Sweet Child O' Mine / Black or White PIANO MASHUP - Jonny May
The coolest thing Ive seen played on piano and somehow sub 100K views right now

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Kevin Ford : I don't care who's better out of Jonny and Peter, we're just very lucky to have them both.

Gio K : "If I could play like this, I'd never go outside."

jrexinator : Someone's been watching Peter Bence! 😉

Liehan Els : everyone saying May vs Bence. i say collab

Guido Anselmi : Brilliant job combining two phenomenal songs. How do you come up with what song to combine with what? Does is pop in your head and go from there, or do you think of one song and then brainstorm to find a song to fit into it?

Mark Fowler : Pre recorded on the yamaha CP4 for everyone asking where the pedals are. This is an excellent arrangement, more advanced than Peter bence, combing 2 completely different songs, not easy. But then you're a much better pianist anyway.

Cube Jitsu : I love it when pianists do mashups, the dissonance and harmony all come together

Chris Badonkadonk : Can you play a ragtime/blues/jazz rendition of Sweet Home Alabama please? Turned on notifications! ;)

Raga Raga : Love it! More YouTube, please! Fab!

Lenster Ri. : Two of my favourite songs combined to one phenomenal piece. Thanks for that🙏❤

Quieu Barbosa : Olá jonny isso é só uma dublagem? Eu não vi os pedais e nem os microfones, mas ficou muito bom o trabalho. Deus abençoe Hello Jonny, is this just a dubbing? I did not see the pedals nor the microphones, but the work was very good. God bless

TRELL : This is absolutely astonishing to see. Showing human capabilities just by this perfect example of Jonny great job I love your videos🤟🤟🤟

toni citradinata : Awesome !! Is that the same building and piano where Lindsey Stirling recorded her "the greatest showman medley" cover ? And can u cover "This is Me" from the greatest showman? Thank you

Ivy Carla : this is mad mad MAD piano skills that I wanna have! Amazing Mr. Johnny May! I am out of words. WOW WOW WOW! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Mark Moretto : Awesome! First song I've heard from May (I started, but skipped over an Avicii cover). Subbed and looking forward to more great stuff!

mofletes29 : You made me cry sir. Amazing job

Jochem Scharenborg : And that without a pedal 😆

Jack A : Can you please cover “these days” by rudimental or “Kiss” by Prince. Your pop covers are definitely my favourite. You’re flipping unbelievable to watch man

Jack & Mercy : How about When you wish upon a star/Don't know why in Latin Samba & Ragtime style? They have beautiful melodies which can be interpreted as exciting

Jake.S : Wow good job Jonny!!!

Luke Howson : Love the video Jonny, great work! Is that the same building where Peter Bence recorded his "Black or White" cover?

xo : You'll be missed Aviici, rest in peace brother. Please, Jonny do another Aviici cover.

Andrew Pain : great playing as ever Jonny May - but please, please please, could you do us a medley of guns N roses songs - would love to hear it!

SLSMusic : Amazing arrangement! Pre-record or not doesn't matter, it's a Music Video man! Just enjoy!

Jonathan Quiñónez : Excellent work, master! Hope someday to be like you in the music, greetings from Mexico!

Wolf37152 : The most confident pop player I have witnessed. Not a second's hesitation, remarkable.

Karen McCants : Amazing--really enjoyed that Jonny!! :)

DerHechtdesMonats : Wow you did an amazing job. I think the location is inspired by Peter Bence. But your arrangement is amazing as always. Thank you

Carphi2000 : Just brilliant. I like Peter Bence version but this is a whole nother level imo. Weird how it only 100K views

SkateZockerGerman : amazing. you are such a skilled piano player :o

The Legend : A like from Italy

HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul : Such a beat up old piano. But the important part is inside, and it sounds great.

Shantanu Bhattacherjee : missing the solo ! of sweet child o'mine

Aaron Klein : That Piano looks... Not bad but truely old

ItsDrea xo : 😍 omg!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for this!!!!!!!! You have reignited my passion for piano again 😌❤ #InAwe #LovePiano #LoveMusic

BENJAMIN KIM : Awesome!!! Love the vintage white baby grand piano in that setting and your playing!

Janet Rose May : Just amazing! Such a joy to experience your talents - keep sharing!!

Angelo Gayner : So underrated compared to Peter Bence

Bishwash thapa magar : Wow. Nice sir

Praveen Bharatwaj : Holy mother of God! This is simply out of the world!!!

Freddie Vermeulen : ahhaha.. you can buy the sheet music for this... who the hell can even play this. hahahah

Elexorien Valorien : I've watched about 10 or 15 of your videos... this is the one that made me subscribe.

Joshua Johns : I would love to see a collaboration with peter bence.

Ray Mak : Beautiful

Clayton McGuire : I’ve read through some of the comments, most have been positive. I, unfortunately have a different view. You took an iconic rock song and made it into something I could imagine Michael Bolton singing (no offence Michael). Then you married it with “the king of pops” song. What the actual f-bomb?! Sorry, but while I can admire and would love to have your piano skills (I’ve got some, but they’re rusty), this is a train wreck. I watched your video as I had subscribed due to your previous posts, but have now unsubscribed. I don’t really care about the alleged kiddy fiddler MJ, but this does the Gunners a great disservice. Do it right. Like this lady. She can’t do the bends like Slash due to the same instrument, but she nails every bit of it (including the fast run in the guitar solo) instead of trying to make it “in the style of Mozart”: https://youtu.be/ff8UwvPK0G4 If you want to share songs with a similar chord structure, here’s the tutorial https://youtu.be/oOlDewpCfZQ

Dark Silence : Peter Bence is better❤

joanne oliver : Amazing....do you do requests. Could listen to you play all day long

jese andro : The piano have no pedal(s) ?

Garrett Dodson : Hmm where’s the sustain pedal? I think this may have been pre recorded.