Bird Restaurant

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Justin Y. : Zootopia 2 looks great

Starspirit The Dutch Angel Dragon : I give this restraunt 5 stars

Zero Ships : Ahh...Just like mother used to make


Fr0styb0i : 0:07 when you read a sonic fan fiction

Pikapetey Animations : shortest video on trending. congrats piemations.

SkullBoy Yt : Then the restaurant falls down

Kenneth Playz : Just imagine what the waiter would do if he wanted a sunny side up egg

FireDragon239 : I only watch Piemations for the plot birb:*BLLLOOOORGBLAAASRGH HDIWNDISBSH*

Nelson Keojampa : *But he seems happy.*

Our Founding Liars : Looks like the illuminati isn’t controlling youtube anymore and we’re back to getting quality content. Keep asking questions

Virus_ HD : *_0:10_**_ This is fine..._*

LMN : Can i gett uhhhhhhh Lärge Sëëd

g00py : Reminds me of the good ol’ days, on those sweet afternoons when mama cooked up supper Or should I say, *threw* up supper

KJ 16 : Does anyone here know the recipe?

Crowne Prince : This is fresh.

JC Jamon : Quality content viewers deserve

Tails the Green Ninja : When you eat a vegetarian Hot pocket. Hot Pocket!


RoboRabbit : This is worse than the minimum wage. no, it's not...

1ik : Was worth the wait to see a 11-12 seconds clip of a bird vomiting. Thank you.

Piper O'Reilly : OMG 😂 this is beautiful 💕💕💕😂😂😂😂

Danny Westbrooks : *H O M E S T Y L E*

Ilham Bahadir shah : Every day we stray further from god

your friendly neighborhood meme dealer : 0:09 That birb is having vietnam flashbacks

3,000 subs with no videos : 11 sec video on #2 trending *seems legit*

Post It Note Scribbles : Why am I here again and why do I like this.

stelios petrakis : Your best animation yet

KJ 16 : Why do I keep replaying this? Yog-Sothoth, help me...

TheKirinDP : ....well...I could've lived without seeing this....yet somehow I couldn't

NPT Music : Wait ... a 12 second video is on Trending ?

ButterCat G : *I Love Home Styled Large Seed*

Connor Smith : Zootopia 2s trailer should be this

BrokenBanette : "Sir, theres a fly in my soup" "Oh, im sorry sir" "You should be, I ordered worms" *end me*

Fredbearcorn25 : Would it be better if i got a classic instead of homestyle?

Al3xNGera : Glad to see youtubes trending page is getting back to normal

SIVA : Put lamb sauce and good spices and gordan Ramsay would prey for this food

The Furriner794 : My God, Piemations... NOT YOU TOO

Bob Shinanigan : Boy do I love going to Woodpecker Garden.

Communist Dog : 0:10 When your friend killed himself with his own rocket launcher and he wants you to revive him.

Al3xNGera : This is what people paid for


Manny JD : YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN ALL OF IT IN THE PLATE! Like you need better aim. -_-

黄煌 : This place will fall like bird town news Damm woodpeakers

That odd pukichu : *Disqustang!!!!!!* You forgot the flavor!!!!

Justin Y. : It's nice to see something fresh on trending.

TheTatermeister : This should be an actual show by piemations on Netflix lol

Leyla Routledge : when I see mum put veges on my plate

KJ 16 : Someone should make an earape version of this animation.

Jason Argustus : 0:10 This is my fetish...