GoPro Hero 7 Black + Gimbal Motorcycle Vision Test

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Having a smooth ride with my Yamaha R6 2008 and doing a vision test on my new Gopro Hero 7 black edition action camera , video was recorded at 2.7K 60fps with protune on . I used a gimbal mount and an external mic . Enjoy the video .

Comments from Youtube

Yangosu : Some say that he have modified senses and they are following: 1) sense for throttle and brake; 2) sense for road; 3) sense for elbow dragging; 4) sense for racing, and 5) sense for rev matching. All we know is, he's called SuperBike Racer.

Blaze Brosnan : Who came here for exaust sound????

Crank : 20 dislikes from rabbits and birds

Felix KY Tang : Can you please show us, how you have set up the mount and the mic please. This is like the perfect video

2JZ-GTE swap retard : Amazing roads with an amazing bike with an amzing rider on it!!!

Samuel RedBlack : Quality is 10/10, only thing you could do to make it better is if we could see less of the tank, maybe mount the camera a bit forward and higher, so we see more of the road, nonetheless amazing video.

منوعات و روائع : مسرع الفيديو ×2 lecture de video

LR Guerra : I want to wish you a very happy new year. 2019 is coming.

DonPedro : Thank you for this Xmas Gift - so nice for my heart in this cold day in Poland ;-)

Pitch Black : Nice GoPro man,keep it up and drive safe!

Ricky : Love it man! Do the GSX-R600 next!

خالد جبريل : يخربيتك

Hamro Channel : Awesome high speed track *But track is narrow* Superb view

خالد محمود : عاادى طرييق ساالكه

jaimesi : I love that sound and the wonderful landscape like any good motorcyclist knows how to enjoy.

Ahmad Ghani : @SuperBike Racer Could you shoot me a link for the cyprus gimbal. I can't seem to find out the combo needed to get this set up. thank you

Reaper GaminG : He change the fairing to blue. The sky n ocean have to follow. N this video made me blue too

oggy biker : Never missed the notification

Dominik Obrstar : That sound bro *.*

Oka Sudarsana : I still love your GSX-R

Betelgeuse Romanee-conti : Clear sky, nice road, perfect riding and powerful bike, what a lovely day to spend the rest of the day. Happy new holidays and new year everyone.

9 year old boii : Really good quality

Big Smoke : the amazing view of cyprus. Polla wreos file mu !

Justin L. : love this.

ViragoStories : This is one of the reasons why I love this channel, always with the best quality

PowalinxTV : Great quality, great riding, great scenery 👍

anbyte1 : So natural... Flawless 👌👏👏👏👏👏💪👊💥

Adrian Elgarti : Amazing ride and sound.

ALI BADANI : سائق ماهر واصل

Santiago Sandoval : I'll buy a '08 R6 next year, a great choice.

Vasilis Kalligaridis-sørum : Pure eargasm! Such driving skills! 👏🔥

Dawid Migdał : Who said that V4 engine sounds better?

sokabeatch : the best sound. only on SuperBike Racer

HEY DZONI : Be careful bro pls 🙏🏻❤️

Rata 4U : Imagine if it was an Electric motorcycle? 🤣

Lyn Smith : Great sound and video looks good

šÄvÄğĘ HűNţËŘ : Love that sound😉

Virquiet Legion : Hey bro how about v4 puresound video ? 🙄

Nitro Obsidian : Amazing quality. You use only micro on the gorpo hero 7 ?

Zee Dee : Excellent ride. Thank you.

d k world : If you want to enjoy this video then set quality to 720p and plug earphones and enjoy beauty

8300 RPM : i'm gonna say its almost too smooth , like the eyes lose connection with what the rider and bike go thru , didn't feel the bumps in the road theres a disconnect .... but the quality is nice

Nishanth Nathan : Love you always. Your skills Next level

Historical Magpie : Great video with a great camera in a beautiful country i spend a lot of time in cyprus YAMASS 🍻

Mahabub Hossain : Yeah This is Traffic Rider Game from Play store 😎🙂

Yatno Supriatno : not quick shifting?

Chuck Mastin : Really nice visually and audibly. Maybe a slight tilt up. ☮️

Jesse Hattingh : Accidently watched this on 2x...

Kaustubh Ajgaonkar : Hey how do you shift without clutchm.. I.Is that a quickshifter?