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Dylan Gillis : Got the whole crew at work screaming I'M ON SMOKO LEAVE ME ALONE while roofing downtown toronto

Guido Rodríguez : Are Tony Hawk games still a thing? Cause this should be in the next game's soundtrack

Steven Clemens : dude this song reminded me im so proud to be an Aussie... even though im American. punks not dead, just on went on smoko.

First Last : Accidentally mispelled “Smoke on the water” and found this... and now, OIM ON SMOKO!

TheITS : This is an Australian documentary.


eldospinks : Real punk rock. None of that Green Day shite.

black cobra! : As an aussie living abroad I find my self watching his video every other week or so, just so I don't get homesick or anything

Johnny Jackass : Played this for my boss and now I'm on permanent smoko!

I C A R U S : For once the YouTube recommendation algorithm didn't let me down...

simon gray : Eurovision Song Contest

El Scourou : the big lez show as a band

skateboardfun : I have never wanted a ginger mullet more in my life than right now!

RJ : One day this could bring about world peace. This transcends nationalities, we can all put our differences aside when we're on smoko

Hou Yeet : It’s like the Ramones but with Autism

Michel Chapman : I believe they're Australians the truly weirdest people in the world

Christopher Rahman : Well that settled it this is the greatest thing I've seen on YouTube 2018. And I've watched it a dozen times today alone

God Emperor : Thats a killer mullet ... proper red one too

angharad. : petition to make this the new Australian national anthem

Tom Marvan : Sausage roll with sauce = thumbs up

Cold In summer : This reminds me of suicidal tendencies

Grace Y : Idk how much yall spent on this vid. But if yall had 100k to make it, I don't think it could've been any more perfect.

Liam Hardy : Just a regular day in Straya

Walt Jisney Channel : Found this song when it had less than 500 views, now less than a year 3.2 million! Wtf IM ON SMOKO!!!!!

justin scott : Punks not dead, its on smoko

Formidable Foe : The Australians have this guy and all we've got is Rick Astley... how's that fair?

Sam Dwyer : Just saw you blokes open for QOTSA on Friday 7th Sept in Melbourne. You KICKED ASS!

Nik McIntosh : This song made me go down to Woolies and buy a pack of Winny Blues.

The second coming of Christ : Australia doesn’t exist Yep country’s on smoko leave us alone

Red Bully : Wow the Australian national anthem is strange

SagaciousFrank : Never liked punk, but this is quality.

YouGotGunYouGotGun : Based on a true story

sabrina smith : i wish i was australian

Gabriel Jones : Proof punk is not dead to all haters if your wondering

Jasmine Gilewski : I'm sure any non-Australian in the comments is going to assume that all Australians are like this... they would be completely correct

OttoVon Feelmark : Who else is here because of Lockjaw?

Nonce y : I'm on this side of YouTube again

Ferks : I accidentally clicked the wrong video in my recommendations and holy shit this is wonderful.

Mark Magnolia : Smoke break = smoko?

HardstylerJosh : Definitions; Smoko is Aussie slang for a Smoke Break. Even with the rate of smoking decreasing, Smoko is still used to describe the mid morning break of 15-30minutes. Smoker or not. It’s an unwritten rule that if someone is on Smoko, you let them have their break and get their attention after they’re finished. So if someone says “I’m on Smoko, leave me alone” you’ve rudely interrupted them and you’re an arsehole for doing so😂 Centerlink (Slang “Cenno”) is the place in Aus for those who receive unemployment benefits and government welfare.

Karlos Badblood : ive been on smoko for 2 decades..

Ben Daly : This is the most Queensland thing i have ever seen!

Livin the life : Proud to be an Aussie 🤙

rossmold : It's hard for me to take redheads seriously after the Rick Astley epidemic. RIP.


ROOKTABULA : This riff is the baby of Paranoid by Sabbath

Jake 2.0 : My new favourite Australian band... Yes you just over took Men at work

CobraaProductionss : It’s 4am my mates are in the kitchen smoking a j and I’m here myself in the couch I’ve just put this on I hope they like it when they come back, it’s a bold choice

94s : As a Texan I had to google smoko but I'm really happy I did.