Defense's pistol demonstration backfires

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He was supposed to be a big help to Levi Chavez's defense, but an expert called to the stand in the former cop's murder trial may have done more harm than good.

Comments from Youtube

VazzyCow : *You better be quick to shoot someone while they’re sleeping! They might dodge the bullet*

Blair Corbett : He's right. I was in deep rem sleep and someone shot me. I woke up immediately and dodged the bullet. U have to be so quick to shoot someone who is asleep

Qufox : Well to be fair, it is his job to defend his point/client to his full potential no matter how wrong/stupid the case sounds...

Matthew : Damn.... I literally just got clickbaited by a news station

Miraj Joshi : Am I the only one who thought that he would accidentally fire that pistol ?? XD

Caden Grossman : Couldn't she have just took the magazine out and then shot herself?

graycloud057 : The magazine wasn’t seated properly to begin with. The gun can still fire and it did. When it fired the jolt unseated the mag and it fell out. I could have demonstrated that.

Alex Reed : Go back everyone it's a clickbait video

Scott Laux : These paid experts are shameless.

boss baby : If the magazine was outside of the gun wat if she had no idea there was a bullet in the gun

bepisbenis : How’d they get Mitch McConnell to play defence??


SSHitMan : No, it didn't "literally" backfire, it figuratively backfired. A literal backfire is when the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder ignites when the exhaust valve is open.

Shreyas Misra : I clicked on this video expecting the gun to accidentally fire off. This is a new low in click bait

Kevin J : Saw this story on dateline. He was actually acquitted. Dont know what that jury was thinking but that pos got away w murder.

Connor Nicholas : Oh... When they said “backfire” I thought they literally meant the gun went off in court. 😂

James Miller : Have him try on the glove. Bill Lumburgh - "Oooo, yeahhhh"

Thick Sixty : The justice system protecting the law enforcement

Billy Batson : "But his testimony may have backfired, literally" I don't think you know what that word means.

krepler : The expert has been watching too much forensic files and first 48. RIP

Jay nuya : Somebody is about to have a new boyfriend and I do mean for LIFE

danstylus1 : For anyone who thought the gun fired in court it doesn't. Click on something else.

Van C : Hope he got paid up front🤷🏽‍♂️

Harrison McKinney : Acquitted. For real. And this is the textbook definition of someone misusing the word literally. It’s 100% metaphorical.

Luis Hernandez AlphAKingSupreme : *Oooh YOU GOTTA BE QUICKER THAN THAT! -Clint Eastwood*

Imagine Wagons : I have a Glock 19. You don't need a magazine to fire a round.

Serious Being : Comment section: 98% Gun Experts 2% Other

Felipe Aguena : "Well I'd expect injure in her lips." "There are injure in her lips" LMFAO

OnceThereWasAPageWithAReallyLongAssNameAndNowYouAreLookingAtAChannelWithAReallyLongName! : I love that expression of "I'm in a hole, how can I dig my way out?"

tumbleweed : was expecting him to shoot himself "it backfired. literally"

2A Forever : I'm assuming the mag was found outside of the gun. Anyone ever think she didn't know it had one in the pipe?

Alternate Titles : Alternate title: Man sabotages wife-killer's defense

The Red Viking : This is why i don't like lawyers Nothing but payed loyalty and lies

David Pethel : A Glock has no magazine disconnect, it will fire with the magazine removed !

Your Shadow : Was expecting for him to accidentally fire it but ok 😂

Gus The Loaf : Was the victim neo from the matrix? Who sleep dodges bullets?

eh6794 : Expert: "There would need to be lip injuries" Prosecutor: "There were injuries on the lips" This is a text book example of verbial diarhea on the part of the expert. Never answer more than you have to. Say the least amout as possle.

Alen Zuzic : Lol its a glock , 3 trigger safety on that one , Good luck firing up side down

Forks Trip : Something must have worked because he was found Not Guilty.

Bennett F : To be fair, in a Glock, the magazine does not have to be inserted for the firearm to fire. A better explanation than her removing it after shooting herself.

Hugh G. Rection : I’d sue my lawyer after I got locked up 😂😂💀

BedsitBob : Magazines behave differently, depending on whether there is ammunition in them. The magazine on my 92 wouldn't pop if it was empty, but it would if there was a round in it.

Thomas Foster : Who would've thought being a professional traitor to your profession (crime scene expert turned liar-for-hire) could be so difficult?

K B : Click bait, your sir just wasted 2 minutes of my golden life

Steve M. : Bonehead! Can you say GUILTY!

Alessandro M. Lupacchini : This is the job version of forgetting you had an exam and trying to bs your way through it

Dale Givens : One lousy expert, and I'm against the prosecution.

Pierre Blaise : This so called "expert" are just an other flaw in the U.S. justice systeme.. This guy just had a BS degree inq forensic sience and then make a living saying in court what one side want him to say. That simple.

G00B3R91 : Curb your meme material right here.