The Boondocks Season 3 intro HD

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Hood Raptor : who elses wishes they could fight like huey

Twinny : Boondocks really ended after season 3.

issac flores : If you look closely in the top you can see lyrics

Mike Anderson : This is my favorite version of the theme song and my favorite opening sequence. I wonder how Season 4 is going to look.

Sherman Ng : Season 2/3 are amazing

Malachi Ward : I love this show so much it's not even funny

KripticNeonANP : they could of did more with 4 instead leaving a clif hanger at the last episode but then never picked up the clif hanger and just canceling the season im disappointed if Aaron mcgruder was behind the set we'd be at season 7

Oh My : I am the stone that the builder refused I am the visual the inspiration that made the lady sing the blues I am the spark that makes idea bright the same spark that lights your way so you can know your let from your right

LaPatata :V : 00:22 is cj

SHIELD : I Miss Watching The Boondocks When In Was 14 Years Old For Season 1 15 Years Old For Season 2 18 For Season 3 And 22 Years Old For Season 4 Every Sunday Or Monday Late Night On Adult Swim.

Brier meyer : I like Riley he's funny

Mick Mick : #””#

Independent 14ps : you could see the lyrics on top

jhosua saul lima huarachi : Is presiosi

Gale gaddi : can you the season 43 intro man?

HappyGohan : I wish this were my life man

Тим Белый : what's the name of this genre of music?

Soulja Bird : Season 3 Intro >>>> Season 1 & 2

Victor Valencia : If this isn't American anime, then I don't know what is

quinton houlder : I like 12&34

Reptile15 : TonyAlvarez18

WolfWarrior345 : 0:03-0:04 (Huey looks like he's fighting someone in church) what episode is that scene from, along with 0:24-0:25 (where Huey and Riley are sliding)?

Two2 - Eclipse : I can rap to dis!

AnimatorArtistJ : Good. What else do you dont like? Me? US? Your computer? I didnt watch this just to see you post that comment bud.

jerry davie : you came here just to say you didnt like it

WOLF. : i do

Vampin Tv : I do not not like this theme.