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Joycelin lgbtQ : At trans pride in Brighton (UK) yesterday. Saw a sign with the words "why is nobody talking about the mouthfeel?" Girl, you're a meme now.

Markos Mendoza : This is a modern day Socratic dialogue. This is what Plato would be doing in 2018.

вl тяαsн : I feel like so many minorities can relate to this on some level. As a black person, I always wanted to fit in with my white peers. Thoughts like "Don't be ghetto, loud, or speak in an accent" always ran through my head. As a gay guy, thoughts like "Don't be too feminine, don't draw too much attention to yourself" constantly ran through my head too. From a young age, I cemented these thoughts into myself just to fit in and not be judgedm

Jon-Ivar Vist : "When was the last time you were attracted to chromosomes?" Funniest argument ever

Patrycja Katafiasz : Actually, you looked really pretty as Adria...

Andrew Novak : 15:01 Oh my God, she called her a "hon", after watching Natalie's video on Incels I now get what she meant by that

Lavi Darling : "I wish I was a woman or anything but this" oh gosh, I cried. Thanks, ContraPoints

Soup Soup : As a trans man that was questioning my own gender when I was a conservative, when Tiffany started to cry, I did too. It hit way too close to home from when I was a middle schooler that was terrified of anyone that wasn't cis or straight, of when I'd try to tell myself that trans people are disgusting people that just mutilate themselves for an unattainable goal. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that I simply am transgender. As a formerly right wing trans person, you really did hit close to home with how we had wanted to be what cisgender people consider as 'normal' and to show that we aren't 'like the triggered SJWs'. This really is an amazing piece of commentary.

Grayson H : It was really hard for me to watch this video the first time. It was a few months ago and I had been really smug and thought I knew it all. I thought I was the rational trans guy who wasn't one of those crazy SJW types. When I saw this video though, it really struck a chord somewhere. I saw myself in Tiffany and it made me... Sad. It was hard to take that look at myself, in a way, and to see someone else act out how I had felt so many times before. I had started to reconsider what I thought I had known. While I still catch myself thinking "oh great, this person is going to make us look bad again," I have tried to be better. Thank you for this video. It really helped open my eyes and get me out of the truscum community.

Luther McDonald : Contra: Don't. Read. The Comments. the comments: M O U T H F E E L

MyKindsYourKind1 : You're an artist.  Your story-telling ability is so freaking creative.  I am so happy that I found your videos.

Max morter : Natalie, I love that you close it with an illustration of Tiffany’s makeup process. It shows the extent to which you go to pass, even in your own videos. I’m sorry this bullshit is such bullshit. Thank you for your performances, because they’re really helping all of us. They’re amazing.

Ex0dus111 : This is a few more expensive cameras away from being an academy award winning shortfilm. Congratulations, this channel has truly ascended recently.

Marshall L. Monti : That drunken emotional breakdown scene was really hard to watch. A while back, my girlfriend had that mindset stretched out for over a year. It would come in waves. Sometimes she was okay and we could socialize outside. Other times, she couldn't get out of bed and would say the exact same thing Tiffany was saying. I couldn't do anything to help her other than hug her until she stopped crying. Now she's moved past the severe wave of self hate, unfortunately, now I occasionally get the transman version of this...

Key : Fictional debates are such a timeless tradition in philosophy. Glad you're keeping the custom alive.

choco flavored cookies 56 : if only the real rubin report was this entertaining lmao

Grace : blaire clearly lost this debate. wait, wrong video?

willowo : It's always hard to take Natalie's characters seriously when they talk about not passing because Natalie passes so well.

Potato Puppy : I'm very late to the party but after being apart of the "anti-feminism" community on YouTube for a few years now (as a woman) I have realized it has grown this hatred inside of me towards other women and towards my more feminine behaviors. I have been working towards being more accepting and not caring so much about anyone's live and how they live it if they have nothing to do with me. This video has gaslighted this goal way more especially when two groups are less effective than one. Thanks Contra.

theNameEscapesMe : 7:38 I Protest. As a biochemist, I am, in fact, attracted to molecular biology

Arda Onarıcı : " I actually happen to identify as a trap." never gets old.

P00NM45T3RFL3XXX : I love your channel. I'm a straight white guy and I've always hated the stupid gender stereotypes that came with that. I hated that taking a bath was considered too girly for men even though a bath at the end of a long day is literally the best thing in the world. I grew up in a house of women and I've always identified with things that women like and men like. I hate that there has to be two sides in the minds of most people. I wish we could all be people that don't attach some arbitrary action to gender identity. You're awesome. Just discovered your channel a few days ago and I've been binge watching ever since.

twigglybun : "why am I constantly surrounded by homosexuals" why was this so funny also nice vids

bellejunie : “i need to not be around straight people for a long time after this” is the mood for june

righteousham : I really wish, as human beings, we could get our collective shit together and stop hurting each other so much.

synthetic princess : "i wish i were a woman. or anything but this." hurt my heart so so bad.

Olivia Aumiller : Tiffany hates herself exactly the way I hated myself when I was growing up, I think becoming a woman is a universally awful experience. Teenage girls and in transition women are basically in the same boat of awful, although trans women are on the potentially lethal and dreadful floors while teenagers are on the acne and high school floors.

