GoPro Hero 7 Black + Gimbal Motorcycle Vision Test

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ペーちゃんチャンネル : The sky, the sea and the exhaust sound are wonderful!

2JZ-GTE swap retard : Amazing roads with an amazing bike with an amzing rider on it!!!

Yangosu : Some say that he have modified senses and they are following: 1) sense for throttle and brake; 2) sense for road; 3) sense for elbow dragging; 4) sense for racing, and 5) sense for rev matching. All we know is, he's called SuperBike Racer.

Samuel RedBlack : Quality is 10/10, only thing you could do to make it better is if we could see less of the tank, maybe mount the camera a bit forward and higher, so we see more of the road, nonetheless amazing video.

Crank : 20 dislikes from rabbits and birds

LR Guerra : I want to wish you a very happy new year. 2019 is coming.

8300 RPM : i'm gonna say its almost too smooth , like the eyes lose connection with what the rider and bike go thru , didn't feel the bumps in the road theres a disconnect .... but the quality is nice

Blaze Brosnan : Who came here for exaust sound????

Big Smoke : the amazing view of cyprus. Polla wreos file mu !

DonPedro : Thank you for this Xmas Gift - so nice for my heart in this cold day in Poland ;-)

Jesse Hattingh : Accidently watched this on 2x...

Hans Peter : what gimbal is this?

Justin L. : love this.

Lyn Smith : Great sound and video looks good

Anand Kumar : *Good rider good video*

sokabeatch : the best sound. only on SuperBike Racer

Im already Tracer : Really good quality

Hamro Channel : Awesome high speed track *But track is narrow* Superb view

jaimesi : I love that sound and the wonderful landscape like any good motorcyclist knows how to enjoy.

Dominik Obrstar : That sound bro *.*

Pitch Black : Nice GoPro man,keep it up and drive safe!

Tom Connor : He change the fairing to blue. The sky n ocean have to follow. N this video made me blue too

oggy biker : Never missed the notification

Ricky : Love it man! Do the GSX-R600 next!

GTI : Amazing ride and sound.

Bedre fly : I though it was video game?

Jc Corpin : Love that sound😉

RanDom : The sky still look a little shake.

MotoBlizzard : Gimbal movement is fluid. But the Hero isnt really mitigating the jitters.

ANONYMOUS KNIGHT : Your previous videos was much better and stable but this video vibrates a lot

Rata 4U : Imagine if it was an Electric motorcycle? 🤣

Fachrizal Rezky : Playstation 5 promo

LIL gnahK : Happy new year !!!!

Historical Magpie : Great video with a great camera in a beautiful country i spend a lot of time in cyprus YAMASS 🍻

Igor Kotovskiy : When you use gimbal, shut off stabilisation of gopro, using both not improved quality! Make separately, to compare what is more effective :gimbal or gopro7 stabilisation. Cyprus is beautiful!

RanDom : Where is this place?

Vaj Ntxheb Xyooj : What kind of exhaust? Sounds so good!

anbyte1 : So natural... Flawless 👌👏👏👏👏👏💪👊💥

Sleeper Mondeo Build : Some say he is the fastest and the most red man in the island. He can go faster than the gimbal can compensate.But all we know he is called SuperSanta69

hustling all day : Greece - Cyprus amazing view I was sure it was those places in the video

Niko BD : It's just beautiful to ride at the coast! Greats from Cali & merry christmas.

Jan Eric Cabunilas : merry christmas

Swaghetti Yolonese : It's like watching a porno, damn.

Mikeyy12 C.Lennz : Once you go r6 there is no other option.

BikeStuff : Love the video, thanks for posting.

Fabz Rust Rider : Another beautifully made video. Serious riding skills

Adam Farlo : So good man

Subrata Ghosh : Cool bro cool

Arif Vlogger : Fastest

Iñaki Jose : damn thats clear