Mohammad Wali Tasleem - Its Who We Are - Episode 1 - 4K

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mixflip : These are the types of immigrants we want in America. Not the lazy welfare types or drug dealing gang member types. Hard workers who are proud to be here and are ready to work for everything they have.

Numair Mansur : that was beautiful !

CK Knife and Tool : Awesome! My Knife mentor is Jeff Conti former SF and apparently has crossed paths with one or more of you in his 28 yrs. spoke well of you guys and this here is the epitome of class.

Josh B : Wish America's Main Stream Media would show this video on all their networks .. epic story !! Thank you Wali!!!!

J : Thank you Wali and thank you BRCC for taking care of this great warrior!

T5 Delta Bangalore : I Could Just imagine what someone would be against IF THEY DECIDE TO ROB BRCC STORAGE....

David MN : Thank you for your service Wali, glad to have you and your family here in the USA! Thank you BRCC for making a difference and standing up for what matters!

Brekyn B. : WALI SHIRT, now.

Dont ask : Well done.... Now he needs a AR...😎

Crash : Awesome. In my 22 years as a United States Marine I saw nothing but respect for everyone. It was first and foremost based on courage under fire. I don’t give a crap what color, creed, national origin, or religion you are. If you run to the sound of the guns, you have respect in our world.

BOSS HOGG LOU : There is no telling how many soldiers made it back home due to Wali's hard work and integrity. Happy Veteran's Day to Wali, everyone at BRCC, and all Veterans in CONUS & Abroad.

Callum Stephens : As a Brit, who is normally presented with negative opinions towards immigration by Americans in the news, it is so refreshing to see a video like this. Along with an incredible comment section that is full of respect. I applaud all of you, keep it up! 👍👍

El Lobo : 22 snowflakes aren't happy.

chavy : Damn Wali congrats on the move. Public housing can be hard and depressing. Im glad you made it out of there. Good luck to you!!!

JJ : On your site now buying some guys rock, great vid!

Tequila Rick 208 : It’s freaking great to see Warriors taking care of each other. May BRCC grow and keep blessing more Warriors.

J Dawg : This is awesome. I had no idea you guys were in Salt Lake City. While I was there visiting a friend, she said let's go check this place out. As soon as we walked in Matt was super friendly and gave us a tour of the entire place. We met Jamo, the heeler puppy with the attitude and most of the folks working that day. Very good people. It was an honor to have that little experience and one of the highlights of my short trip.

Bob X from Texas : We need more immigrants like Wali.

AWDfreak : These are the immigrants we should be taking in: willing to work, hard-working, and no anti-American BS. If an immigrant is willing to work, does not hate the USA, and willing to integrate into American society and maintain its values of freedom, I see no problem with that. Excellent video, thanks for uploading, I finally subscribed (I don't know why I wasn't!) and bought myself some coffee from a freedom-loving company instead of the other ones who openly wish to support movements that trample upon our rights and freedoms.

FE Survivalist Family : Very cool... thanks for sharing his story. Guns up!

Joey Fleming : Nothing more that I can say other than thank you, to all of you. Our soldiers, allies and those that support and respect them. Thank you.

Ax Greenious : This is a great story! Welcome to Utah Wali. Take care and good luck to you! You’ll do great.

Brandon Beard : If this video doesn't scream America then I don't know what will!!

Hawkins Corp. : Well done wali and well done BRCC

Pinshe_Loko : damn i hope i see the afghans i fought along side too. great guys. they fought next to us.

Shut Up And Play Your Guitar : Ordering 2 shirts and some more coffee just because of this video... NO FEAR WALI!!!!!

JR MTG : I watched the Savage Gentleman live cast last night when Wali was a guest. It was so moving i watched it again when the vid was posted. . . Press on Wali. Rock on BRCC!

Brian Beck : I simply love a hard working person that comes to America and flourishes. THAT is what made this country great. I love new Americans, they are so filled with hope, regardless where they come from. God bless you Mohammed and your family...

JTUsn12 : I've been forgetting how to be a human these days in the states but this helps.

Slavik Arlov : 😢 my allergies are acting up.....hooooa

The Obfuscating Apologist : America is a better country with Wali and his family in it. I am proud to support BRCC.

John Davidson : He knows the language, works, pays taxes, and wants to be here in the U S A. Nuff said.

Sheepdog Chappy : Those are the people we need to bring to America.... not ungrateful people who hate our country. That dude embodies what an American is... OOH RAH

ThunderKiss1965 : Guy's like this should get immediate US citizenship.

mk45gunnr : Warriors HAVE to look out for each other. No one else is going to.

Rebekah-Chris S-K : This guy is a stud great story

daniel boyd cooper : i love this company more and more!

matthew V : A few of my buddies with CSOR " Canadian Special Operations Regiment" used to talk about Wali and how if you needed to know anyone that's the man, good to know he's still around out of the sandbox, and living the dream

USAthe ROCK : Mohammad Wali Tasleem :) thank you for coming to the USA. :) You are welcome here. HOOORAAAHHH!

Kyle Atha : Hell yeah thank you for restoring faith in the phrase we'll take care of our own. Meat eaters or meat eaters no matter where they come from if you'll stand and fight with me you'll always be a brother.

Jordan Smith : Amazing Story! Nothing but up most respect for y'all showing this and for him and his family to get here and be safe. Wali my brother I'm glad you're here and thank you for everything you've done...ppl need to hear more stories like this because there's a lot of guys that are born and raised over there fighting next to us that are our brothers! Love y'alls coffee but love y'all more as brothers and sisters

Shawn Fredericks : Makes me proud of supporting you guys with my monthly subscription for being the BEST humans you can be

CJ Moore : what im talking about!! love this video!

James Fisher : Talking about being vetted!!!!!!

Noah Stephens : These Black Rifle Coffee gun nut people are surprisingly non-racist. Glad to see there are still some decent (presumably conservative) people out there. Godspeed, everyone.

romainredneck1 : love it, great video! Welcome to the States, Wali!

Steven Haxsaw : Thats what im talking about. Comrades in arms, doesn't matter where you are from. Any person willing to fight and lay down they're life is family. No matter what race, creed, religion or gender. Good shit...

King Vega : Fucking awesome

Matt Ouvrier : Thank you for being good human beings. <3

Rob James : Holy s**t! Yeah, you guys rock. Well done. And much respect to Mr. Tasleem.