Lyle the Intern Collection on Late Show, 2008-2009

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explosivo1980 : Then start breakin bricks wet nips blulululululululululululul

dmjdmj : I am suddenly in the mood for some lukewarm milk.

Ash Schulz : Is that a mcpoyle?

Matt Wiley : It's like Deadpool and Christian Slater had a child.

LiveAction Link : I love that Jimmi Simpson is finally getting better known in Hollywood but he's still a criminally under rated actor

professorM : Lyle the intern grew up to be the man in black.

blasztr : Jimmi Simpson was ahead of his time with this shit. Crazy that Dave was down for this bit. And really great that the crowd barely follows along.

HyborianAge : It's herbal. It's from Japan. It's Japanese.

David Blette : “I’m really not allowed to touch the interns”. -David LOL

Anthony Lloyd : YOU WILL CALL HER!!

Jacob Tender : I wouldn't doubt that Ben Schwartz took some inspiration for Jean-Ralphio Saperstein from Jimmi Simpson's intern character.

exaltedchampion : I don't mean to squeeze your YAM BAGS

werewolfbymoonknight : wow guess we know where jon ralphio came from

No Body : He’s like a cartoon character always wearing the same outfit haha

Ben Connor : From this to always sunny to westworld, this man has so much talent ! 🤣

DannyWilliamH : He's dead to me. *HE'S DEEEAAAAAAADDDD TO ME*

Andys Videos/Bungle Boy Videos : My Dad showed me Lyle The Intern, cuz he always watched Letterman. This was also my introduction to the greatness that is Jimmi Simpson. My Dad and I loved the Lyle/Letterman connection. Watching these take me back to all those times laughing with him. So thank you so much for cutting all of them together! Happy Holidays.

David W : He could have easily played Deadpool!

Mia7189 : Jimmi Simpson's had a fantastic year with WESTWORLD and UNSOLVED: The Murder of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. How cool would it have been if Dave was still on the air and had him on his show this year as a guest?

NevadaBoss : Lyle--arguably the last, great original Late Night/Late Show to Chris Elliott, the best running character in Dave-dom. Great upload...thanks, 'broheim!'...

Earl Butz : This city is our oyster so let's start shuckin it

JP : was that the inspiration for john ralphio?!

Hamed Najafpour : Lyle and Ryan Reynolds share the same voice

John Michael Patrick : This guy is a really great actor ! I didn't know he had been on Letterman...

Adam Frazier : oh my god, bless you for doing this

Corey Caldwell : No one in late night now would have the balls to do anything this odd.

Machete Moonlight : "Tell that to TMZ, bubblebutt.." lol

scheruvu3 : Never saw this skit before. That kid is AMAZING.

EdmundGerber : Come on - bump it.

guthy ranker : I betcha Jimmi could do a great Christian Slater...without much effort.

Matthew Topping : Jimmi Simpson is a comic genius.

Nevin Johnson : Crazy, this guy is such a good actor in Westworld I had no idea he was on the Late Show.

User Name : "its gotts be laugh central USA up in that puhweeece*

Christofuzz : thank you for uploading! God I miss this show so much.

Shibtanu Biswas : He was in "House of Cards" right ?

TheGr8stManEvr : Lyle was one of my favorite all time characters. I laugh every time I hear him say "I gotta get the truth out like they did in Iran." 49:42 Bahahahahah

Justin Sane : If they made a remake of Pretty in Pink, this guy would play Steff.

Dippe Galant : Lyle is precious! I forgot all about him, but when I watched Letterman religiously he was one of my favourite segments. And the repeat is worth every second... :-D

Colby Shosted : The man in the black hat

This is a Vacation : Tier 1 Finest Comedy, thanx for the upload

HyborianAge : That was awesome broheim. I modeled my game after him. I still couldn't get any chicks.

Kevin Allen : Don these videos you are producing are priceless! Thank you.

Joaquin : why is a mcpoyle on tv wtf

Itsme drools : Wow, it's the Westworld actor! How weird. I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

Jordan Colby : I never knew Kate McKinnon had a brother

tim feleppa : That guy is brilliant ..

Rebecca White : jimmi simpson has always been a win

arobsz : This is one of my all-time favorite bits. The other also from this era, was Art as "Mike Singletary." Thanks for all the great collections, Don!

Rogue Comics : Mary from Psych!! Don, I have to echo @AdamFrazier's comments and thank you so very much for this vid (AND all of the other ones too!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a "Stupid Pet Tricks" or "Kid Scientist" compilation.

yeemandan : Fat boii 真ーァ