RLM Highlights: Alien Commentary Track

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ChiefBrodyRules : FYI Mike and Jay don't read these comments. This is fan made. You guys look silly writing responses to this. Nobody cares if you agree or disagree. This was made for entertainment purposes.

Marcelo Zuniga : "completely different in style, in tone..." Aliens: guns blazing, fire and action everywhere Alien: they're eating breakfast at a table

DaveDexterMusic : I ate breakfast at a table once, guess that means I'm a shot-for-shot remake of Alien

Testicular Prolapse : Alien: Everything is grey and brown Aliens: Everything is blue

britbloc123 : Aliens is a better film because it's about family. And that's what's so powerful about it.

EricScissorkick : Never noticed any of this. What the hell is wrong with me.

MegaFat1 : I don't mind when movies or even a series has the same plot points, as long as its presented well.

Robbie Clark : Aliens is Alien on coke, just like everything in the 80’s was a version of itself on coke.

Blake Burress : The “bad special effect” at the end of Alien is actually pretty unique and beautiful for 1979.

John Kuchta : Only one has Bill Paxton.

Word Unheard : I feel like Rich just gave me the blue pill. My eyes are wide open.

revolverswitch : Again, its like poetry so that it rhymes.

Mr. Bump 2.0 : I love both films so much, I can't prefer one. It'd be like picking children.

JohnStephenWalsh : Aliens is a comic book, and it's fine as that. Alien is one of the handful of SF movies with a genuinely original artistic sensibility.

Khazuki : I'd like to add that Aliens had an infuriatingly contrived plot dependent on stupid people making incompetent decisions, and bad luck. They also turned a terrifying monster into cannon fodder.

EpictheEpicest : Alien is a ripoff of Planet of the Vampires. Terminator is a ripoff of Westworld. Everything's a ripoff.

Just Some Guy Ok : Alien is a perfect horror movie, Aliens is a perfect action movie. How many film franchises have done that?

Zulvis Diax Jr. : Alien is a slasher film set on a space ship. Aliens is a war movie, basically. yeah both films had similar plot points with Ripley fighting an Alien at the end, like she was the main protagonist or something...weird.

JuanOfaKind88 : They mostly come out at night mostly!

James Browning : The fact that theyre the same story and yet so vastly different is exactly why I love both films. They set out to do different things, but both executions are perfect. That being said, I like the slow more horrorific atmosphere of the first movie better

revolverswitch : I've always wondered why Aliens didn't seem as special to me as Alien. This segment in the commentary explained it to me perfectly. 

Bryan JediKnight 97 : It's not a remake but it does use the same plot structure.

section241 : Oh, no! Ohhh noooo! Now I understand why he spent so much time talking about Ring Theory! He's one of them!

Adam Hecht : f'n rich evan's laugh...

jhon doe : Its so dense every scene has so much going on; thats why i give it an 8 out of 10

D1agram : Space marines. Big difference. Anything with space marines is aromatically awesomer

will reznicek : The plot doesn't really mirror the first one though, the similarities are more of the backdrop variety. People waking up from a cryo sleep in their underwear is not a ripoff. That's called world building, its how transportation works in this universe. The entire first 10 minutes are completely different. - Alien, 1979 > ship is rerouted and the crew wakes up in their underwear to contemplate their new situation. - Aliens, 1986 > Ripley wakes from a dream and has to be convinced by the Company to be a guide of sorts on a rescue mission. Ripley and team THEN wake up in underwear and prepare to land. James Cameron also does more clever things than this makes it out to be. I love RLM, (and while I haven't listened to this whole commentary track,) I find sometimes they venture into being overly critical. Both Alien, and Aliens are fucking amazing movies, they pioneered ideas that have influenced generations of filmmakers and video-game developers.

Blackplastic : Need to get the Rich Evans laugh as my ringtone.

Darren Lai : Aliens is so dense... Every single image has so many things going on...

comicbookprodigy995 : This is my problem with James Cameron. He does this in just about every single one of his films.

Nukarot : It's funny how he calls out the Prequels and Aliens for being too similar, but loves TFA for being the same...

King In The North : Both films are overrated The Thing for the win.

Daniel Dahl : Even though Aliens is among my top four favorite films of all time (the others being Oldboy (2003), Fight Club and Spirited Away), I hadn't noticed this lol

Emidretrauqe : Both excellent movies that I'd still happily watch. They really are the same o_o

Sharky McShark : Alien>>>>>>>>>>>>Aliens

se7en00110111 : Also the fatal flaw of the motion detector in both movies was that they don't account for three dimensional space.

carlos acosta : Remake or not, the first 2 Alien films are classics.

Craplatte : You can even see it in the titles. One is "Alien" and the other is the same, but with the added "S" that surely stands for "Space-Marines"... Mike Stoklasa is a hackfraud genius!

John Cunningham : I'm not gay, but I'd make love to Rich Evans' laugh.

Emma Watson : Aliens is the worst sequel since Dark Souls II. Does what I just said make sense? NOPE.

Numinous20111 : I did notice some of these repeats back in 1986, but I took what I did notice as repeats to be Cameron building on what the audiences would have been familiar with for his own purposes. I didn't notice all of the points Mike Stoklosa made and it does seem completely obvious once someone that smart points it all out.

Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon : 1:38 Why does Jay laugh at fucking everything that's not funny?

Intellectual Trumpster : Aliens is exact same movie? Breakfast scene? They used guns. Unbelievably inept analysis.

turtleflipper : "then ripley sneaks away to another room and puts on a suit" i died

Reggie Bannister : One way the films are complete opposites is that in 1 technology is detrimental and in 2 its beneficial.

Z Zuiderzee : I'm still collating.

George : So, James Cameron is a hack?

HangDeath : This was made Beautifully, and you can't help yourself but laugh with Rich..

zardox78 : Both movies have space ships in 'em. Both movies have people walking and talking. Both movies have people wearing shoes....

K Comm : That laughing....damn.....