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TheITS : This is an Australian documentary.

I C A R U S : For once the YouTube recommendation algorithm didn't let me down...



jmhaces : At first I thought this sucked, then I thought it was alright, then I thought it sucked again, then I thought it was pretty good. After taking a few minutes to think about it and then coming back and listening again, I have concluded it's actually awesome.

lilnaps : this is the shit that would be in a Tony hawk game lol

Stoneboner : This should be Centerlink's hold muzak.

B A S E D SBG SOLDIER : This sounds like late 70s post punk this is fucking incredible

WorldMind : I just found this I need more!!


Duerst The Wuerst : Smowkow

Evan Bohn : ed sheeran has a much better sound since he lost weight. i hope he doesnt put it all back on again.

Hou Yeet : It’s like the Ramones but with Autism

Jake Allen : it should have been in the top 300 Australian hits playlist

Eric MLJ : I'm a 34 year old bloke from the U.S.A. I grew up with punk. I love it. I have since branched out in life. I have a beautiful wife who I love, but she loves me more. We have two little girls who are the absolute reason I get up in the morning. My best friend is my dog Lou, he is getting up in years, but damn he is my dude. I have the house, filled with things, my dream car (a bug eyed Subaru WRX) I got a job I love doing with most of the perks. I am happy. I make three girls happy. I make their 5 cats,3 ferrets (rip in peace lunchbox), 2 chinchillas, and a god damn Iguana happy. My wife doesn't mind if I want some time to myself. I have a "man cave" that is lock and key, no bitches allowed. No pretty princess shit, no ferrets (RIP lunchbox). She takes care of me, in a way only a real loving woman can take care of a man. Not just great sex, but all the ego boosts, all the extra effort, all the affection, interest, and pure love and desire a female can provide to a man. A lot of you fellows will know what I mean, and a lot of you girls will know that kind of devotion. She IS my world. I have these two girls. The first one was unexpected, the biggest surprise of my life. She changed me from a stupid skate punk beer swilling pot smoker into a I wish I could skate but insurance premiums are through the roof, beer swilling pot smoker. She is my rock. So much like her mother, and she will always be loved by me, as much as her mother is. My second was more planned. She is my baby, and will be given anything and everything I can offer her. She is a spitting image of me, a fucking doppleganger, and I am glad I know how to use a gun. Every boy she wants to bring home to me will be finding me cleaning my Mossberg 590 shotgun. Lou, my Dutch Shepherd doggo, is my nigga. I got him when he was 9 weeks, from a reputable breeder that makes super-soldier doggos for the FBI, NSA and local law enforcement. He listens to my every word. When I am not home and my ladies are, I know they are safe. We walk at least a mile every day. No leash, he is under my voice commands. He is my buddy boy, and I am his daddy. He was 11 months old when I met my wife. He turned 13 not long before I heard "Smoko" by The Chats. I would give up all these things. All the family love, the hot wife, the car. Just to go to Queensland, get fucked up off of Coopers Sparkling Ale and call The Chats a bunch of cunts at a live show. Unless they let dogs into shows down under. Then Lou can come with. Tons of respect boys, THIS IS PUNK.

Keith Johnson : *And here we see the Australians in their natural habitat, engaging in what is known as "smoko".*

Dr. Arson : First time YouTube recommends me something and it’s actually great (and also got to learn about the awesome concept of smoko!) Cheers from Spain!

Tom Marvan : Sausage roll with sauce = thumbs up

Léa Saint-laurent : This is real music.

Nosh18 : want to hear this on my funeral, on repeat. thanks.

Jake Allen : I'm also an Australian bassist, and I just learnt this song, it was easier than I thought.

ph0bolus : that's a majestic ruby mullet.


panther105 : Dang!! Came here for a TIG welder review and I stumble on these guys. Brilliant!! Love'em!!!!

leadbelly. : My father went on a smoko when I was a kid, and I haven’t seen him in 20 years .

The Master : this song actually inspired me and my friends to start making music again, fuckin fantastic stuff!

Gary Mc Steez : This is my ramble .. From the earliest settlement of Australia prisoners were always looked down upon even after they served there time especially by the self righteous upper class. There has always been a differentiation from people who had lineage, family, story and song here and those who thought they were above it. A lot of high brows from cosmopolitan Sydney and many Australians have a limited emotional connection to the place they were born in. The original drovers, jackaroo’s and diggers created their own language and style of comedy which was a fusion dialogue made up of aboriginal words and tone mixed with cockney English / Irish cadence. There character was forged from growing up in a country were you were already an outcast so you may aswell make a joke out of it. By that same token back then and to this day Australians are extremely proud of who they are and recognise mateship wherever they can see it. This song is so popular because it references the classic cheeky side of Aussie mentality that even though im happy to break my back for this country I won’t lift a finger more than I have to for the establishment (a nod to the classic bludger). So much so that a life guard would let someone drown. Its hilarious because it’s the absolute last thing they would ever do. There is no parody of Australia here. These kids are real. It only gets awkward when people want to sell it off and make a product out of it. Then the journo’s and intellects scramble for which box to put it in and what kind of ribbon to tie around it. Instead of backing it and seeing a part of there heritage they condemn it because it feels more in keeping with who they are to just sledge it. These kids have more honesty in there music than thousands of hipster bands playing right now. It’s not a Tame Impala postcard for tourism but it’s music you should walk around the corner to hear, get to the pub, have a cold one and say G’day to someone you haven’t met before. 👍 🇦🇺

Nate Groves : Auugh What time is it? IS IT SMOKO?!

CocoButteredNig : this song makes me want to eat water with a fork

Ludo Chem : kids having fun making music is a treasure these days

Clinton Leonard : Reminds me of Death Grips unironically. And it's awesome.

thot patrol : My Australian boyfriend introduced me to this song and now I listen to it every day

jemmy o'hooligan : just when you thought punk was deader than the proverbial dodo, its corpse rises. catchiest, funniest song in years!

pluto. : best shit ive heard in a while <3

Wendy Cross : I'm at a loss for words that's how awesome this song is!!!

Bob Saget : Im on smoko so I listen to smoko

MojoPaw : Fuck Aussie rock is a beautiful thing Greetings from Vancouver Island, Canada. You make it here, I'll be there. I'll be the one in the hat.

Marco Habanero : now Holland is going Smoko thanks mates

Nick Mattingly : This like the Australian “TV Party”

Bo Henderson : Punks not dead yet! Love from the USA, keep your thongs on.

peter harvey : Feels like I'm at the Jump club in Collingwood in 1981, peaking on speed, love it

Eibhlín Murphy : I kept trying to call my dad to pick me up from school because I had a migraine, after 15 minutes of him ignoring my calls he sends me the link to this. Chur dad love ya lots

Xt007 : Good to see the falls influence down under

cystorsore : Shit! I remember watching this video when it had like 60 something views! These guys blew up!

Chooz : The bass line is fuckin killer brah!

LORD TACHANKA : my teacher showed me this

Red Bully : Wow the Australian national anthem is strange

F N : The only time my suggested feed hasn't blown ass. Killer track lads - from the states.

Clock Work Elves : You guys are bringing back old school punk. Don't stop 😀👍

David Walsh the chicago bear : Loved all of this