Defense's pistol demonstration backfires

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VazzyCow : *You better be quick to shoot someone while they’re sleeping! They might dodge the bullet*

Qufox : Well to be fair, it is his job to defend his point/client to his full potential no matter how wrong/stupid the case sounds...

Matthew : Damn.... I literally just got clickbaited by a news station

The California Garage : Anyone else think the gun was going to go off in his face

Blair Corbett : He's right. I was in deep rem sleep and someone shot me. I woke up immediately and dodged the bullet. U have to be so quick to shoot someone who is asleep

Miraj Joshi : Am I the only one who thought that he would accidentally fire that pistol ?? XD

Caden Grossman : Couldn't she have just took the magazine out and then shot herself?

HENRY THE RC CAR : 1:18 *If i was in the courtroom of the case of my family member's murder, I wouldn't be laughing like that... And the "expert" with the gun is a complete moron, you can tell that he is closed minded, just by the responses he gave. Smh*

2A Forever : I'm assuming the mag was found outside of the gun. Anyone ever think she didn't know it had one in the pipe?

Officer K : This is evidence that these “experts” are just paid liars that corroborate their “findings” to support whatever narrative they’re being bribed to support.

graycloud057 : The magazine wasn’t seated properly to begin with. The gun can still fire and it did. When it fired the jolt unseated the mag and it fell out. I could have demonstrated that.

Scott Laux : These paid experts are shameless.

Anthony Watts : They were in a court. Did *you* reeaaally expect that gun to be loaded and him to fire off a round by accident?

Big Money Grip : If you gonna hire a liar get a articulate one. They got a hillbilly from Kentucky who speaks like a country bumpkin

Borkity Bork Bork : How’d they get Mitch McConnell to play defence??

Jay nuya : Somebody is about to have a new boyfriend and I do mean for LIFE

Sdddude123 : Cops lie . Their job is to extort money from people. There gonna lie to you any chance they can in order to incriminate you. "You have to pull down your window its the law." "I smell marijuana." "I caught you going 65 in a 35" when i was going 40. Every experience I've ever had with a cop ended up in them lying always. Cops are paid liars. They do not even know the law. Nor are they even required to know the law to become a cop. Look at videos of lawyers getting pulled over. Cops are the biggest gang in America. Cops protect and serve the corporations not the people (look at the DAPL for an example of this.) Humans have survived thousands upon thousands of years without cops. These bully gangsters people call cops today have only been around for the last 100 years. We do not need them. We need to understand how to protect and serve ourselves. Or we need to increase the difficulty it takes to become a cop. There needs to be less cops and huge budget cuts to police departments and unjust laws need to stop. This world is corrupt.

Bennett F : To be fair, in a Glock, the magazine does not have to be inserted for the firearm to fire. A better explanation than her removing it after shooting herself.

Michael Newton : GUILTY AS CHARGED !!!!!

The Joker : He looks guilty and that's good enough for me 😁👍

joshua darden : This guy has to be a politician's brother, how else would a idiot like that get that job

scorpion1442 : I was expecting the gun to go off I feel rip off 2:35 minutes of my life.

Alex Reed : Go back everyone it's a clickbait video

Daniel Zeynalvand : She died from ligma

Kevin J : Saw this story on dateline. He was actually acquitted. Dont know what that jury was thinking but that pos got away w murder.

Trover19 : I thought he shot himself lol

Luis Gonzalez : He stoooopid!!!

ahalstead40 : He was acquitted

LMNTRIX YT : I thought the gun was gonna backfire as in shoot.. Was waiting for it to shoot in the court

Connor Nicholas : Oh... When they said “backfire” I thought they literally meant the gun went off in court. 😂

Darkplasm919 : "Expert"

SSHitMan : No, it didn't "literally" backfire, it figuratively backfired. A literal backfire is when the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder ignites when the exhaust valve is open.

DrewX Cortez S Perez : Crooked 🐖

iDrakeZz ِ : literally

Antonio Sanchez : New Mexico is weird, but I like the food, knowing I was born here...

Hans Landa : These court / trial “experts” are major *WHORES.* This guy was likely getting paid five figures, plus travel and expenses, plus a per-diem. ....and tanked the client’s case.

danstylus1 : For anyone who thought the gun fired in court it doesn't. Click on something else.

Chase Payne : such clickbait.

meeperino yes : Bu dum tssshh

500 Subs With Only 12 Crappy Videos? : Back-*_fired_*

Neo2266 : Well he IS a lawyer, he’s like Breaking Bad’s Saul, just not as good, charming, and hopefully less corrupted

J Backus : Piad liar trying to make another cop look innocent like always...

Shreyas Misra : I clicked on this video expecting the gun to accidentally fire off. This is a new low in click bait

Southern Fun : Let me guess... Cop still gets off without any charges.

Jim S : "It takes less than a fraction of a second to pull a trigger." It is physically impossible for anything to take less than a fraction of a second.

Mike johnson : Lmaoo police kill people then kind anyway they can to beat the case, Oh he ran, Oh I thought I saw a gun, oh it was to dark out...

Axiom Ape : Sorry nobody who shoots themself lays down in bed to go to sleep first...that man is most likely guilty. I can't believe how sure the defendant was it sounded like he was paid to lie. The simplest explanation usually is the explanation.

Theneedlelift : I thought the gun was gonna go off

Konkoly : Not like it matters. Pig was acquitted like usual.

J Shepard : Paid liar.