Morgan Stiefvater : Wait, is this the same Tiffany who taught us how to eat ribs like a woman and called out Abigail as a TERF? Poor girl.

chris : This is 100% Theryn and is what Blaire is turning into. It almost as if it is impossible for a trans person to be a part of the right wing lol. Who would have known? To right wing LGBT people, they do not like LGBT people, please stop validating them. Literally only 3 years ago they were the main proponents in us not being able to get married. Right-wingers can backpedal and try to gaslight us all they want, they vehemently fought against us being treated like humans for centuries and they still do it to this day, and I will NEVER forget it.

funkydiscoduck : “you’re a good tran” lmfao

lambs : that scene at the end with tiffany crying killed my heart. made me realize i have no idea the kind of internal struggles trans people have to go through. no one should be made to think their existence or body is disgusting. self acceptance is hard enough as a cis person, can't even imagine how much more amplified that is for a trans person. so many extra hurdles.

ArchibaldClumpy : This is the birth of the Natalie Wynn cinematic universe, isn't it?

ThomasIsTrash : *wHy iS nO ONE taLKIng aBout tHE fEmiNINE peNIS*

arqueotm : 16:41 This scene with her crying is absolutely heartbreaking. I know your main method of argument/persuasion involves a lot of humor and logic but I really appreciate the time you took to appeal to raw pathos. Sometimes straightforward empathy is incredibly convincing to people who lack an understanding. It's a really sad and beautiful scene that speaks to something more universally human and that has to be applauded.

TheNexusChronus : Wow this cut deep. Tiffany was so wrong and problematic, but you made her so relatable. That moment Adria told Tiffany she wasn't gaining acceptance for anyone but herself really stuck with me... I'm from Bulgaria. The LGBT community here has the same representation problem this video highlights. We have no real media representation outside hetero-accepted stereotypes, so the only way we get it is by being out in our real lives and influencing the people around us to actually consider the LGBT community. Generaly speaking, most bulgarians have the "keep it at home" mentality about everything non-cishet. Enter Sofia Pride or what passes for a pride parade in Bulgaria. It usually has about 2000 young, white, gays and lesbians (don't think I've ever seen a trans person). Every time it comes around the media explodes with comments "I don't mind gay people, but why do they have to have a parade/shuv it down my throat" and "How will I explain this to little Goshko!". A lot of LGBTQ+ people don't attend the parade and want it to stop it from happening, because they believe it's overexposure and that it ruining our image and halting progress. It's toxic internalised homophobia, of course, but it's hard not to empathise with them a little bit. I mean, when Pride's not happening people sort of forget about the LGBT community and we sort of do what we want, but when it rolls around, people get their pitchforks. It's easy to look at Pride and say "What are you even proud of? Just shut up and let things happen on their own, you attention seeking gnats! We were doing just fine!". Basicly, they want acceptance, but don't want to fight for understanding. They don't want to get their hands(and image) dirty, because it's easier to be a cishet lapdog.

Ryan Bugg : Totally ripping on Blaire White...and I love it!

Jackson Riedesel : Around 11:55 Tiffany says, “I’m not doing anything to women” and holy shit is that an amazing double meaning for Tiffany’s short-sided political views and transphobia

hbomberguy : how do i make up

Niharika Mohapatra : Riley J Dennis vs Blaire White

Sebastian Sean Crow : 18:10 this is actually a good representation of how internalized transphobia can exasperate gender dysphoria. Like damn. Took me back to some of my worst dysphoric episodes.

Spirit Hawk : Oml this is true for both the transfemme and transmasc YouTube communities, there is do much pressure to be "normal" and "passing" that it's become OK to trash anyone who doesn't fit their definitions of these things and even accuse them of not having dysphoria and not being actually Trans and it causes me so much more social dysphoria

Lazy Fox Plays : I just wanted to say... I deal with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and I can say, that scene where Tiffany wishes she was different, drunk, crying on the floor; I have been there, but I’m not transgendered. I guess I just wanted to say that, it’s crazy that no matter what the angle, deep internalized depression and self-hatred looks quite the same outwardly. It’s okay to have suicide hotline on your phone. It’s okay to ask anonymous lines for help. It’s tough when it’s internalized. Sometimes it’s like you are hating the only person you have; yourself. And that type of isolation mixed with loathing and sorrow is painful af. Wish I could have a good answer for it, but I don’t. I just wanted to say it’s a relatable feeling, even if our ways to get there are very different paths.

Domo Roberto : Natalie👏🏼is👏🏼so👏🏼hot👏🏼

Jen Olafson : "Anything but this" had me in tears. I know as a cis female I'll never fully grasp what trans people go through, but I have struggled with ED all my life and that line is something I've said to myself before. 🖤🖤🖤

SPQRxUSAxNUSA : That went from semi funny to very very sad. I hope you meet people in real life, who appreciate your hard work, on yourself as well as this channel.

Live Marie : That drunk scene was extremely powerful. Im a cis woman and I’ve been watching your videos for a fat minute now, but your content teaches me more about trans people every day (which is useful for me, my girlfriend has been discussing with me her real feelings on her gender, that being that she’s mtf trans) That scene had me crying, and although that’s not a hard thing to do to me, I appreciate all of your content and hard work. You teach me so much and I feel like with every video I learn a little more when I really don’t see all the examples in the world just in my town and state.

Bolt Vanderhuge : M O U T H F E E L

Amalie : 3:41 Thank you so much, Natalie. I am a Muslim and whenever I try to defend myself I always get hit with the '' it's not a race it's a religion'', as the hatred against us is suddenly justified and okay.

Etienne Soucy : OK that ending blew me off my feet. I think I had already intellectualized how many trans women might suffer through those same feelings Tiffany has, but I had never actually FELT it, and thus I think I could never meaningfully sympathize with them. Thank you for this, I love your work and your channel!