he will be fired? Publically shamed? Lose his friends and colleagues? Be vilified? ? The funny thing is if anyone else had said that, fuckwit Koch would of been all over it . Hypocrisy.

James May : Who cares

Monster Mash : More proof where the actual racist are.

Tom tonka : Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

jo bloggs : they make a mountains out of a mole hills. get over it. am i being racist against moles now? slavery isn't confined to one race of people anyway.

GrooberNedJardine : Probably was going to say ,who said slavery was dead ,but he pulled out because he realised the PC police were listening , and the other panel members thought, oh no he's just put his foot in it ,it's so sad it's come down to this , were all so f---ing sensitive these days ,that's why there's no comedy shows on tele like there used to be in the seventies ,they would ban them ,sad society we live in where no one can take a joke ,ohh maybe we can still make jokes about the Irish , maybe.

TRUTH SEEKER : Leftists like David Kock are brain dead......and hypocritical in the extreme

fish eng : joke? can I make a joke out of you or your race and still you laugh at my joke?