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Cordero Roman : Best video on YouTube.

l'enfante terrible : and we're worried about immigrants

Miguel R. : When is he touring?

WhereMyKeys : Now this is real hip hop

Kaype : Big thumbs up dude keep it up you will go far i promise

Liefwarrior : I literally want to hear more of this beautiful human being

Jake Hills : This actually sounded SO GOOD. You need to do one with the woman!

Brett Blakemore : More like ArkansasCore

shabadgrover : Hilarious! The music used: already a song or did you compose and produce it?

WunKewlFrawg : Cmon pig

Saturn : I only listen to real music

DizDeLusa : The most simultaneously terryfing and awesome thing I have seen in a while (*yo mama joke*)

Blu Apples : This is the part of the slightly less important videos playlist where i lost it

Rafe Tizer : This may well be the heaviest thing I've ever experienced.

Wael WM : I really want to know the song he's covering

True Velox : What's the song?

jimbothe : sick af

Rico Roman : Incredible

ABCDEFG : Now wait, hold up, let me guess... Trump supporter?!!

Weston Arnold : That last scream was pretty legit

Don Schlong : Great production work !

Th3Gam3925 : What the shit was that??

Dominic Tarantino : but it's from Illinois

FL : That was intense

HeadlessHobbit : UNREAL SQUEALS

Doomerism : kilt it.

Boethiah Covin : 2000

PotRoast666 : IllinoisCore.

Robert S. : Is this part of the new Special Defects?

-Belue- -Myst- : That hardcore metal music made this the best, most funniest video ever! HAHAHAHAHA! 😂🤘😂🤘😂...I can't stop listening to this! I NEED to add it to my Pandora! 😂 P.S...The thumbnail looks like THE BLIND FILM CRITIC/THE TOMMY EDDISON EXPERIENCE! 😋...I love TOMMY EDDISON! HE'S COOL! 😍😎👍

Speedy Chicken : He got er done reall good Mission achmilpshed son

music professor ! : this is what a real DSBM vocalist sounds like

Nico Jones : Please impregnate my wife!!! I want your seed showering her Fallopian tubes with your muchacho sauce!!!!!!