Mohammad Wali Tasleem - It's Who We Are - Episode 1 - 4K

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mixflip : These are the types of immigrants we want in America. Not the lazy welfare types or drug dealing gang member types. Hard workers who are proud to be here and are ready to work for everything they have.

michael harris : Wali is more american than most of California

John Davidson : He knows the language, works, pays taxes, and wants to be here in the U S A. Nuff said.

Josh B : Wish America's Main Stream Media would show this video on all their networks .. epic story !! Thank you Wali!!!!

CK Knife and Tool : Awesome! My Knife mentor is Jeff Conti former SF and apparently has crossed paths with one or more of you in his 28 yrs. spoke well of you guys and this here is the epitome of class.

Sheepdog Chappy : Those are the people we need to bring to America.... not ungrateful people who hate our country. That dude embodies what an American is... OOH RAH

The Obfuscating Apologist : America is a better country with Wali and his family in it. I am proud to support BRCC.

ThunderKiss1965 : Guy's like this should get immediate US citizenship.

USAthe ROCK : Mohammad Wali Tasleem :) thank you for coming to the USA. :) You are welcome here. HOOORAAAHHH!

AWDfreak : These are the immigrants we should be taking in: willing to work, hard-working, and no anti-American BS. If an immigrant is willing to work, does not hate the USA, and willing to integrate into American society and maintain its values of freedom, I see no problem with that. Excellent video, thanks for uploading, I finally subscribed (I don't know why I wasn't!) and bought myself some coffee from a freedom-loving company instead of the other ones who openly wish to support movements that trample upon our rights and freedoms.

Edgardo Rivera : This is what the American dream is all about. A true American owned company, for the American people. Doesn’t matter if he is a immigrant, he’s in America and is an American. This would be a company I’d love to work for. Hooah

Kim Jong Un : I didnt ever expect a right wing youtube channel to make a positive video about muslim immigrants, as a left leaning person u guys have changed my view on what conservatives are actually like. Keep up the good work! Just remember we are all born equal no matter the creed or the colour we all started in the same place

Ax Greenious : This is a great story! Welcome to Utah Wali. Take care and good luck to you! You’ll do great.

Jeremy Davis : "it's all about work and work ethic" LOVE IT!!!

John Lalawethika : My family is dedicating this Thanksgiving to all of our Armed Forces. Thank all who have served and served along side us.

JR MTG : I watched the Savage Gentleman live cast last night when Wali was a guest. It was so moving i watched it again when the vid was posted. . . Press on Wali. Rock on BRCC!

J : Thank you Wali and thank you BRCC for taking care of this great warrior!

reddevilparatrooper : I have known people like him when I was in Iraq from 2006 through 2008 who had their families nearly exterminated by either Saddam or by the Al Queda organization. I knew them back then as their alias as Alex, Chuck, George, and Terry. They were interpreters in my unit and did a fine job helping us and even went to combat with us knowing the risks that if they were captured that they will die with us.

Steven M. : nice! Don Shipley / Marcus Luttrell and many others have similar stories. Respect! Makes no difference your skin color, religious beliefs. Wonderful story!!

Jordan Smith : Amazing Story! Nothing but up most respect for y'all showing this and for him and his family to get here and be safe. Wali my brother I'm glad you're here and thank you for everything you've done...ppl need to hear more stories like this because there's a lot of guys that are born and raised over there fighting next to us that are our brothers! Love y'alls coffee but love y'all more as brothers and sisters

Noah Stephens : These Black Rifle Coffee gun nut people are surprisingly non-racist. Glad to see there are still some decent (presumably conservative) people out there. Godspeed, everyone.

Brandon Beard : If this video doesn't scream America then I don't know what will!!

Boattail Cottonpoint : Welcome stateside Wali! So happy you and the family finally found your place. I'm sorry that you and especially your kids had to endure the isolation that comes with lack of acceptance. It all stems from ignorance. When I think about how that must've felt, it makes me angry at those people. But honestly every country has people like that, I guess it's just human nature to fear what you don't understand or what is different, and that sentiment is heightened by all that is going on in the world, both here and abroad. Hang in there brother, and when something like that gets you down just remember that there are alot of people here who will stand up for what is right regardless of religion/race/cultural differences. Wish you and your family the best!

