Veggietales predicts modern internet humour

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The Nostradamus of its age, Veggietales predicts shitpostgenerator 12 years ahead of its time. Please subscribe ❤ Follow me: Twitter: Instagram:


Giggsy : A man walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Weed Eater".

Neil Dodd : If you are ever in a debate, you can shut up your opponent real quick with a "Weed Eater" line.

The NuggetBacon : 2016: no 2017: no 2018: no 2019: *w e e d e a t e r 😂👌*

Abe Cervantes : Okay but why are all of these comments making me laugh, what has happened to my humor... o..h No... W E E D E A T E R

Alexander Padilla : "In the future, humor will be randomly generated!" Like youtube recommending old but golden videos 3 years after it was posted?

Julian Hernandez : I think it says a lot that I actually laughed at the robots joke the second time

Wunderful : Petition to make Weed-eater the next meme

Hannah Nope : This good christian cartoon made the joke weed eater.

Dubzaster : "What is the answer to the equation 2 + 2?" (beep beep blurt) Outback steakhouse

bruhhh SMM /NiatsuFTW_Ros : Me: Youtube recommendations why? Youtube: *W E E D E A T E R*

mr pay : *This cucumber is living in 2075.*

Foxɪo99 : You've jinxed it vegetales. Calling all epic gamers to rise up, make *W E E D E A T E R* a meme

Jack Lowe : Wait, isn’t iCarly the guy who flew over the sun and died?

Day May : me: I don’t think a video like this will make me laugh Robot: wEeD eAtEr me: JDJDHAHSJDHSHGAGSH

haterskeephatin101 : comedy in 2019 nobody: me: 🅱️ *eef* 🆘 *age*

Daniel Ruiz : i genuinely laughed at both punchlines. the future is now.

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : *Knock knock* "Who's there?" "WEED EATER"

Nick : Did you ever hear the joke about the guy with dyslexia? *eedwheater*

Chris kwon : No one: Youtube Reccomended: Plants vs Zombies content Veggietales Oh ok

Keenan Dsena : the answer to everything we need W E E D E A T E R

Shadoboy : Screw Biblical prophecies. THIS religious cartoon predicted shitposting!

Kate H : God knows E V E R Y T H I N G

EENIX : Why did the *road* cross the *chicken* I dunno rob? *lawnmower* *shark*

Jako : Ah yes, my favorite punchline; *_WEED EATER_*

D Sauce : _I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road, I'm gonna ride til I can't no more..._ I got the *W E E D E A T E R*

WestCoastWannabe : W̛̹̣̫̙̖͎̟͖͋ͭ̽́ͅ ̴̺͈̪̖͍̞̓Éͯ̆̌͑́ͪͩ҉̧͖͉̘̬̠͇̝̻͝ ̵̠͖͑̅ͥ̕͡E̺͖͆̇͐͊̉͟͡ ̹̜̜͊ͫ͘͠D͍̠̊ͦ͆͡ ̫̘̰̐ͣ͜ ͮ̌͊ͤ͋ ̶̷̧̰̜͓̥̞̓̃̋ͧE̾̌̾͐ͯͧ̎҉̛̫́ ̅̆͆ͩ̒̒͛҉̶̦̻̻̪̰̫̬̯̬Aͩ̈҉҉̦ ̞̹̩̞̻̑ͫͨ̏́ͪ̽͠T̴̳̼̦ͨ͋ ̢͚̲͕̪͓̯͓̺̤̇̌͐̎̀ͬ͋͝E̩̮̭̪͇̍͋̇ͪ ̴̜̳̭̳͖̩̭ͦ̑̊̍͋̀͘R̝̟͙̠̱̈́̔ͪͮͦ̅̑̋ͮ͘

Satchin Joseph : YouTube algorithm works in mysterious ways...

mc bad robot voice : The recommendations are randomly generated

an_unoriginal_person : 10 seconds in and im already spitting out my water

Marshall Shanklin : Why did the chicken cross the road Flint Lockwood **insert officer earl running**

Sonja Merrick : W e e d E a t e r

Cake lady : I can’t wait for all the weed eater memes

Gintoki Sakata : Why didn't the toilet paper chicken get across the road It got stuck in a crack

Its Salma : 2016: no 2017: no 2018: no 2019: *let’s put this in everyone’s recommendations*

maddie : nobody: youtube recommendations: WEED EATER

Breakfast Boy : What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? My parents are dead

Bugwandi The First : Me: hey lirbol wamt to hear something funny libtarxd: no im offendered Me: what is 9+10 Liberel: 19 Me:wrong 21 its funny cause its true

Inverted_Paradox : Why is every one saying they predicted it. They knew

ContactingTheDead : *Predictive programming to show the dumbing down of civilization.*

PM : Who designed King Arthur's round table? I ate my pet hamster for breakfast this morning.

Last Man Standing : Ah yes, a classic of our meme history. *WEED EATER*

Catboi 747 : What do you call a cat with no limbs? *The entire nation of boliva*

Dylan B : What if you wanted to cross the road But god said W E E D E A T E R

Cyberdemon Mike : I dunno about y'all but i laughed at the jokes lmao

Zachary Morin : Why did the chicken cross the road? “Sartori in Tangier” by King Crimson from the album “Beat” (1982)

I Have an Incredibly Small Penis, but : When half the comments on a 2 year old video are within the past 24 hours

The Saviour : It’s funny cause it’s true *looks at camera*

elefant taes : I bet you 20 bucks that weed eater will become a meme

Dakota101-Videos-Games-And More- : Whats the meaning of life weed eater