Provincial Russia: Grocery shop in a tiny Russian village
Provincial Russia Grocery shop in a tiny Russian village

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wildbill9919 : That store looks small on the outside. And looks much bigger on the inside.

wadle4ever : Alcohol isn't locked away but cat food is? Russian cats must have sticky fingers, or paws at least


claudermiller : I live in a town with 1,000 people. Not much different than this. It's amazing how similar we are. Unfortunately the people who crave wealth and power try to convince us we have nothing in common. Makes it easier for them to plunder.

Ivan Kinsman : Rural Russia is very similar to rural Poland. Nice to see real country life in Russia. In my village we had 3 small shops but now two small supermarkets as these are now spreading into rural communities. We grow our own veg and pickle/freeze our own fruit and veg. Country people are so much nicer than city people - same everywhere!

Hoppe’s 9 : Russia is Northern Michigan with better roads.

Octodad : This village store is more advanced than many stores in other parts of the world. The quality of life is definitely better.

A Greavette : I live in northern Ontario Canada and the look and feel of this little place is exactly like my town.

Gloria Newton : Nice homes and adorable little country store! ❤️ from USA

Becky Lynn : So beautiful there.. I've always felt like I should be living there for some weird reason.. I also noticed the beautiful sky with not one chemtrail!! Nice video... 😉✌🙋

Pozer714 : Thanks for the peek inside your country, looks a lot like any American town.

Cindi Gordon : I found your channel by accident and this was fun!!! Thank you very much for the tour, the drive, and the stroll through the grocery store! This was so lovely. Thank you!

Nika Boyce : My small town (less than 2,000 ppl) in Massachusetts USA has ONE shop and its mostly a liquor store... no awesome cheeses nor sausages etc. this place is nice, especially for just 88 ppl!

Lorne Johnson : That's pretty nice looking store you got there hello from Texas.

Scott : I want to try a few of those Russian beers!!

Николай Беляков : Рассказчица похоже английский учила в одном классе с Мутко))))

ch282 : what a nice and peaceful village. thanks for showing us.

Lockbar : I feel bad that the Russian people can buy Budweiser beer. They don't deserve that punishment.

Gayle Petroski : What a beautiful video. The scenery is outstanding. I am actually relaxed. Thank you!

Matthijs Ouderland : God bless the Russian People!!!

OXOX : When I was young in upstate New York State in the U.S. there were even smaller stores than this, with the shopkeeper living in a little house near the store. This was before convenience stores became a big thing.

silvia thomas : Your videos are fascinating. Keep up the great work.Thanks for sharing.

2xrpm : I found this by accident. I really love the tour of the countryside and the store. Thanks for posting

aged hippie : This looks like rural America! Thank you for the tour!

seymore butts : I’m from Mexico. I was in Russia in 2017 and 2018 for World Cup. I love it, the people are cool and girls are beautiful. My GF lives in Moscow so I’m going back soon.

Steph T : Just found your channel😊Greetings from Florida !😎

Alexander OPERAÇÃO VALQUIRIA OPV : A Rússia é um país lindo. Sou do Brasil

G N : I am happy to have found your channel. I grew up during the Cold War, and I was very scared that the USA and the USSR would get into WWIII. It's good that people see that people are basically the same all over the world.

Punto Of Mystery : As a Brit, I can’t stop looking at those fabulous roads 😍 we used to drive on the left of the road, now we drive on what’s left of the road 😣

MR BRUCE COX : Greetings from Hobart , Tasmania , Australia 🇦🇺 . Thank you for your interesting video of small village & shop in rural Russia . The shop looks well stocked but expensive compared to supermarket . I subscribe & support 🤗 your channel 😊. It would be nice to visit your wonderful nation & friendly people of russia ☺️.

Scott McClure McClure : That could be a small town in East Texas Looks the same

Duke 705 : This is very similar to rural Ontario (Canada)

Michael Anthony : Again, and no surprise, the landscape is pretty much the same here in Canada.

land : Actually, except for the architecture of the homes and some cars, this looks like it could be many places in rural USA.

MUNIPRASAD GUTHA : Love from India, Russia is awesome 👍

Brandi H : This looks very similar to rural eastern Pennsylvania. Very pretty.

Leon Andrews : You can buy Budweiser Beer, Coca Cola and Pepsi there.

Seafoam Beachcomb : Greetings from America (Texas) I enjoyed seeing your video of small town Russia! Much Love ♡

THOTH : 88 people, thats pretty damn small.

caspence56 : I am so very grateful to you and your wonderful videos. I love seeing how ordinary people live in different countries, and I find Russia and its people, customs, etc. fascinating, especially after years of hearing mostly the dark side of Russian life. It is videos like yours that can bring people from all over the world a little bit closer to one another. Greetings and thanks again from the U.S.A.

4ern ic8it : very nice vid thank you for sharing your country side looks fantastic

Bill Coggeshall : Excellent video thank you please post more

Earl Wright : @differentrussia this would be like a convenience store in small town America!

Judy kim : Nice grocery store in country side of Russia.

Randy Scott : Russia looks to be in better shape than I thought it would be .as an American I always visualize Russia as it was during Stalins control which I might add was hard to imagine a man such as him

Warren Doud : Very interesting video; I enjoyed seeing sample of small town life.

Mang Baite : I really like your style of English!! Country side is the best place to live and town, city for work.

Rob Wilton : Lovely houses. I love the one with matching roof and garden fence.

Gene West : really interesting video, greetings from California USA