Halo Top - Eat the Ice Cream

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Ryanator : So this is what hell looks like

DreamcastGuy : Well now Im going to have ice cream nightmares. Thanks Mike!

Atomic Punch : that feeling when everyone you know is dead and ice cream is all there's left of your meager existence 😂😂😂

Cyranek : iscream youscream we all scream for cieasrmamlaer

Satan Is Sad : Tbh its kinda smart that they said everyone she knows is dead weather its true or not bc she'll believe it and eat her feelings with ice cream

The Spire : I scream for Ice Cream

Lovy Daniels : New Black mirror episode looks awesome!

Jester : But I'm lactose intolerant.

Munchea : Mike Diva has ascended

Riley Sommerville : Joke's on you - the only one I love is ice cream

Vic : This is a replication of my life, but instead of ice cream it's crap

B.055-Bot : Is that the room from the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

K Nicky : "Everyone you love is gone. All you have is ice cream." I'm confused, is that supposed to be a bad thing?

PeasOfCrab : Song Lyrics: If you should leave Run away with me I'll give you ice cream Down by the sea I don't need birds I don't even need bees I just need ice cream For you and me A tasty treat That you must eat You just need ice cream To feel complete I don't need love I don't even need bees I just need ice cream For you and me Life is a dream Let's have a ball And you'll agree And we're fancy-free Everyone's gone Since the Great War It's only me And the machines I scream for you I scream for me I scream for someone To set me free Humans like me Don't breathe or sleep A little ice cream That's all we need!


Katie R : So this must be what Rogue Servitors in Stellaris are like.

Ahmed R : Ads are getting smarter.

死んだ内部kafe : wow thats pretty deep lol, next upload in 5 months btw

Will Yandell : Advertisers need to take note- this is how you market to young people. We are the first surrealist humor generation and we must have ice cream that satisfies our existential terror.

NazMaTaz : #relatable "everyone you love is gone, eat the icecream"

Michelle Maier : Had a hard day at work. Wanted to buy some ice cream at the little ice cream shop down the road. Forgot my wallet at home. Went home to sulk. This video notification popped on my phone. Watched it. Loved it. Made me not want ice cream anymore. Thank you mike diva

ghostpictures : I dont want ice cream anymore :(

Glabrex : I have no mouth and I must eat ice cream


Void Imperial : Playing Rogue Servitors in Stellaris

[mintlicorice] : _everyone's gone since the great war there's only me and the machines_ _i scream for you_ _i scream for me_ _i scream for someone to set me free_ _humans like me_ _don't breathe or sleep_ _a little ice cream that's all we need_ *everyone you love is gone. there is only ice cream* kinda dark don't you think?

nice meme : Like to die instantly

Frydon97 : But what if he has an lactose intolerance?

Bring me the horizon : I'm scared

Van OverHeaven : Mike Diva always has great content...

Nicolas Hernandez : Welcome people from trending :D

3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7 : Oh noo... You deleted the asking for votes video, but I wanna hear the sick remix ;-;

Christopher Portillo : "I don't need love. Only ice cream" whoa. Also is this song legit?

Neutral Fellow : soylent green is ice cream!

Axel The Gaoyena : please bring back the help remix

CaroDame : This made me sad...

Ден Дик : что за хуйня?

Angra Manyu : Example of mandatory pampering by Rouge Servitors in Stellaris

Bmwweese : re-upload the remix you did for the webby


Gregory Hare : Looks the room at the end of 2000: A Space Odyssey

Thomas Marquardt : Bring the remix back!

Bread Neko : I want the song that plays in the background, make it my new morning alarm

Fora : Yo, reupload that remix. I really enjoyed it.

Oliver Parizeau : The ads are ascending, they have become self aware...

Maria Duarte : well i guess i'm not gonna eat ice cream for the next 10 years bye

Anthony Castellanos : I'm going through hurricane Irma RN 😔

Alex Stallard : Can we have lit remix back?

lee rabinowithz : I love the new black mirror episode...

MyriadtheStargazer : Whats the song ? I love it !