Lyle the Intern Collection on Late Show, 2008-2009

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Here's the complete collection of Jimmi Simpson's portrayal of Lyle the Intern. 1. February 5, 2008 2. February 14, 2008 3. February 28, 2008 4. April 15, 2008 5. April 30, 2008. With Joe Grossman as "Stephan" and Spencer Pratt as "Ronnie." 6. May 15, 2008. With "Carol" and "Aunt Fran." 7. June 26, 2008. With Joe Groosman as "Rudy." 8. July 17, 2008. With Joe Groosman as "Rudy." 9. September 23, 2008. With Joe Groosman as "Rudy," and "Rabbi Solomon." 10. November 18, 2008. With Joe Groosman as "Rudy." 11. February 17, 2009 12. March 12, 2009 13. June 16, 2009, With Judah Freelander. 14. July 8, 2009 15. November 19, 2009. With Stephen Colbert. Bonus video: Three rehearsal takes taped on December 16, 2010. The planned segment was then either bumped or cut for air the following night. Sitting in for Dave was Co-Head Writer/Executive Producer Eric Stangel. This tape was found in the dumpster outside the Ed on May 25, 2015.


Ash Schulz : Is that a mcpoyle?

LiveAction Link : I love that Jimmi Simpson is finally getting better known in Hollywood but he's still a criminally under rated actor

professorM : Lyle the intern grew up to be the man in black.

Matt Wiley : It's like Deadpool and Christian Slater had a child.

Jacob Tender : I wouldn't doubt that Ben Schwartz took some inspiration for Jean-Ralphio Saperstein from Jimmi Simpson's intern character.

blasztr : Jimmi Simpson was ahead of his time with this shit. Crazy that Dave was down for this bit. And really great that the crowd barely follows along.

HyborianAge : It's herbal. It's from Japan. It's Japanese.

exaltedchampion : I don't mean to squeeze your YAM BAGS

Anthony Lloyd : YOU WILL CALL HER!!

No Body : He’s like a cartoon character always wearing the same outfit haha

David Blette : “I’m really not allowed to touch the interns”. -David LOL

DannyWilliamH : He's dead to me. *HE'S DEEEAAAAAAADDDD TO ME*

Earl Butz : This city is our oyster so let's start shuckin it

NevadaBoss : Lyle--arguably the last, great original Late Night/Late Show to Chris Elliott, the best running character in Dave-dom. Great upload...thanks, 'broheim!'...

Mia7189 : Jimmi Simpson's had a fantastic year with WESTWORLD and UNSOLVED: The Murder of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. How cool would it have been if Dave was still on the air and had him on his show this year as a guest?

Ben Connor : From this to always sunny to westworld, this man has so much talent ! 🤣

Andys Videos/Bungle Boy Videos : My Dad showed me Lyle The Intern, cuz he always watched Letterman. This was also my introduction to the greatness that is Jimmi Simpson. My Dad and I loved the Lyle/Letterman connection. Watching these take me back to all those times laughing with him. So thank you so much for cutting all of them together! Happy Holidays.

Hamed Najafpour : Lyle and Ryan Reynolds share the same voice

JP : was that the inspiration for john ralphio?!

werewolfbymoonknight : wow guess we know where jon ralphio came from

Adam Frazier : oh my god, bless you for doing this

John Michael Patrick : This guy is a really great actor ! I didn't know he had been on Letterman...

Corey Caldwell : No one in late night now would have the balls to do anything this odd.

Matthew Topping : Jimmi Simpson is a comic genius.

scheruvu3 : Never saw this skit before. That kid is AMAZING.

Machete Moonlight : "Tell that to TMZ, bubblebutt.." lol

Felix Millar : Lyle's chaotic bisexual energy is perfect.

puskas : The 32:30 skit is the best. It's got everything, the weird Lyle mannerisms, the cutaway to Rudy, the vlog, the "Im getting on the bus" (probably my favorite thing ever from Lyle). Its just so great.

TheGr8stManEvr : Lyle was one of my favorite all time characters. I laugh every time I hear him say "I gotta get the truth out like they did in Iran." 49:42 Bahahahahah

Dippe Galant : Lyle is precious! I forgot all about him, but when I watched Letterman religiously he was one of my favourite segments. And the repeat is worth every second... :-D

Steve Godwin : I was a huge Letterman fan, and the show had a lot of top-notch bits, but Lyle is one of the absolute best. Jimmi Simpson is a national treasure.

EdmundGerber : Come on - bump it.

ArchiGuru : "take it easy scarface, dont want your drugs :)'

Ryan Grant : "He's dead. To me. HE'S DEEAAAAD!!"

This is a Vacation : Tier 1 Finest Comedy, thanx for the upload

Shane Cochran : Comedy gold, It seems like Dave really loves it lol

Anthony Sacco : Thanks for posting this. If anyone loves Jimmi Simpson, you should definitely catch Season One of the TV series "Hap and Leonard".......Jimmi is amazing in it!


Rebecca White : jimmi simpson has always been a win

Solomon Rose : Thank you for compiling this list of Lyle! fun times.

molly o'neill : Thank you for doing this, love lyle!

deme9873 : By the way, Don: Here is yet another EXTREMELY vigorous "thank you" for your compilations. And that "EXTREMELY vigorous 'thank you'" is accentuated by your attention to detail (in re providing proper timelines/dates). Sincerely, Calendar Boy

Daniel Drader : When I first saw this I said 'over an hour? I'll watch a couple but I'm not going to waste over an hour watching this'. But then an hour and 6 minutes later I was screaming 'Noooo.... just give me 5 more minutes'. Thank you for this.

Silky Wellman : Thanks for posting this!...Comedic gold👍

pwk22 : Intern Lyle Warren Bortz, Junior

guthy ranker : I betcha Jimmi could do a great Christian Slater...without much effort.

Justin Sane : If they made a remake of Pretty in Pink, this guy would play Steff.

Adam Gardiner : ...'Get to your gooey cream centre' and just like that ya had me. Nice one!

Matthew Weber : 58:27 Stephen Colbert Interviewing Lyle the Intern On Late Show with David Letterman 31:16 David Letterman interviewing Lyle the Intern On Late Show with David Letterman