Provincial Russia: Grocery shop in a tiny Russian village

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Ivan Kinsman : Rural Russia is very similar to rural Poland. Nice to see real country life in Russia. In my village we had 3 small shops but now two small supermarkets as these are now spreading into rural communities. We grow our own veg and pickle/freeze our own fruit and veg. Country people are so much nicer than city people - same everywhere!

Lockbar : I feel bad that the Russian people can buy Budweiser beer. They don't deserve that punishment.

G N : I am happy to have found your channel. I grew up during the Cold War, and I was very scared that the USA and the USSR would get into WWIII. It's good that people see that people are basically the same all over the world.

wildbill9919 : That store looks small on the outside. And looks much bigger on the inside.

A Greavette : I live in northern Ontario Canada and the look and feel of this little place is exactly like my town.

Gavin Mcinally : If this is being poor in Russia. Beats America hands down.

Nika Boyce : My small town (less than 2,000 ppl) in Massachusetts USA has ONE shop and its mostly a liquor store... no awesome cheeses nor sausages etc. this place is nice, especially for just 88 ppl!

Jim Fortune : 88 people? I live in a huge village in Poland. 135 people. Ha!

Michael Anthony : Again, and no surprise, the landscape is pretty much the same here in Canada.

Octodad : This village store is more advanced than many stores in other parts of the world. The quality of life is definitely better.

Sean Nichols : Боже мой! Большое большое спасибо вам, для это видео! Я из Канадей, а прошлая года, я поехал в Россию в отпуске. Я туда был мезяцов три, и проехал по всей страно (с Владивостока, до границей Украйней). Я был часто в деревнах, а в маленьках городишах просто как этот, поэтому мне было нужен обычно купить продукты из так магазинах. А теперь когда я посмотрю ваше видео, я испытываю *очень* ностальгию. Это хорошо ощущение.))) Так ещё раз, спасибо!

claudermiller : I live in a town with 1,000 people. Not much different than this. It's amazing how similar we are. Unfortunately the people who crave wealth and power try to convince us we have nothing in common. Makes it easier for them to plunder.

Rachel Bartlett : Beautiful! Don't ever be jealous of people living in big cities. Keep your traditions, and cherish the simple, lovely life.

THOTH : 88 people, thats pretty damn small.

zpetar : Ask yourself do we really need 157 shampoos on shelves?

Erick Diaz : This is truly wonderful short documentary. Being an American we live in a bubble and have no clue of remote regions of the Galaxy. Thank you 🙏🏼🤗

Pralay Lahiry : I still remember the days when I used to buy beer, boiled eggs and salami which could easily be shared by two people in Vladivostok and Vanino for 20 Roubles.... times have changed. Greetings from India.

Pole Nit : Very nice to see small businesses make it 🇬🇧

Becky Lynn : So beautiful there.. I've always felt like I should be living there for some weird reason.. I also noticed the beautiful sky with not one chemtrail!! Nice video... 😉✌🙋

No name Brand : Just some info to pass to you but the store in this video, looks a lot like many small stores here in Michigan U.S. Just wanted to share. 😀

OXOX : When I was young in upstate New York State in the U.S. there were even smaller stores than this, with the shopkeeper living in a little house near the store. This was before convenience stores became a big thing.

Николай Беляков : Рассказчица похоже английский учила в одном классе с Мутко))))

petev23 : I have been fortunate to travel extensively all over the world, but yet have to visit Russia. It's on my bucket list. I am so intrigued by Russian culture

Duke 705 : This is very similar to rural Ontario (Canada)

erdingtown : Russia has better roads than sonoma county, ca usa

Cindi Gordon : I found your channel by accident and this was fun!!! Thank you very much for the tour, the drive, and the stroll through the grocery store! This was so lovely. Thank you!

4ern ic8it : very nice vid thank you for sharing your country side looks fantastic

CanadianHillbilly : Nice little kinda place to live

Ayan Ali : Beautiful city nice people 😘😘😘 I'm pakistany 🇵🇰 I love Russian

2xrpm : I found this by accident. I really love the tour of the countryside and the store. Thanks for posting

wadle4ever : Alcohol isn't locked away but cat food is? Russian cats must have sticky fingers, or paws at least

silvia thomas : Your videos are fascinating. Keep up the great work.Thanks for sharing.

ch282 : what a nice and peaceful village. thanks for showing us.

Bob Knob : Very nice. Grateful to see real Russia. We need to be friends regardless of those in power.

Yash1one : Thats the place i want to live very few people living in peace no computers no internet . Great Life !

Mohan Lal : Russia is a most beautiful country n their people are very beautiful . India love russian

ky le : prices don't look too bad to me - a buck for a beer

John White : That small village looks similar to what we have in New Zealand. New Zealand stands in solidarity with Russia, we do not believe the lies the West tells about Russia.

Matthijs Ouderland : God bless the Russian People!!!

redman halfbreed : It's a very nice video, I like small villages the best in FSU, my wife is Belarusian so I have been to Belarus many times, but I would also love to visit Russia soon and go to these smaller places, not spending a lot of time in the bigger, crowded cities.

Elsie Viola Dupuis : I would enjoy it for summer. (In a dacha?) Or in my retirement years ☺

too short : Looks like east Slovakia, the same

Scott McClure McClure : That could be a small town in East Texas Looks the same

Vinko zmaić : Viki come to Croatia i will pay everything :) love and respect Russians , i will hostage like the Queen if you interesting ..... God bless you and your people and country

Seafoam Beachcomb : Greetings from America (Texas) I enjoyed seeing your video of small town Russia! Much Love ♡

Alexander OPERAÇÃO VALQUIRIA OPV : A Rússia é um país lindo. Sou do Brasil

Amd 00 : At the end of my result Russian girls are so beautiful nothing more

Ram S : To all Russians with love from an lndian in Indonesia. Simplicity at it's best. Natural life

Wayne Mickel : I lived thirty miles north of Detroit Michigan and it is much the same when I ived there we had one building in town with three stores a drug store with a Soda Fountain and General Store for food and candy and beer and a hardware store one traffic light and we also had a pool hall and a bar that was Commerce Michigan when I lived there we had an antique shop too. I would love to move to Russia to live as long as I could live on a lake somewhere.

land : Actually, except for the architecture of the homes and some cars, this looks like it could be many places in rural USA.