Hawkins Corp. : Well done wali and well done BRCC

Russian Firepower : Good old Russian RPG, kicking American ass since 1961

Rebekah-Chris S-K : This guy is a stud great story

Crash : Awesome. In my 22 years as a United States Marine I saw nothing but respect for everyone. It was first and foremost based on courage under fire. I don’t give a crap what color, creed, national origin, or religion you are. If you run to the sound of the guns, you have respect in our world.

No Names : Great video... I wish everyone ever being impatient or thinking some stereotyipical thought, while in line at a gas station, grocery store, construction site or any place for that matter... could see this video right at that particular moment. I bet this would knock em' off their high horse and slap them across the face with a nice slice of humble fk'n pie! This video should go viral. It would most certainly change the perspectives of a lot of people who are under the false presumption that every immigrant here is milking our system. Big thanks to you and everything you and all your brother's in arms have done. BRCC...huge fan after that video. You guys are awesome! Thank you all!

Brian Blakeman : I was just sitting down drinking a cup of coffee or die and seen this video on my feed and I have to say it’s an honor to buy a product from a company with the integrity Black Rifle does. This video gave me goose bumps, this video is what America is about and the reason why u shouldn’t judge a man who u don’t even know just because of where he’s from or the color of his skin! U sir are an inspiration and Black Rifle Coffee, Readyman, Rat Tourniquets and Jeff himself are backing that inspiration. If u don’t know those companies I would highly recommend checking them out. Who ever gives this video a thumbs down is a weak spin-less troll that doesn’t understand. So with that said coffee or die MOTHER FCKERS!!!!

MrNater13b : I say bring immigrants like this gentleman in to the US and ship the libtard parasites out

bghvid : This is an excellent story. It shows a man stepping up and doing the right thing for his family, and loyalty plus friendship by BRCC. I am impressed and even though I have seen your coming before on you tube, this display of doing what's right has me wanting to support you by making an order... thanks for the great video.

chavy : Damn Wali congrats on the move. Public housing can be hard and depressing. Im glad you made it out of there. Good luck to you!!!

Wes Fox : That is fucking awesome, I’ve worked alongside Afghan fighters when I was deployed and I can honestly say that they’re some of the best people and hardest working people that I have seen. It’s good to see the positives brought to light instead of the negatives that the media portrays.

Paul Lazzaretti : Happy New Year Wali. I love your story.

scottrob1968 : We're all brothers no matter the colors!

silverstacks : Update ..... just went to your website and joined the monthly coffee subscription. Looking forward to it, Thanks BRCC !!

1Moretime : Absolutely W E S O M E!

Vincent Iannotta : Right on man!!! Im buying some t shirts now, to support a great American company, and its great employees.

Joseph Le : This video more than any other video you have published is what America is all about. My parents were refugee from the Vietnam war and I understand the sacrifices they made to come here in the hope for freedom and opportunity. To the point now that they are successful business owners as well as their U.S. born son. I am proud to be an American and understand the privelage I have and the sacrifices many have made for me. I have just ordered my first box of BRCC for my employees and my home. Proud to support American company.

Layron Doyal : I’ve watched this one a few times. Makes me proud to support this company, veterans, and their families. Customer for life!

Brian Beck : I simply love a hard working person that comes to America and flourishes. THAT is what made this country great. I love new Americans, they are so filled with hope, regardless where they come from. God bless you Mohammed and your family...

001 002 : Id love to work for you guys... And I'm a Chef... And I don't drink Coffee lol.... Looks like a job you can be proud to drive into every morning.

J Flores : This is what America is all about! I don't drink coffee, but I'll buy your shirts to show support!

Adulting is Hard : This is what being American is all about!. Evan, you’re a dope ass dude bro. This touched my heart and I want to thank every single veteran for your service to this great country. Wali, proud to call you a fellow American brother❤️👊🏻

Ryan Duncan : Thank you Wali.... Thank you BRCC... I'm stunned...

Kraccus Black : Your hear people say why dont you stay in your own country and fix things. Those that say that should hear this story, because he tried. Welcome to the States.

Tyler Eyerly : These are the immigrants we want and need in the United States. Welcome my fellow American

addictedkids12345 : fucking badass!!!!!!

Angela Wetzel : Thank you for sharing this and sharing his story. Truly amazing. Reminds me of the amazing Koreans I worked with in South Korea when I was in the Army. Thanks for spreading the <3 for good people.

Randolph Cirilo : Damn good story.. More blessing to ya bud, I hope you flourish and grow here! I hope this attention doesn't allow anyone who wants to do him harm a chance to do so.